This week in fascist academia

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Time for another depressing update on the fascist and childish culture that unfortunately seems to presently dominate the college campuses of modern America. (To read my earlier updates, posted almost weekly since October, go here.)

To begin, below are some stories illustrating the fascist and intolerant nature of many college administrations:

In every case above, we either have the college administrations taking actions to suppress speech they did not like, or college facility announcing to the world that they haven’t the faintest understanding of freedom of speech or its fundamental basis for the establishment of western civilization.

The last story describes a recent Columbia Journalism Review report about how a number of universities have become very hostile to working journalists, and have even taken actions to have journalists arrested. The universities mentioned including the University of Colorado-Boulder, Keene State College, and two New York state colleges, Bronx Community College and Kingsborough Community College.

However, as I have noted in earlier updates, the fascist culture at academia is unfortunately not limited to the administrators and teachers. Many students advocate intolerance as well.

The last story includes video of the smear, in which this so-called “poet laureate” also says that “We all know that the only way to shut [the Republicans] up is to punch them in the face.”

All is not bad news however. Below are several stories this past week that suggest that there has been some push back against this fascist culture.

The last story is not all good news. While the number of colleges with restrictive speech codes continues to decline, overall 90 percent of American universities “still maintain at least one policy that either restricts protected speech or can too easily be interpreted to do so.”

The first story is actually an update on the fifth story in the first group. The administration at the University of Virginia has realized that it is under political pressure, and has therefore at least made a gesture towards the concept of free speech. We shall see if they follow through. I have my doubts.


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