TMT might abandon Hawaii

The consortium building the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) decided last week that, because of the delays forced on them by protesters in Hawaii, they are going to start identifying alternative locations.

I don’t think they have a choice. They want to start construction no later than 2018, which already involves a three year delay from their original schedule and significant additional costs. I doubt there is any chance that the permit process, which took years the first time they did it, can take anywhere close to that.


  • Nick P


    Obviously Chile comes to mind but what alternatives are there in the northern hemisphere?

  • Edward

    From the article: “[Kealoha Pisciotta] called the threat of the project leaving Hawaii ‘a measure to try to pressure somebody to make things happen faster than they should happen.'”

    Ms Kealoha is clearly ignorant of her own side’s demand: the rejection of a construction permit. If her side gets what it wants, then the telescope will have to find another home. She should be advocating for TMT to find another site, not complaining that the rejection might happen faster than it “should” happen.

    Meanwhile, the TMT project undoubtedly has already ordered long lead-time items, such as the expensive mirrors, and they will cost a fortune to store for a three-year delay.

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