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Today’s blacklisted American: College in Illinois establishes black-men-only academy, no others need apply

Academia: dedicated to segregation!
Oakton Community College: dedicated to segregation!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Oakton Community College, a small college in the Chicago area, has now established a special academy for black men only, dubbed the Emory Williams Academy for Black Men.

From the academy’s website:

As a member of the Academy, you will join a community designed for Black male-identifying students who are on a journey to advance their education and achieve their goals. Whether you want to earn your associate degree and transfer to a four-year school or kick-start a career with training, the Academy will meet you where you are and help you thrive.

The Academy is led by dedicated Black faculty and staff. You’ll be supported every day by a group of committed professors and student-success coaches—and your fellow scholars. [emphasis mine]

That website also describes its values like so:

We embrace the diversity of the Black men of our academy and honor the multiple representations of Blackness and maleness in our community. We advance equity by acknowledging the harm perpetrated against Black men by systemic racism in all levels of their education, and intentionally disrupting it here at the College.

If you want to see exactly how bigoted and segregated this new institution is, watch the PR video on its website. As Ileo Lott, the academy’s provost and VP of academic affairs bluntly states, “We are specifically enrolling black men.” All of the teachers and administrators are black, no whites need apply.

When the College Fix emailed the academy’s administration asking how such a segregated operation could operate without violating every civil rights law passed since 1964, a spokesman responded with an outright lie:

“The development of the Emory Williams Academy does not violate any laws. Oakton Community College is an open-access institution to which all students are invited to apply, enroll and access services,” spokesman Steve Butera told The College Fix via email.

Of course, they make believe that anyone can apply and be accepted, but we all know that if you fill out their application form, which clearly demands you list your race and gender, and admit you are either not black nor male, I am certain they will ignore you, or deny you admission, though they will of course hide this fact from federal authorities.

Once, during the era of racial discrimination, when blacks could not get accepted to any college, it was necessary to form such black-only schools to give intelligent blacks a place to get a college education. Since the mid-sixties and the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights law, such institutions have no longer been necessary, and in fact have been integrated for decades, open to everyone. This school is now admitting that it wishes to return to those segregated days, where whites and blacks isolated themselves. Then, whites treated blacks as inferior beings. Now it is the blacks who wish to do the same to whites.

In both cases however it was simple bigotry and race hatred. That Oakton Community College wishes to return to that culture is quite horrifying, no matter its good intentions.

Moreover, the whole concept smacks of a belief that black men cannot compete in an open society, that they are somehow inferior and need special protection and treatment in order to get a college education. The premise is disgusting, and so bigoted as to be mind-boggling.

According to the college’s ’22 budget [pdf], its enrollment has been dropping steadily since 2010, losing almost 25% in that time. The budget also shows that Oakton depends on state and federal funding for about 15% of its funds. It seems that as a violator of both state and federal laws, that funding should cease. The school also by Illinois law earns about half its income from the property taxes the state collects within the college’s jurisdiction and then distributes back to the university. That perk should also end.

A much more important funding source, however, is tuitions, which account for about 18% of the school’s income. It seems if the parents of future college students want their kids to get a good education not handicapped by racism and leftist politics, this is not the right college to attend.

Time for it to go bankrupt.

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  • Randy

    Where do these people come up w/this.? This is the divide and conquer ideology that the FBI should
    address pronto.

  • Cotour

    These frauds love, love, love the word “Thrive”.

    Related: WHAT WOULD HE SAY?

    Candice Owens calling out Patrice Cullors, one of the founders of BLM, and wanted to talk to her.

    (Candice Ownes was not violent, was not fully masked, was not throwing Molotov cocktails, did not come to loot your house or break your windows and threaten your children like many of the minions in BLM did)

    The long version: Patrice Cullors: 10 min.

    The short version: Candice Ownes: 2:51 min.

    Cullors and her BLM organization is a main driver of insanity in America, and she now lives in her new multi-million dollar property in California, in a lily white neighborhood. One of her apparently several *NEW* multi million dollar properties bought apparently with funds raised through the BLM corporate “Donations” (Or was it corporate extorsion?) to the organization and is being protected by a white security guard. I think the Jews would call that extreme Chutzpah.

    Cullors is a self professed “Trained Marxist” and political opportunist who has crafted much of the insanity that you see before you in our country.

    Well done Patrice, but the truth is what the truth is. You caused many in America who also have children to live in fear for their lives and now you feel insecure because someone came to your newly acquired multi million dollar crib and rang your door bell? And your crying about it?

    What would Che say?–~D–~D

  • Dave

    Seems to me they would be automatically disqualified from receiving any federal monies due to their discriminatory practices. They can say “open to all” until the cows come home, but unless they actively admit every sex, race, creed, color, and national origin, I don’t see how they can be given any federal $$.

  • Andi

    Since the article says they will admit all who identify as black males, I’d like to see what would happen if a white woman so identifies and tries to get in.

  • Col Beausabre

    Andi, Since the Left insists your sex (and presumably other physical characteristics) are what you say they are, I would think that they would be, to use the words of a Dead White Male, “hist with their own petar”

    I hope it happens, they say “no” and she sues. The trial, with the Left squirming and twisting, would be absolutely delicious.

  • Steven

    I’m just old enough to remember a time in America where Martin Luther King Jr. was revered for things like the “I Have A Dream” speech and where segregation by race was seen as a bad thing.

  • Anonymouse

    This is Illinois. If you try to go to the Democratic state legislature and Democratic Governor for relief, HAHAHHAHAHA. The current IL Speaker of the House pushed legislation to mandate racial quotas on corporate boards; he isn’t going to object to this, he’ll be thrilled. Look at the appropriations hearings for higher ed – the Democratic legislators are hounding administrators constantly about what they are doing for “black and brown people.” Oakton is doing exactly what legislators want, legalities be damned.

  • elphupphy

    Hell yes. Let the colored people stick together and wipe each other out one by one. They are nothing but animals anyway. Remove them all from our country! Send the animals back to africa where they belomng.

  • BLSinSC

    It’s past time to go “Disney” on these organizations!! The POWER OF THE PURSE has a strange effect on INSANITY – remove one and you get the other!! Let’s see how this RACIST and SEXIST institution fares when it has to stand on it’s own merits!

  • Alej

    Good. Integration ruined public education in America, and resulted in a vast degrading of American culture.

    The 13th Amendment should have mandated neutering or spaying of all subjects before emancipation.

  • Freeland_Dave

    If it’s 100% privately funded I don’t have a problem. If it gets a penny of public funding, inclusing government grants, be it local, state or Federal I’m solidly opposed to it and ALL Americans should have the same stance regardless of ethnicity.

  • Alton

    Of the over Four Thousand units of higher So-Called Education……..

    Only four donot take the Coin of the Wokie Realm (taxpayer dollars).

    Only ONE does not take funds from any Federal Student loan program (GI Bill) or any money that has been known to have originated there and then passed Through a Students hands.
    They also ban their Professors from taking any NSF, NIH or NEA or other Federal Funds for Research or other Professional endeavors.

    But any Federal and Most States funds the Progressives believe that it is their RIGHT to disburse….not the Taxpayers or voters!!!

  • Anonymouse

    It’s a community college. They don’t turn anyone away.

    The enrolled student population at Oakton Community College is 45.9% White, 20.8% Asian, 19.4% Hispanic or Latino, 6.68% Black or African American, 2.77% Two or More Races, 0.445% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, and 0.099% American Indian or Alaska Native.

    The number of black students has fallen. Perhaps because black men are taking a pass, and they are trying to lure them back?

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