Today in fascist academia

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Here’s today’s new collection of articles illustrating the fascist movement that is growing and supported by college administrators nationwide.

The last story is a little complicated, but essentially a conservative group wanted to hold a debate on illegal immigration, and because some students complained (creating a petition opposing the debate) the dean of the law school sent out an email withdrawing school sponsorship of the event, expressing sympathy and support to those opposed to the event, and offering alternative events to go to. She didn’t cancel it, but she made it clear that she would do whatever she could to squelch its success.

Note too that in the first two stories above, the administrations have shown no interest in disciplining anyone for these acts of theft and public misbehavior.

The worst part of these stories is the amount of support for censorship and these disruptions by the students themselves. For example, the Princeton op-ed was written by a student. If this is what the next generation truly believes, the United States will not remain a free nation much longer.



  • Phill O

    “If this is what the next generation truly believes, the United States will not remain a free nation much longer.”

    Yes Bob, and this is why the removal of firearms from the public is so important!!!!!! (for their cause, firearms are only for them)

    Seriously, administrators (total wimps {and not by the physics defenition}) will only back down when the right stands up to this bullying by the “Brown Shirts”

  • ken anthony

    “Conservatives have no right to free speech.” This is the level of thought by a college student?

    In zombie movies they make fake brains in a jello mold. Obviously the education system has improved the process.

    Adults don’t allow children to run the asylum. It’s not the children’s fault.

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