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“This is the election where black folk sit down and say ‘NO MORE!’ and we stay home.”

“This is the election where black folk sit down and say ‘NO MORE!’ and we stay home.”

Read the whole article. It is detailed, and I think gives an accurate portrayal of the present political attitude of the black community. And this is in Chicago. Blacks might not be ready to vote Republican, but they apparently are finally beginning to realize that the Democrats aren’t their saviors.

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  • Dwight Decker

    At the link, there’s another item that I found interesting in a reading tea leaves and consulting omens sort of way. In 2008, Obama’s Election Night rally was held in Grant Park. Gigantic community festival with over 200,000 people celebrating his election. This year, his Election Night event has been booked at the McCormick Place convention center. As Kevin DuJan points out in his article about it, McCormick Place is an isolated fortress that’s hard to get to and just about inaccessible for casual foot traffic. It’s also a quick drive to and from Obama’s Hyde Park residence. DuJan, who formerly worked in a profession that involved booking events at McCormick Place and knows the layout and facilities, further describes how the interior can be divided and subdivided with partitions so a small crowd doesn’t look lost in empty vastness on TV.
    While crowds and enthusiasm might be expected to be smaller for a reelection event than for the first election, and even if Obama won it wouldn’t be the joyous mass community celebration we saw in ’08, the choice of McCormick Place suggests some other considerations are at work. Basically, DuJan thinks it’s the place you’d book if you thought it was going to be an early night, a disappointing outcome, and not much more than a quick concession speech to the relatively few faithful supporters and then out and gone.
    Do you think the inner circle knows something?

  • Chris Kirkendall

    I would like to believe there are substantial numbers of Black voters who’ve lost faith in Obama to the point they’d rather stay home. I’m reasonably sure there are some voters like this, but I have a feeling it’s not a widespread as the author states. However, in ’08, Obama got around 95% of the Black vote in a historically heavy turnout – if turnout drops off a bit AND those who do vote only go about 90% for Obama, that combination could possibly make a difference in a couple of close states. I keep thinking that depite the closeness in the polls (& in battleground states), there are numerous groups (racial, gender, religious, etc.) that are not supporting Obama in the same numbers they did in ’08. Meanwhile, I can’t think of a single group where he’s picked UP support since then. That cannot bode well for his re-election…

  • JGL

    Just think back to Marion Barry and how he was elected and relected even after he was video taped smoking crack with a prostitute, if I

    remeber correctly.

    This gives you a view into the voteing pattern and mentality of a large segment of black voters.

    Objectively, to vote for anyone because of their race or gender is just plain ignorant, these voteing trends go to an unconcious and concious

    tendency to cause a reparations type system to emerge, much of what Obama has undertaken can be viewed as a form of reparations.

    Obamacare, the imagery of ” because its the right thing to do”, the apology tour, his Marxist / socialist foundation and who he surrounds

    himself with etc, etc.

    These voters are purely subjective.

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