TMT consortium picks Canary Islands as alternative site to Hawaii

Faced with delays from protesters and an Hawaiian government slow-walking its permit process, the consortium building the Thirty Meter Telescope has announced that it will build the telescope on the Canary Islands if it continues to be blocked in Hawaii.

The article does not say when they will make this decision, but based on previous reports, they have to make their decision soon in order to begin construction no later than April 2018.

I fully expect them to abandon Hawaii, since I see no desire by the Hawaiian government to play fair during the new permit hearings. Instead, it seems to me that they are rigging this process so that it will never end.

Posted from the south rim of the Grand Canyon, where Diane and I plan a nice day hike tomorrow down the Hermit Trail.


  • Nick P

    Thank you Bob for staying on top of this important matter.

  • Dave Williams

    Be careful.

  • wodun

    Sounds like fun.

    OT but has our host or anyone else heard any news on that asteroid mining bill passed at the end of 2015? The bill required the administration to produce a report outlining the legality of the bill in relation to our international agreements.

    I am guessing that creating the report isn’t much of a priority for the current administration and is either behind schedule or ignored.

  • Cotour

    Related, because everything is about politics and this seems to explain why things have been and are so upside down in America today:

    Assange is getting his information from within our own government in order to stop out the Clinton / Soros take over of America? The internet has literally changed everything, even how takeovers and coups are executed.

    Sounds reasonable to me, its the other edge of the sword.

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