TMT permitting process about to begin anew

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The retired Hawaiian judge who will supervise the new permitting process for the Thirty Meter Telescope held a prelminary meeting on Monday to discuss scheduling and procedual matters.

The Hawaiian authorities have been slow-walking this new permiting process, which the telescope already completed according to law years ago. I say TMT should just leave Hawaii so its citizens can enjoy their barren mountain and the lack of jobs and wealth it will bring them.



  • Dick Eagleson

    I think the TMT people should continue with the Hawaiian charade while working to strike a better deal elsewhere. If, say, India comes through with a rational arrangement to host TMT in the foothills of the Hindu Kush, then that’s where TMT should go – after all suitable dry-eyed apologies are made to the Hawaiians about being unable to come to a suitable and/or timely agreement to build TMT there.

    As Groucho Marx once sang:

    I’ll do anything you say!
    I’ll even stay!

    But I must be going.

  • Wayne

    Dick Eagleson;
    Most appropriate cultural reference!

    “Hello, I Must Be Going”

  • Dick Eagleson


    We aims to please.

    Never pass up a golden opportunity to quote the immortal Groucho.

  • Wayne

    Change the name to the “Trump Massive Telescope,” and then make the Albanian’s pay for it.
    (“The telescope just got 1 meter bigger….”)

    In all seriousness however–totally agree with Dick.
    –Go through the motions in Hawaii while they cement the deal with India, then completely vanish in the middle of the night. Leave the hipsters to occupy an access road to nowhere.

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