This year’s building El Niño?

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A comparison of satellite data between 1997 and 2015 strongly suggests that an El Niño as strong as the one in 1998 is developing in the Pacific.

The animation is below the fold. Climate scientists have been predicting a strong El Niño for the last few years, with little success. It might finally be happening, however, and if so, it should at least help alleviate the drought in California.

Coming El Nino?



  • Rocco Erne

    This may be another very heavy snow year east of the Mississippi. The global weather change via the lack of Sun spot activity is more evidence of a result of planet cooling. This cooling is changing the patterns of the ocean currents and is so far normal. I am wondering if there is a anyone who is comparing the Sun spot activity and EL Nino activity? Just a thought.

  • Note that in 1998, when we had our last big El Nino, sunspot activity was very very strong. Trying to link the two is probably a mistake.

  • Phill O

    Last winter in New Mexico (and eastern Arizona), we saw moisture! The spring had many wildflowers which, the old-timers tell me, was more the norm from about 30 years ago. This summer was cloudy around Rodeo and Portal. We will see what this winter – spring brings.

    Evaluating and documenting “all” possible interrelationships is worth while! Then we will have a better understanding of what is truly important.

    One thing we know for sure; the Earth has all of its energy input from the sun. What energy is stored in resources can not be increased, in fact, we are on an energy losing planet. We depend upon the sun’s output. Just how this output interacts with the various elements in the earth’s realm requires better and unprejudiced evaluation.

    That being said, Bob is probably right that there is no link between sun spot data and El Nino. This, however, does require scientific documentation.

  • Phill O

    One note about cosmic rays: the Sun’s activity “regulates” the energy the earth receives from cosmic rays.

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