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Today’s blacklisted American: Any business in a Massachusetts town that does not genuflect to BLM and its Marxist agenda

Today's modern witch hunt
Witch burning returns to Massachusetts!

The worst horror of the new leftist blacklisting that is sweeping America is how pervasive it is. This intolerance for dissent is not limited to a small number of people leading the way, but seems to instead be springing upward from that movement’s grass roots.

Today’s blacklist story illustrates this quite starkly.

In the small town of Sturbridge, Mass., a group of 200 left-leaning citizens organized on Facebook to compile a list of businesses to avoid due to insufficient wokeness. The group even planned to present every local business with a pro-Black Lives Matter statement to sign — or face a local boycott.

When the website Turtleboy Sports published that list in full, the woman who created it, Sarah Prager, as well as the administrators of that private Facebook group, Amanda Ivey and Chelsea Ann, then apparently claimed (along with others from that group) that it was merely an internal document not meant for public viewing. They also justified its existence by saying it was not a blacklist but a list of all businesses in town, and had been designed merely to record the political leanings of each so that people would know which businesses had bad political leanings and could be properly avoided. Here are some examples, as noted by Turtleboy:

Carrie and Company was flagged for being “pro gun, homophobic/conservative extremist.” Because supporting the second amendment means you want black people to die.

The Federated Church of Sturbridge and Fiskdale (a church, not a business) was put on the list because they “complained about a Pride flag at the library.” And it’s largely their fault George Floyd died because of that.

Both the Hair Gallery Salon and Spa and Petrie Family Farm were blacklisted for the crime of being “not progressive.” Simply not being a racist person wasn’t enough. You had to be liberal too.

Jimmy D’s Ice Cream & Sandwich Shoppe and the Sturbridge Coffee House were both added to the list for supporting cops by attending events, selling merchandise, and making Facebook posts supporting police officers. Because if you support the institution that protects us from anarchy and rampant criminality you are part of the problem now and your business must be destroyed.

The Sturbridge Yankee Pedlar was targeted for harassment because they are “owned by a Trump supporter,” in a town where over 40% of people voted for Trump. Sturbridge is also surrounded by towns that voted for Trump and is located in the most conservative parts of the state. But they had to be destroyed because they killed George Floyd.

The Thrift Gypsy “used a racial slur in their name!” Even though that’s not a racial slur, and gypsies are quite real.

Treehouse Brewery and Wild Flour Kolaches got a pass because they were “owned by a liberal” and “pro democrat,” while Jones & Jones Realty, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and Ohoodles of Doodles were exempt from harassment because they were owned by Sturbridge against Racism members.

What is important to note is that though the list was created by Prager, she did it as part of that 200-member private Facebook group, all apparently eager to squelch and destroy anyone who dared hold an opinion they did not like.

For years I had believed that most decent Democrats were simply unaware of how corrupt and extremist their party had become, and if they were presented with evidence that showed this fact to them they would be quite justifiably horrified and would either leave that party or make a stink within it to force change.

I no longer believe that. I sadly now think that a very large plurality of Democratic Party supporters, maybe even a majority, now enthusiastically endorse the bigoted, Marxist, and anti-white agenda of that corrupt Democratic Party and its leftist allies like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. And of those who do not, they are so easily led that they are willing to let these jack-booted thugs control the agenda so that the lives of anyone who opposes them are destroyed.

You might want to ask some of the Democrats you know what they think of this, and the intolerant blackballing agenda that party now supports. I think you will find yourself quite appalled at how willing they are to accept, excuse, justify, and even endorse it.


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  • Progressives have become what they decry … self-righteous fundamentalists, with the least reliable object of worship man can bow before.

    The god in the mirror.

  • George

    The Democrats I know aren’t appalled at all. The first thing that comes out of their mouths when I mention any of this is: Well, the Republicans did this first, or that, or are more corrupt, they are racist, etc., echoing every talking point heard on TV. They’ll justify this up to the minute they too are dragged off to the Gulag.

  • deadrody

    I actually kinda like this. Because, let’s be honest – the number of #SuperWoke are TINY and we all know it. They are leveraging the power of the “virtual mob” to make their woke demands seem like a critical mass of people, if not a majority, outright.

    But they’re NOT. I absolutely believe, if you aren’t in some #Woke enclave like Berkeley, or something, that advertising that you’re trying to pull of a real, physical “boycott” of businesses because thy’re not woke enough, not only are you going to fail, but you’re going to fail SPECTACULARLY and cause these businesses to get MORE customers.

    It’s one thing to threaten a boycott and use the online outrage mob to make demands and gain concessions, but absent that, announcing an actual boycott engages the non-existent woke mob (that lives in their parent’s basement and has no money) but signals to actual customers who they should support, and I think they will. I know, in my city, if you announced a boycott of whoever, because they weren’t woke enough, I’d be in there every day.

  • deadrody, I agree with you regarding the numbers involved at present … and that presents a window of opportunity for free people to act wisely, boldly and expeditiously to nip the rise of the Church of Woke in the bud.

    I read an article earlier today about a suburban-DFW community where people are pushing back on the Church of Woke using their schools to push CRT … this is a community full of VERY successful people of all races, with a school system that has fostered excellence to the point that racial disparities are insignificant there … conditions that expose the lie of CRT.

    If there is a place to start the pushback on the Church of Woke in a big way, and set the example for others, Southlake, TX is it.

    This needs to happen all across this nation, before that window shuts like this: if some of the big-business CEOs – and/or government officials – who have converted to the Church of Woke not only impose their faith upon their own companies, but demand that their suppliers and customers convert as a condition of doing business with them, cancel culture is going to spread well beyond the enclaves you describe to threaten us all. We’re already seeing some of this in financial services.

  • Edward_2


    If you can’t say that, then YOU have and are a BIG problem.

    Time for good people to push back.

    As the saying goes, the only thing that evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

  • Mic Tinker

    Looks like I’m headed to Sturbridge this weekend! I am in support of those being “blackballed” by the ignorant, mindless, libtards who would have eagerly bent their knee to crown, king, and any Adolph wannabe to gain control over the rightminded!

  • Cotour


    Your vote is secret. The accounting of and auditing of your secret vote to make sure the election was valid is public. It is essential in a healthy operational Democracy.

    This is not the end of Democracy Ms. Maddow, its the end, or the revealing of the corruption of the Democrat party machine is what you are witness to.

    Why are Democrats and their talking heads never concerned with thousands of illegals pouring over our borders every day, many with Covid during a pandemic?

    But they have zero concern whether the presidential election and our Democracy is / was corrupted?

    The Democrats are doing such a great American centric job that they will certainly lose ALL of their political power in the midterm elections. And the real possibility may exist that the current president will be impeached and removed from office?

    And that IMO is what the Democrats and their bespectacled talking heads are actually concerned about related to the goings on in Maricopa county, Arizona. ITS COMING, SOMETHING IS COMING, RACHEL.

  • No slam on you, Edward_2, but IMO even All Lives Matter does not adequately capture the truth …

    EACH and EVERY life matters.

    Our nation is predicated upon respect for the life and liberty of the INDIVDUAL as the prime focus of society and government, above any other “greater good” we can come up with.

    Had we kept that focus, identity politics would be irrelevant, reduced to a true/false question – are your unalienable rights respected?

  • Phill O

    Such a list is something I need. The number of woke businesses is so large, I need a concise place to find businesses I can use: NON-Woke ones.

    All major sports leagues are now out, Coke, Nike and that list goes on and on

  • Phill O: Stay tuned. An upcoming “Today’s blacklisted” will provide you exactly that list.

  • wayne


    Check out the Twilight Zone episode, “The Mirror.” (season 3, episode 6)
    (for some reason, I can’t readily locate the appropriate clip on youtube anymore.)

  • wayne

    Massachusetts— hmmm, I seem to recall, they were first in line to burn witches.

    “Shutting people up, since 1692.”

  • Alton

    Pepsi supports and funds BLM,
    As does the Ford Foundation and at least a dozen other large Foundations.
    Dr Pepper and RC Cola (Royal Crown Cola) do not… .yet.

  • wayne

    thanks for that tidbit.
    Looks like Bubly is off my grocery-list.

  • SharpShtik

    A Democrat is a person with a criminal mind (i.e., the core traits of criminals) — immoral, lacks respect for other’s rights and is self-entitled to deprive other’s rights to take what they want. This is why Democrats commit nearly all crime (as confirmed by stats and studies, including convict admissions), vote for organized crime government to steal and redistribute to them, illegally encourage foreign criminals to invade, attack police and attack their intended victim pool for using their 1st and 2nd Amendment guaranteed rights. The only peaceful solution is political segregation, which we already do with jails and prisons segregating millions of Democrats from Americans.

  • Tony Louis

    It is truly sad and dangerous that these “woke” types think they want to or need to do this kind of “blacklisting” and feel virtuous about it. Self indulgent and self rightuous and self loathing really! The reason they win is that conservatives and moderates are into “live and let live.” We don’t boycott Ben and Jerry for example (two life long idiots). Nor do we boycott MLB and Coke for their “voting rights” statements supported by lying demagogues like Abrams.

  • John Simpson

    Stasichusetts! And I’m from there. Nuke the place from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • Josh Scandlen

    Whoa! You are citing aka my man Turtleboy. This guy is the real deal. He is going after the mob and it’s simply awesome to behold. He’s also running for School Council. Thus he’s not just sitting back he’s actively engaged in the battle.

    This is how it’s done. Cancel the woke!

  • Marian-the-Libertarian

    I was always told that the outrage over the HUAC led Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s wasn’t about solidarity with persecuted communists, but about higher ideals like freedom of thought and not having one’s livelihood taken from them for going against the zeitgeist of the political moment.

    I may have to reevaluate that. It seems apparent that it’s actually quite noble to deprive people of their sustenance in the name of political warfare. They can’t abhor what HUAC did – they’re emulating it.

  • Winchester

    The members list needs to be exposed and the members be barred from shopping or interacting with the businesses they supposedly are boycotting.

  • TheoKornpone

    The amount of healing and inclusion which has occurred since the Biden electio.n continues to astonish me

  • JP Jens

    Great article. Thank you.

  • J. Jimmy Jones, II

    Rather than just complain about or comment on the detestable and hateful activities of groups like that formed by Ms. Prager, why not give them a taste of their own medicine by uniting to form a group that expressly commits to supporting businesses targeted by the likes of Prager, Ivey, Chelsea Ann and others who despise we deplorables? We can commit to going to such stores, or if you’re like me and live on the other side of the state, then at least placing an online order with these stores as a show of support. I’m placing an order today at one of the stores targeted by this despicable group.

  • GWB

    not a blacklist
    so that people would know which businesses … could be properly avoided
    Yet another example of our really crappy institutions of learning, as these folks have evidently never learned how to use a dictionary. That’s precisely what a ‘blacklist’ is, you fools.
    Oh, and you’re a bunch of racists for even making a ‘blacklist’. It should be ‘BIPOC list’. (Am I doing that right?)

  • GWB

    Jester Naybor
    April 27, 2021 at 3:23 pm

    The god in the mirror.

  • BrianB

    We are just witnessing the creation of The Good German in America, 85 years after the original herd conformed to the new and growing totalitarian ethos in their own culture.
    It usually takes a violent shock to wake the formerly peaceful knotheads from their cattle culture. And that shock almost always materializes as their totalitarian masters finally make it impossible for anyone not wishing to join the herd to do anything other than resist, violently.
    Para bellum.

  • Roger Tranfaglia

    Y’all should check out RESULT HUNTER! Its a consertively biased search engine very much like DUCK DUCK GO but with a little “twist”. It also has a section of major and some minor bussiness, corporations angencies with 6 ratings of how and who they donate to, VERY eye opening!!!
    In a way it can be used by BOTH sides of the asile!!!

  • Hoepper

    Where is the list of the two hundred nitwits of that group, so they can be denied service and employment in all these and other still clearly thinking businesses? I see no way back to unity. These folks need to be expatriated to North Korea.

  • Perhaps the Sturbridge United Klan Aid Society (SUKAS) should rank businesses by competence, then correlate with ‘woke’ concerns. I’d wager it is an inverse function. As they say ‘Get Woke, Go Broke!’

    Amanda Ivey is no relation, and if she was, I’d disavow her so fast, her pointy head would spin.

  • Brendan

    Regretfully, it takes a very small percentage to destroy a society. First Things had an excellent look at the beginning of the Soviet Union (10 years before) and it’s parallels to today. Frightening. But worth the read.

  • wayne

    John Simpson–
    excellent, and yes!

    “Nuke the Entire Site from Orbit”

  • Edward

    With every passing week, the United States looks more and more like NAZI Germany or Soviet Russia.

    From the first article:

    Campaigns like this pit neighbor against neighbor and bring the divisive rancor of partisan politics to the core of everyday life. These witch hunts may drive Americans even further apart from one another and create a climate of fear at the local level.

    Early on, the NAZIs told German citizens to not do business with companies owned by Jews. Later they smashed such businesses. Even later, they just rounded up Jews and others that were out of favor.

    In the Soviet Union, there were people that no one trusted, because they had ratted out someone to the government.

    Here we are, in the United States, where such things could never happen, and yet they are happening. What have we learned from history? Apparently, the Democrats have learned to repeat it.

    SharpShtik wrote: “A Democrat is a person with a criminal mind (i.e., the core traits of criminals) — immoral, lacks respect for other’s rights and is self-entitled to deprive other’s rights to take what they want.

    A government is supposed to protect its people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Put the way SharpShtik said it, we see that the Democrats are the domestic enemy that government is supposed to protect us from.

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