Today in facist academia

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Fascist academia: There are so many of these stories each day that I find it somewhat repetitive to post them over and over again. Here are today’s sampling of college protesters and academic administrators shutting down speech they don’t like.

Note that these stories cover five different universities. In several cases the university administration participated in shutting down dissenting views. In all cases it appears the administrations are complacent in supporting the heckler’s veto by not doing anything to stop it.


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  • Phill O

    Twitter has now recanted on its war against that republican congresswoman, part (IOM) because people stood up and were counted. I hope this is a new era of freedom. To stop a bully, one must make a stand!

    For those who do not like confrontation, voting with the pocketbook works well. The NFL is out for me. There is enough entertainment without putting up with the intimidation.

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