Time/PBS video documentary nominated for Emmy despite factual error in title

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Fake news: The Time/PBS video documentary A Year in Space has been nominated for an Emmy award, despite a blatant factual error in the show’s title.

I haven’t seen the documentary, and so it might a great achievement. Nonetheless, this mission only lasted 340 days, not a year, and to call it “a year in space” is not only false, but an outright lie. For a news organization to start out this wrong, in the title, and then for it to get an Emmy nomination, tells us a great deal about the standards of accuracy in television news.



  • BSJ

    I’ve been wondering why it was heralded as a year in space since Kelly landed.

    That’s what everybody called it back then. Never made any sense to me…

  • mike shupp

    I sort of agree, but “Almost A Year In Space” isn’t an especially great title. Also, my recollection is that NASA itself basically pushed the “Year in Space” label whenever it referred to one or other of the Kelly brothers, so the Times/PBS people are just following along, making it clear that their tale is the same one NASA speaks about.

    So yeah, but … it’s a pretty crummy title.

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