TMT likely to abandon Hawaii

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Officials from the consortium that is building the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) have revealed that they are looking very seriously at alternative locations.

Officials behind the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) are considering new locations for the $1.4bn facility, and expect to decide whether to opt for a new site early next year. The TMT is due to be built on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea mountain but, following protests from local residents, its building permit was revoked last December by the state’s Supreme Court. New locations that are being considered include Baja California in Mexico, the Canary Islands and Chile, as well as locations in India and China.

They claim that Hawaii is still their first choice, but if they don’t see any progress by summer in the permitting process, I expect them to tell Hawaii to go to hell (though not in those words) and pick somewhere else.



  • wayne

    Do we have any idea how much money the TMT folks have wasted in this process?

  • Localfluff

    All existing telescopes should all immediately fire everyone and move the instruments to Chile, same thing for the university. Hawaii is anti-science, no educated person has any business to do there. Let the primitives take care of themselves without using any manufactured objects. Disgusting how the primitives greed destroys civilized society. But that’s what they do, le t them pay the full price for it. Without any form of modern health care few of the primitives will survive to the age of 40. That is how they want it, give it to them. Let their children die in masses, that’s the lifestyle in the anti-scientific societies. That’s what the primitives want. The problem will soon exterminate itself on its own stupidity and corruption. Get rid of’em.

  • wodun

    Disgusting how the primitives greed destroys civilized society.

    The problem isn’t the native Hawaiians. It’s the Democrats that fill their heads with prejudice to be weaponized against groups Democrats dislike.

  • “. . . tell Hawaii to go to hell (though not in those words) ”

    Why not in those words? When someone is making your life hard, you have no obligation to be nice.

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