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Today’s blacklisted American: Chase bank politically cancels the accounts of several doctors, their families, and their employees

JP Morgan Chase: eager to blacklist you for your opinions

They’re coming for you next: Continuing what increasingly appears to be its bank policy, JP Morgan Chase bank suddenly and without warning or reason recently canceled the bank accounts of several doctors, their families, and their employees, apparently because these doctors don’t abide by the lockdown policies and medical health advice of our government.

JPMorgan Chase is back to debanking. Once again, it’s not providing any explanations. And once again it’s targeting people who dare to question the Left Government/Woke Business conspiracy against liberty. At about the same time, it appears, Chase debanked, without warning, Drs. Syed Haider and Joseph Mercola. Wait, no. Not just them, but also Dr. Mercola’s employees – and his and their families. All without explanation.

These debankings don’t come without context. You may recall that last fall Chase debanked Senator, Ambassador and Governor (so, you know, pretty well respected) Brownback’s religious liberty organization, after having debanked General Flynn and a series of other conservatives. Chase got called on the Brownback debanking and first stonewalled and then lied, a half dozen times, about the reasons for the debanking, and then went back to stonewalling.

That’s relevant again because, whaddya know, the debanked doctors turn out to be conservatives, too – or at least they’re sufficiently opposed to the woke big government/big business monolith that they were willing to question the efficacy of the lockdown regime.

It really doesn’t matter whether you agree or note with the positions of these doctors or politicians. What matters is that in America by law they have the right to express their opinions, and no bank should make them a non-person simply because it disagrees with them.

In Great Britain bank managements have been leading the charge in this political debanking, though it also appears it is beginning to cost some of them their jobs.

Coutts Bank of Britain recently debanked Nigel Farage, who championed Brexit. All of the other banks of England followed along. But then it was discovered that the debanking had been political. So the British government is investigating, and the head of NatWest, which owns Coutts, has been, as they say, sacked.

In the U.S. however there does not appear to be any pushback against this debanking within financial or political circles. Thus, be warned if you are a customer of Chase. If you express opinions its management doesn’t like you might discover your accounts canceled suddenly and without warning. For all we know, Chase might even follow in the footsteps of Paypal and “fine” you for those opinions, confiscating your money even as it cancels your accounts.

The wise thing to do is no longer use Chase. Get your money out. Cancel it, before it cancels you. There are plenty of other banks in America gladly willing to take new customers. And 1792 Exchange’s corporate bias ratings will help you find the right bank, where freedom and free speech is celebrated, not oppressed.

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  • John

    While I am satisfied with my current bank and they have never mentioned politics in any of their communications you never know what the future holds in store. I am considering opening an account with the bank linked below. Should my current bank close my account or I become unsatisfied with them, having a second account would allow me do normal banking without any interruption.

  • Blackwing1

    Mr. Zimmerman:

    My personal suggestion is to “go local” and transfer your bank accounts and credit card accounts to a local credit union. They often have simple requirements for membership (e.g., living nearby) and usually offer better accounts than do the major banks. Just make sure that they’re deposit-insured to avoid catastrophic loss (I don’t personally know anybody with more than $250,000 on account at a bank, but then I’m poor). I’ve got free checking with a related savings account and a credit card through mine.

    It’s also nice to know that the other end of how your money is used in making loans is also local.

    I don’t understand how this can be legal, if it can be proven that their sole criteria for shutting down those accounts were political viewpoints rather than any objective financial standards. Given that banks are one of the most heavily regulated businesses by our oh-so-benevolent government you’d think that the Feds might have something to say about it. Oops. I forgot that the DoJ is now a fully-partisan pack of political hacks. (Emily Litella voice): Never mind.

  • Related:

    “Abbington has also been criticized for reportedly liking a post from journalist Sonia Poulton that read in part, “I will not be compelled to call a man a woman & vice versa.”

    Same thing.

    There are people “Who want to do damage”.

    ALL subjective law, justice and politics is authoritarian and in time will result in the worst brought out in men and women.

    Ask Mr. Hitler, Mr. Mao, Mr. Stalin, Mr. Pot, Mr. Kahn, King George 111, or those in Chase bank.

    (I have been de-banked in the past, pissed me off!)

    Also related:

    “1. All intellectual structures, entities and concepts of man have the potential to be abused in the quest of the few in pursuit of control and power over the many.”

    Read it all:

  • Cotour

    I will make a suggestion here regarding the political atmosphere we find ourselves immersed in at the moment.

    The Democrat party machine that without doubt installed Joe Biden in office in order to compensate for the disruption and displacement of Ma Barker regarding her installation in the highest office in the land in the 2016 presidential race. They are now growing more and more desperate.

    And now it appears that the Democrat party machine further intends to push to the max the Constitutional concept of free political speech and what it in fact means.

    And I strongly suspect that they would push it to the point where they conspire to force through judicial manipulations the arrest of their most prominent opposing candidate through the DOJ and the court system which is clearly “On board” with their agenda. You think they would not do such a thing? Think again.

    And at that point there might well cause disturbances in the streets which might cause to have the election postponed? Marshal law as the main opposition leader sits in jail? Round up those who pose an existential threat to “our Democracy” in the public, media and in politics?

    You do not see this as being political warfare? Well, they do.

    We are engrossed in paradigm shifting political turmoil right now and the Democrat party machine which is now totally subjective and as we can all now see are willing to do ANYTHING in order to “Preserve our Democracy”, meaning only their subjective “Democracy” prevailing. In their world there is no longer room for “different think”.

    Everything IMO is on the table today and all potentials exist.

    There are no guarantees.

    Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/7/23

  • John

    JPMorgan Chase payed $290 million to Epstein sex trafficking victims. They are fare too associated with that evil. It suits them to debank conservatives.

    It’s only a matter of time before conservatives will need their own banks, a parallel economy is the only way to exist soon.

    But a house divided on itself can not stand, and at this point I say good riddance to evil filth.

  • Boobah

    That comparison to Ma Barker is more than a little insulting, since the story that she was involved with her sons’ crime was a fabrication by the FBI to excuse the fact that they killed a little old lady.

    Feel free to argue she was a bad mother, considering her boys grew up to be felons, but the only evidence she herself was a criminal is that the FBI said so once they made her a corpse.

  • Jeff Wright

    I remember Brownback as sympathetic to Zubrin in one meeting…

  • Cotour


    Well, modern day “Ma Barker” is also innocent of everything that people SAY she is guilty of even though her radical political ideological “spawn” smashed her communications devices and deleted 30K worth of “yoga” appointment and “wedding” communications.

    (Now who would not like to see those “yoga” and “wedding” communications? The $140 million dollar “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One communications with the actual Russians. There is a long list, no?)

    She has never been indicted and arrested, her home has never been raided by the FBI etc, etc, etc.. And she is only married to a former president.

    The Ma Barker analogy is appropriate, and it stays.

  • Col Beausabre

    I agree comparing Clinton to Barker insults the later

  • Evil Incarnate

    It’s not just bank accounts. Don’t forget, your credit cards are also a means for feeding income to these evil institutions.

    I canceled my Chase card over a year ago. Have been working to extract myself from My Bank of America card, and will cancel in the next few days.

  • Obama's boyfriend

    Aren’t these banks guilty of violating the constitutional rights of Americans guaranteed under the 14th amendment? Worse they engage in political censorship, violating free speech, due process, and justice under the law precepts of America. I believe these peoiple should sue these firms for everything they are worth. I give anything to be on that jury, if a black woman can be awarded millions for failing to meet minimal standards and get fired with just cause, I believe anyone so abused by said banks could walk off with hundreds of millions.

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