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Today’s blacklisted American: A short list of just a few of the academics fired for having opinions

Lysenko with Stalin
Trofim Lysenko, the person American academia now most admires,
preaching to Stalin as he destroyed Soviet plant research,
persecuted anyone who disagreed with him, and caused famines
that killed millions.

Today at the Daily Signal one of their writers, Douglas Blair, compiled a list of eight college professors whose lives were destroyed by the intolerant left and its effort to silence all opposition, by any means necessary. That list is as follows:

Five of those eight individuals had previously been a subject of my daily column, “Today’s Blacklisted American,” proving that the number of such cases of oppression and blacklisting by the academic left has grown so large that a daily column can’t possibly cover every story.

What struck me about this list however was the petty, ugly, and absurd reasons given for destroying or silencing these individuals. In every single case, the only accusation against them was that each professor had offended someone (often unnamed) by something he or she had written or said. At no point did anyone ever challenge the accuracy of their statements or writing.

In one case the offending remark was simply a silly joke that no normal and rational person would be offended by. In another case the fired professor had simply noted that there are only two sexes. Four other cases the offending remarks were criticisms of Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory, noting the blatantly obvious fact that both are racist, demonizing whites (merely for their skin color) while lionizing all other minorities as pure, perfect, and oppressed. A fourth professor was pushed out of his teaching position simply because he criticized the vapid nature of all “Woman’s Studies” programs.

And then there were the professors (Boghossian and Gilley) who were condemned because they used the peer-review system to publish papers that offended others. Boghossian was part of project that got a number of obviously fake papers through peer review and published in several well-respected social science journals, demonstrating that the editors of those journals were incompetent and that the material they published should not be trusted.

Gilley wrote a paper demonstrating with facts that colonialism was not all bad, that in many cases it actually benefited the natives. He immediately found himself in a firestorm, the subject of a coordinated campaign to get him blacklisted and fired and the journal boycotted. Soon both he and the journal editor were receiving creditable death threats.

None of the critics of Gilley’s paper cited any errors. Instead they focused entirely on how its conclusions offended them and that it was racist to even state such facts.

From these stories you can only conclude that today’s academic community is utterly bankrupt, dominated and controlled by ignorant, close-minded, and spoiled individuals unwilling to discuss any subject rationally. Instead, if someone says something they dislike, they throw tantrums, and their administration immediately gives in to them. In such a culture free and intelligent thought is impossible. No one in these schools can get a good education. Instead, students are taught that intellectual debate is nothing more than silencing and oppressing those you disagree with.

For this country to survive these institutions must die, now. If it happened yesterday it would not be soon enough.

Conscious Choice cover

From the press release: In this ground-breaking new history of early America, historian Robert Zimmerman not only exposes the lie behind The New York Times 1619 Project that falsely claims slavery is central to the history of the United States, he also provides profound lessons about the nature of human societies, lessons important for Americans today as well as for all future settlers on Mars and elsewhere in space.

Conscious Choice: The origins of slavery in America and why it matters today and for our future in outer space, is a riveting page-turning story that documents how slavery slowly became pervasive in the southern British colonies of North America, colonies founded by a people and culture that not only did not allow slavery but in every way were hostile to the practice.  
Conscious Choice does more however. In telling the tragic history of the Virginia colony and the rise of slavery there, Zimmerman lays out the proper path for creating healthy societies in places like the Moon and Mars.


“Zimmerman’s ground-breaking history provides every future generation the basic framework for establishing new societies on other worlds. We would be wise to heed what he says.” —Robert Zubrin, founder of founder of the Mars Society.


Available everywhere for $3.99 (before discount) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all ebook vendors, or direct from the ebook publisher, ebookit. And if you buy it from ebookit you don't support the big tech companies and I get a bigger cut much sooner.


  • I will ask again: how long until American universities cease to be desirable to the global best and brightest? When the centers of learning and culture move West to the Far East, not only will a transfer of knowledge come full circle, bur a lot of Liberal elite in the West are going to find themselves irrelevant. People who want to actually learn how to do things, aren’t going to be coming to America.

  • Patrick Underwood

    I’ve begun to come around to the ideas of Edward Dutton. We’re too smart for our own good. In which case, the idiots rule.

  • Questioner

    “JK Rowling house name dropped by Essex school over trans comments”

    A secondary school that named a house after author JK Rowling has renamed it due to her “comments and viewpoints surrounding trans people”.

  • “We’re too smart for our own good. In which case, the idiots rule.”

    Or, everything tends toward the norm. Inescapable, depressing, and true. Well, there’s always Dylan Thomas. And, history remembers the exceptional.

  • Star Bird

    How soon will they be rounding us up into Concentration Camps/Gulags for refusing to obey Dictator Joe Biden?

  • Questioner

    Why Students are Terrified (To Speak Their Minds)

    Michael Millerman: “How does a society fundamentally dedicated to the dignity of the mind banish certain inquiries to the realm of the inadmissible when those inquiries are themselves but expressions of the dignity of the mind?”

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