Time for my annual birthday fund-raising campaign

Please consider donating to Behind the Black, by giving either a one-time contribution or a regular subscription, as outlined in the tip jar to the right or below. Your support will allow me to continue covering science and culture as I have for the past twenty years, independent and free from any outside influence.

As is obvious at the top of the page, I have today started my annual birthday request for donations or subscriptions to Behind The Black.

Please consider donating or subscribing to the website. Every dollar helps, even if it is as little as a $2 monthly subscription. Or you can consider instead buying either of my ebooks, Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8, or Pioneer, both available either here at these links or from any bookseller.

Your contributions not only make it possible for my independent reporting on space, science, and culture to continue, it also keeps this page and its comment section alive. In the past four years that comment section has matured into a place where readers have a chance to exchange their vibrant and knowledgeable thoughts about the news I report here. I am continually impressed by the ideas expressed there by my readers. Help keep it going by donating to this site!



  • John Eastman

    Could put the “donate” button / link back up? Can’t find it.

    Oops.. found it at the bottom of the comment page.

    Thanks for all you do… I enjoy this site every evening.

  • John Eastman: You must be viewing the website on a smart phone. In that mode the right menu is moved to the bottom of the page. The tip jar is at the top of the right menu, which means on a smart phone it will be right below the last post on page one.

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