This Ohio newspaper editorial about the Presidential race and the choices it offers us might be the most forcefully blunt I have ever read.

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This Ohio newspaper editorial about the Presidential race and the choices it offers us might be the most forcefully blunt I have ever read.

Read it and then return. Back yet? Okay, two comments:

First, the editorial is from a newspaper. Though newspapers have routinely been more liberal than conservative, and though I have read some hard words about both candidates in newspapers, I have never read a newspaper editorial as forcefully critical of Obama as this one. Moreover, the editor knows his history, and bases his criticism not on superficial issues but on much more fundamental philosophical questions. Truly amazing.

Second, the editorial tells us a great deal about the true tone of the country. The opposition to Obama is passionate, educated, and increasingly pervasive. And since it is based on fundamental issues it is difficult for Obama supporters to challenge or debate. This fact does not bode well for Obama and is one reason I believe the election will not be close.



  • Publius 2

    Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to have a sensible — sane, even — political discussion with liberals. This editorial makes it possible. The choice he delineates is crystal clear, and it’s the central question to ask. My guess is that many liberals will counter that the government won’t be controlling their lives — in which case they are admitting they support a government that exercises overwhelming control over OTHER people’s lives. I agree with you, Bob. The polls be damned; this election will not be close.

  • JGL

    An excellent article, I am copying it and creating an email and sending it on to my family and friends.

    This election must be a crushing defeat for the president and his like minded minions.

    I realized a while ago the Democrats that I know, they see the president as a Liberal / Democrat which is an American animal, he is

    not, he is some kind of a blended Marxist / Socialist in the clothes of a Liberal Democrat. A very un American animal.

  • jwing

    The choice is yours: to become an adult and take full responsibility for your life or remain a permanent helpless child where nothing is your responsibility and the government always knows what’s best for you…certainly not yourself or your parents.

  • Liberals don’t argue, they ignore and spin a new issue. Somehow they benefit from this because the system has become so corrupt we can’t even fix the obvious flaws.

  • The local fish wrap of record is, for the first time in decades, not endorsing a Presidential candidate. The publisher claims that “people don’t need pronouncements from the mountaintop.” (note that the previous sentence pulls off the neat trick of arrogant humility) The paper’s editorial board had no problem endorsing a candidate in 2008. The endorsement was spectacularly wrong in every respect, a fact I pointed out in my blog by reprinting the piece. I suspect that many papers around the country find themselves in a similar quandary this year.

  • i still think obama will win . after he is re-elected he can work more publically to get pussy riot out of jail (hah) . i don’t think people that vote for him want the government to have more control over thier lives , they probably feel like there is a role for the government to play in solving large problems . sure many people that vote against him feel like they want more control over thier lives but i feel like corporations are controlling peoples lives more than the government ever will , the government is like the big tough stupid guy and large corporations are like the smart mob boss , corporations tell the government to go do this or that after telling the people who to vote for . also the bush wars cost a crap load of money and a lot of that money was wasted , bush kind of left obama with a huge mess to clean up economically . don’t worry about arguing too much with me I’m not voting , still waiting for the bull moose republicans to come back

  • JGL

    I think you contradict your own conclusion with your last statement, you will not be voteing.

    Obama only may win if his people show up, I don’t think they will, and if they do they will be the independants who voted for him and Im sure

    they are more than disillusioned.

  • yes you might be right , i have a feeling turn out will be low , we will see its exciting to watch!

  • I think voter turnout will be rather high (>50%), and historically a high turnout doesn’t bode well for Democrats. But if you don’t vote, I don’t want to hear diddly jack squat from you for the next four years.

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