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Today’s blacklisted American: Black DEI administrator fired by college for demanding accuracy and color-blind policies

Tabia Lee
Tabia Lee

They’re coming for you next: Tabia Lee, the faculty director for the Office of Equity, Social Justice, and Education [OESE] at De Anza College in California, was denied tenure and fired from her job when she repeatedly demanded historical accuracy and color-blind policies from both her department and the rest of the college.

“Historical accuracy and color-blind policies” from a modern college run by leftists? It is to laugh.

Tabia Lee is a black woman who had been an adjunct professor at De Anza when she got the job to run part of the OESE department.

After years of working as a middle-school teacher and an adjunct professor, and founding a network to help minority teachers attain national board certification, Lee was excited get a tenure-track position at De Anza, where her job includes designing workshops to promote inclusion. “I researched them, and I thought we had similar values around diversity, equity and anti-racism,” she said. “I was selected, and I was like, wow, this is a dream come true.”

Instead, Lee found herself constantly harassed and slandered because she tried to bring to her work an even-handed philosophy that attempted to deal with the problems of racial conflict fairly. For example, when Jewish students and faculty members told her they had experienced anti-Semitism on campus, Lee tried to organize a campus event to discuss the problem.

Instead, she said, coworkers told her the event wasn’t important and that Jewish people are white oppressors.

The article at the link describes many more examples of the hatred Lee experienced at this supposed institution of “higher learning.” The most absurd example was when she, a black woman, was accused of being a white supremacist because she, citing the recommendation of the National Association of Black Journalists, recommended that the college in its communications capitalize the names of all racial groups (“White”, “Black,” etc) instead of just those of so-called oppressed peoples.

Another time she was slandered when she refused to join an on-campus socialist network.

“I do not identify as a liberal or a conservative or a Republican or a Democrat or a libertarian or socialist or a communist or a feminist,” she told The Post. “I don’t identify with any of those labels, so I just had no interest in being a part of that.

Then, when Lee tried to streamline her staff’s communications by using GoogleDocs, she was accused by a co-worker of “white-splaining”.

“I’m a black woman, and [they’re] telling me that I’m white-splaining,” Lee recalled. “[Everyone] acted like I had injured [my colleague] instead of it being the other way around, because I didn’t confess to my white supremacy or whatever.”

Her career at De Anza College ended when her tenure was denied because the college claimed she had an “inability to demonstrate cooperation in working with colleagues and staff” and an “unwillingness to accept constructive criticism.” This was followed by a vote by the college administration to dismiss her the end of this academic year.

Lee calls these accusations “bald-faced lies”, and is now considering legal action.

De Anza College, where race and gender rules all
De Anza College, where race and gender rules all

The website for De Anza’s Equity and Engagement Division is very carefully written to avoid any accusations that it plays racial favorites. Yet you would have to be blind to believe it doesn’t do so. For example, the college has a program called “Men of Color”, providing counselors for students. The program’s title and website language, while never mentioning race, is clearly designed with race in mind. There is also a number other similar race-based programs, including a “Black Student Union” and a “Black Faculty, Staff and Administrators Network,” the latter of which is “a network of faculty, staff and administrators who identify as Black, African-American, African, Afro-American or of African ancestry or descent, and those colleagues who support our causes and initiatives.” And of course, like every modern university, De Anza would be incomplete without its very own “Pride Center” for advocating the queer agenda.

In other words, to this college race and gender is everything. Every student and teacher is defined by their race or gender, and the goal must be to promote the oppressed minorities to the detriment of everyone else.

Lee might have imagined her job was to promote good will and fair treatment for all races, but she was naive in the utmost. Her very job’s goal, as written by her, was to make race and gender the primary defining aspect of every human being, not their own personal individuality, and thus she was doomed to failure. When group identity becomes the be-all and end-all, individuality dies, and instead the fight centers on which group will get the most favored treatment while oppressing its rivals. By denying this reality, Lee stood no chance of surviving at her job or at De Anza.

I hope she sues, but to win she is going to have to take a hard honest look at her own priorities. As long as she herself puts race first, her case will always be crippled.

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  • Alton

    Sorry to say but I loved this one!
    As They eat each other.

    Sue, Please ?

    But we all just might think OF ….Truth-Splaining.

  • sippin_bourbon

    The religion of woke will not tolerate such heresy, especially in the high priests’ seat of the DEI director. She was preaching the wrong dogma, and had to be stopped, lest some young impressionable minds get the wrong notions in their heads.

  • Appropriating a line from “The Pirates of Penzance” regarding all of these demographic-specific programs:

    “I am the very model of modern insecurity!”

    I am not a mental health professional, but I would suggest that if someone requires entire bureaucracies to validate them, their insecurity approaches the pathological.

  • Pepper

    As I sometimes watch reality shows (cooking, Survivor,etc.) some black or whatever will say “I hope to show others like me that…” Shut up already. NOBODY gets blocked from doing anything they want to in this country! There are zero laws that stop you from achieving your goals. The only hold back is YOU! I don’t shop at “black owned” or “women owned” businesses. I don’t care who owns the store if they have what I want at the price I am willing to pay.
    Anti-racist means anti-white. Period. DEI (or as I state it DIE) does NOT include straight, or white, or male. Hate crimes laws are the same. They were NOT written for straight, white or male, besides being unConstitutional.

  • James Street

    A big problem is so many people are living really sick lives encouraged by crazies in top positions in government and society.

    I just came across this article by Larry Alton on the American Thinker blog “The individual and mental health”.

    Alton says mental health is the individual’s responsibility, not the state’s. He lists 5 points for a path to better mental health:
    • Finding a therapist.
    • Practicing better lifestyle habits.
    • Connecting with friends and family members.
    • Spending more time in nature.
    • Tapping into local community resources.

    God bless one of the commenters who added a healthy religious life. So important.

    A guy who impacted me was Benedict Groeschel, a Franciscan friar with PhDs in theology and psychology. He saw mental health as a continuum, not pigeon holes. So imagine a piece of paper with “Character Disorders” written across the top, “Neurosis” on the left side of the paper, “Psychosis” on the right side of the paper and “Inadequate Personality” on the bottom, and we are all scattered somewhere around that continuum. In the middle of the paper is an “A” which stands for “Adjustment” which is perfect mental health. Groeschel said the individual’s goal is to move from wherever we are on that continuum towards Adjustment by taking “the next good step”.

    Groeschel said if you’re a good Protestant you believe there is only one person who has ever lived who has been fully Adjusted (meaning Jesus) and if you’re a good Catholic you include his mother.

  • Crotte

    In the old days these people were put in mental institutions and not allowed to walk among us!!!!!!

  • Anticommie

    That equity could be sold as a good idea to the DNC’s radical young female and gay base, that they would accept that stupid concept as a rational and sensible and fair approach to doling out perks in life, like jobs, promotions, official positions, awards, etc., speaks volumes about who precisely is dragging down America’s average IQ scores.

  • David M. Cook

    De Anza college: Nothing but Nazis running the place! These administrators need to go to Europe & tour the death camps, then they will see that it‘s the socialist democrats who are the oppressors!

  • BLSinSC

    Obviously she didn’t UNDERSTAND her “place”! The LEFT demands LEFTISM in EVERYTHING – there’s NO ROOM FOR TOLERANCE!! I do hope she sues and forces them to explain her “whiteness”!!

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