Three years of Solar Dynamics Observatory images of the Sun — in three minutes.

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Three years of Solar Dynamics Observatory images of the Sun — in three minutes.

I’ve posted the video below the fold. It’s quite cool.

Note that these images cover the period when the Sun was ramping up to what was hoped to be a strong solar maximum, when SDO was being designed and built. And though the Sun does appear to be active in these images, it is actually far less active than it has been for solar maximums going back at least a century.


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  • Jay Brausch

    I tend much to agree with the Russian scientist you mentioned recently on Coast to Coast, in which he says the Earth is on the verge of another cooling trend. I wish I could just convince all the oil companies here in ND to stop flaring all the natural gas (enough to heat 25,000 homes for a month each DAY) we will soon need for heat! Having observed and sketched the Sun for almost 9,000 days now and doing the same with auroras for some 32 yrs, I have seen such activity affect both weather events and overall climate in this time here. I am not taken seriously because I don’t have the letters “Ph.D” behind my name. Thus, the value of direct experience!

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