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Today’s blacklisted American: 9-year-old boy denied kidney transplant because donor hasn’t gotten COVID jab

The Bioethics group that wants to kill a little boy
The Cleveland Clinic’s Bioethics group that wants to kill a little boy.
Click to go to its website to contact them.

They’re coming for you next: A nine-year-old boy has been denied a kidney transplant by his hospital because his donor, who also happens to be his father, has not gotten any COVID shots.

Nine-year-old Tanner Donaldson suffers from stage 5 chronic kidney disease and urgently needs a kidney transplant. Miraculously, his father, Dane, is a perfect match to donate one of his kidneys. In early 2018, Cleveland Children’s Hospital approved the transplant. Shockingly, however, the hospital is now denying Tanner’s transplant following the execution of a “cruel, illogical, and unscientific” policy that demands the donor—but not Tanner—to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Both the father and the child have gotten and recovered from the Wuhan flu, and thus have natural immunity, which is one reason the father doesn’t want to get the jab. Furthermore, he considers the risks of the shot far outweigh its benefits. As the family’s lawyer noted in a letter to Jane Jankowski, Interim Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Bioethics that made the decision blocking the transplant operation:

CDC’s Director, Dr. Walensky, has acknowledged that the COVID-19 vaccines do not “prevent transmission.” In contrast to this failure of the vaccines, as conceded by the CDC on Nov. 5, 2021, there has yet to be one documented case of a person who “(1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.” In fact, several independent studies confirm that reinfections for COVID-19 are exceedingly rare and reaffirm the durability of natural immunity.

Moreover, there is ample evidence that getting a COVID shot carries real risk. In weighing these options, the father has chosen what he considers the safest option for himself, and his son.

Yet, the hospital would rather let the boy die from a failed kidney then permit him to get a new one from his father, just because the father didn’t get the jab and thus his kidney might somehow expose the boy indirectly to COVID.

This insane policy is of course standard operating procedure in the past two years. Too many so-called intellectuals, scientists, and medical officials have apparently become so wedded to government policy that they no longer can use their brains, in any way at all. The rules trump ever fact, every time, so much so that little children must be condemned to death if they or their parents do not obey.

The parents options apparently are limited. The hospital approved the transplant in 2017, and to get another hospital to take this case quickly is likely difficult, if not impossible.

Thus, a little boy will die because his doctors demand that everyone follow an irrational and somewhat harmful rule.

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  • Cotour

    There must be some detail in the NIH funding that allows this kind of illogical logic that threatens a young person’s life for no other discernable reason.

    Morality? There is none here, this is stupid group think driven apparently by irrational Covid / “Vaccine” government policy during a declared health emergency which is in fact in the last throws of being a threat to the public.

    The only course of action?


  • David Telford

    Unbelievable. Something about having a degree, being highly educated, removes one from the obligations of morality. As if _Science!_ offers better answers. It does provided you don’t look at conclusions like this one.

    I walk around town without a mask. Dine out frequently without masks. Have done so for many months now. Heck, the local Starbucks are taking down their plexiglass barriers. And they can’t do a kidney transplant because of what?

  • Alton

    Comply Or Die !!!!!

    Or Else say the Progressive Elites

    One Way Trip to a Nice Beach for a the Elites…….

    On the Black Sea.

  • Patrick Underwood

    I absolutely support the principle here, but sometimes in real life, principles fall to necessity. If I were the father, and time were running out for my son with no indication of a legal resolution, I’d get the shot.

    Would any of you allow your son to die because you were afraid of possible but highly unlikely complications from a vaccination you were going to receive?

    On the other hand, totally agree this is government-corporate totalitarianism (i.e., fascism) at work. The people (being polite according to house rules) in charge need to tarred and feathered. Unfortunately that is a fantasy in our current timeline.

  • Cotour


    I agree with you.

    But then I would employ the LAWYERS, COURTS AND MONEY strategy and sue the hell out of them.

    But the hospital is more than likely legally protected by the government from any legal consequences as long as this declared health emergency is still in effect.

  • David Lohnes

    Being a past client of the Cleveland Clinic I wanted to see what the Cleveland Plain Dealer had to say about this story. Nothing. No news organization has covered this story. The article is the only one that I could find. I have reached out to my local paper and the Plain Dealer asking them to cover the story.

  • Doubting Thomas

    I believe Warren Zevon’s song called for Lawyers, GUNS and money. That might work better.

    It is a disgusting demonstration of failure to behave as medical ethics have called for hundreds of years.

  • David K

    All large organizations eventually just do whatever is necessary to improve their bottom line. This includes hospitals, armies, whatever. It doesn’t matter whether it involves saving lives or ending lives, it all comes down to money. This is especially true when barriers to entry for competitors in the market are high.

  • sippin_bourbon

    There have been several stories like this in several cities. So my question is, is this directive coming from the medical facilities, or UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing). They are in the business of managing the immunocompromised.

    I could not find anything requiring it. They recommend vaccines, but also defer to the managing team. So it does appear to be the Clinic that is being dumb. UNOS even looked at vaccine related myocarditis. That is interesting, because people have been banned for even saying those words on some platforms. I have not gotten to their conclusion on the matter.

    The clinic knows that time is against the family here. I know that helpless feeling they have. There is a special place in hell for those that would withhold life saving treatment for their own motivations.

    Considering the issues of clots and myocarditis, I would think minimizing risk would be paramount.

  • Jeff Wright

    Bioethics? There is nothing ethical about any of them.

  • tom wright

    Bob, You may want to delve into this a bit more. Using 3 search engines I can find no other supporting sources for this other than the press release from the ICAN source that all reports are based on. No pages on social media, no funding campaigns to help the parents, nothing.

    While it would not surprise me in the least that something like this would happen, it also fits in too well with the “cartoon evil villain” behavior we have seen on the part of vaccine fascists on the Left.

    This all makes me skeptical. Caution strikes me as warranted.

  • Max

    Patrick Underwood said:

    “If I were the father, and time were running out for my son with no indication of a legal resolution, I’d get the shot.

    Would any of you allow your son to die because you were afraid of possible but highly unlikely complications from a vaccination you were going to receive?”

    “They’ve known this for over a year and a half, right, and they haven’t told us,” she said. “I mean, you can’t find out anything from them.”

    The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects
    The agency has withheld critical data on boosters, hospitalizations and, until recently, wastewater analyses.

    “The C.D.C. has received more than $1 billion to modernize its systems”
    “Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected”
    They are hiding all the data so that we cannot find out the truth.

    You are Probably worth more dead than alive. (There are two videos embedded in this article, one is funny but no longer relevant as pharmaceuticals bypass doctors now and have become part of the government mandating everyone receive/and the doctors must distribute their product… While the second one is a doctor proving that the covid virus it’s not new, our bodies develop antibodies to it right away.)

    Since the rollout of the shots, people have been dying in record numbers… Especially the young.

  • Hanuman_Prodigious_Leaper

    are the doctors ready to do the transplant?
    so find a back alley and coat hangers

  • sippin_bourbon


  • David Telford

    Doesn’t make it real, but there is this out there “online”,
    ICAN is the Informed Consent Action Network

    Siri|Glimstad do appear to be laywers in NYC specializing in the cause.

  • wayne

    In the Alternate Universe, all these people were rendered offshore, and their organs summarily harvested.

  • Chuck

    Wow. He wouldn’t take a vaccine to save his own son’s life. That’s terrible and immoral. If Tanner was my son, I’d walk over burning coals if that was what it took. The life of my child is more important than some vaccine.

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