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Today’s blacklisted American: Denver elementary school brings back segregation

Segregated playgrounds return in Colorado!
Segregated playgrounds return in Colorado!
Click for original image from Christopher Rufo.

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Administrators at a Denver public elementary school eagerly and enthusiastically organized a monthly playground night in which whites were apparently banned. The photo to the right is of the school’s sign, announcing this public event.

The school administrators claimed the evening was organized at the request of the school’s black families so that they could get to know each other, but that families from all races were also welcome.

The sign says otherwise. It suggests that this playground event is intended only for “people of color”, which usually means everyone but whites. This conclusion is reinforced by looking at the “Equity” pages at the school’s website. On this webpage the school proudly announces that “many of our staff have participated in Creating Connections and a CRT and the Brain Study group.” Another Equity page touts their links to the Marxist and bigoted Black Lives Matter movement, and touted segregated programs for:

… our Black and African-American students, as well as our Hispanic/Latin@ and Native American/Indigenous students from 3rd – 5th grade. We discussed positive and negative experiences they have had because of their race, as well as ideas for how we can improve as a school. [emphasis mine]

A review of all the school racially-based activities makes it very clear that if you are white and your children are attending this school, both you and your children are going to be treated as second-class citizens. You will not be made to feel welcome at most events, and your children might find themselves bullied and abused by the other kids, simply because their skin color is white, and it thus makes them evil as defined by the BLM and critical race theories touted by the school.

The playground event above was eventually cancelled, but not because the school’s administration realized the bigotry of such an event, but because they became panicked again over the newest COVID variant, and shut it down. They enthusiastically plan to resume these monthly segregated events next year.

As noted at both website links above, any event favoring specific racial groups is illegal under Colorado law, and also violates numerous federal civil rights laws. In fact, late last week a civil rights complaint was filed against the school for these segregated playground events.

In the end these legalities are not as important as this basic fact: these race-based programs are bigoted and morally wrong. Too bad the adults running this school don’t understand that most fundamental and basic fact.

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  • Alton

    All they need to add IS:

    Fire hoses,
    Barking Biting Dogs,

    And some Hemp rope.!.!.!_

    Here in My Southern Location
    The last two neck tie parties were,
    1895 for a White Newspaper Reporter,
    1893 fir a Reported Black rapist of a White woman…..
    Both from the same Chestnut Tree in Front of
    the Court House.
    1881 This city was founded when two different railroads passed through the Valley, one running to Norfolk Virginia, the other to Charleston SC both hauling COAL to National and World Markets. The Main Street had 98 Saloons to serve the workers, all were made if wood and looked like Gunsmoke or Bonanza, Eastern Boom Town.

  • So, Black families need a government program to meet people?

  • Col Beausabre

    “So, Black families need a government program to meet people?”

    “Yazza, we Darkies are obviously incompetent, fried chicken and watermelon eating buffoons who need benevolent elite (white) leadership to help us”

    Sigh, I remember when I took an “Electronics for Chemists” class as a senior elective in college (how to design and use instrumentation in research). Back then, CRT meant “Cathode Ray Tube”

  • Col Beausabre

    Let’s do what Herr Doktor One Stone would have called a gedankenexperiment. Change “”Families of Color” to “White Families” and what does the sign say to you? Lefties everywhere would literally turn this into a federal case

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre
    ref your CRT story— when the blm people started all their chaos, I kept wondering why the Bureau of Land Management was so upset over something.

  • wayne

    Illinois Lawsuit to stop Critical Race Theory
    Uncivil Law (December 19, 2021)

    Kurt goes in-depth on what is happening in Illinois.

  • James Street

    The swamp. Trying to divide us by race, gender, age, finances, political party…

    Meanwhile, a patriot has a little fun deep behind enemy lines:
    (13 seconds)
    Protester In San Francisco Yells “Let’s Go Brandon” At Nancy Pelosi, Chants “USA! USA!”

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    yes, nail on the head.
    If it said ‘nazi meet-n-greet every wednesday,’ we’d be all like’, what-the-brandon?

    does this exclusion cover Americans of Asian descent and/or Americans who happen to be Jewish?

  • Hey! I’m a ‘Person Of Color”. White.

    It would be interesting if an Anglo family insisted on admittance, and made the gatekeepers actually explain why and how exclusion is congruent with, with, say Martin Luther King’s teachings. Or, you know, even the law.

  • David Telford

    Close to home. Whites were not excluded.

    The sign is a ridiculous. I first saw it on the Babylon Bee. It is a clumsy attempt at some – ahem – “tailored” meet and greet. Embarrassing. “All are welcome” could have been added, but the educrats and dunces in charge couldn’t come up with that or the equivalent.

    Equity is a bogus term. A recent definition includes “the quality of being fair and impartial”. Huh. Equality has fallen from use all of the sudden. No traction, change the words? Amazing how smooth and sudden. Kind of Orwellian.

  • John S.

    In one rampant Word: “Guilt”

  • Eugene Davis

    The school is 50 percent hispanic and 1 percent black.

  • wayne

    great little clip! (wish he would have dragged it out a bit longer!) ((Lets Go Brandon Tribe

    I am reminded of a tune…

    Five Man Electric Band

  • wayne
    Robert Leslie Emmerson (17 September 1944 – 10 December 2021)
    Lead vocalist & guitarist for the band Five Man Electric Band

    “And the sign said, “Everybody welcome. Come in, kneel down and pray”
    But when they passed around the plate at the end of it all, I didn’t have a penny to pay.
    So I got me a pen and a paper and I made up my own little sign,
    I said, “Thank you, Lord, for thinkin’ ’bout me. I’m alive and doin’ fine.”

  • The condescension expressed in programs like this is blinding, but none seem to see.

    ‘We’ll make people more comfortable in a multi-racial society by segregating them!”

    This has been going on for a while.

    “You are not capable of mingling with Anglos in a social setting!”

    Because, you know, you just can’t hold your own. ‘Historically disadvantaged’, and all.

    This is blatant segregation and separation, but it is a basic psychological tenant that people like to be the center of attention, so, spun as an implied ‘privilege’ that White people don’t have.

    “Oh, we have a public facility segregated just for us!”

    Yeah. You’re just a tool for someone else’s power,

  • Keep in mind that underneath the skin, we are all the same color.


    With a crunchy center. Ask any large carnivore.

  • Alton


    Cheers ???

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