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Today’s blacklisted American: Entire family kicked out of Catholic school because their 13-year-old son supported patriotism to America

Jimmy Heyward, blacklisted for touting American patriotism
Jimmy Heyward, blacklisted for extolling
American patriotism

They’re coming for you next: When 13-year-old Jimmy Heyward decided to run for the position of “commissioner of spirit and patriotism” at St. Bonaventure Catholic middle school in Huntington Beach, California, he wrote a campaign speech that not only extolled the idea of patriotism, but wittily mimicked Donald Trump’s own campaign slogans. His conclusion:

So accordingly, I Jimmy Heyward, am running for Commissioner of Patriotism and School Spirit. I want to clarify that my ideas are not promises, but I can promise to make pep rallies great again! … I will make the school spirit great again! I will make patriotism within SBS great again! And most importantly I will MAKE SBS GREAT AGAIN!

The school principal, Mary Flock, didn’t like that. How dare he!

School principal Mary Flock allegedly reviewed Heyward’s election speech and said its content needed to be edited. After making edits, Heyward was allegedly informed he wouldn’t be allowed to speak because he had not removed “the stuff about patriotism.” [emphasis mine]

Heyward refused to do it. The position he was running for was for commissioner of patriotism. How could any reference to this very idea be verboten?

Flock responded by refusing to allow him to give the speech. Instead, Jimmy had to sit on the stage during the campaign assembly, watching as all the other candidates gave their speeches. “That was humiliating,” he noted in this television interview. During the event his father walked up to Flock and vice principal Caleb McFarren to complain, noting “how out of line they were for not allowing Jimmy to speak to his classmates just because his views didn’t align with theirs.” Their response was to call the police on him, according to his mother, Mary Ruggles.

They told my husband to leave or they would call someone to make him leave. He said he wouldn’t as he was there to support his son and then walked to the opposite side of the gate, away from everyone else and all students/faculty. The principal then proceeded to call HBPD [Huntington Beach Police Department] to further humiliate Jimmy. HBPD showed up, spoke with my husband and got the whole story about Jimmy’s speech and what had happened. They then told him he was free to stay and watch with the rest of the families in attendance. When the officers were leaving they asked Ed [the father] to let Jimmy know that they said “Thank you” for the things he wrote in his speech.

The boy’s mother was so outraged by Flock’s behavior that she started a petition to have her removed as principal of the school, quickly garnering almost 7,000 signers.

The school did not take kindly to any of this public dissent, and subsequently sent the family a letter, expelling not only Jimmy from the school but also his two younger sisters. According to the mother, she started her campaign because Flock and the school were so unwilling to talk to the family face-to-face about the situation.

The irony of this is that several weeks before it sent out this explusion letter to the family, the school also decided it agreed with the petition, announcing that Flock would also not be returning the next school year.

The tragedy of this whole story is how badly Flock and the school behaved. There was no reason to treat this kid in this manner, simply because he wanted to proudly wave the American flag. And to try to censor him because his speech made reference to a Trump slogan was so petty as to be pitiful.

But then, petty dictators are now everywhere in our culture, demanding utter obedience or they will attempt to squash you like a bug.

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  • James Street

    Most of Christendom is asleep to the war we’re in, and a large percentage of churches are on the wrong side.

  • Edward

    Isn’t this what the Democrat governments in the U.S. are doing to Trump himself, as well as what the Democrat Department of Injustice is doing to the Republicans in Congress? These Democrat governments are convicting Trump of bogus charges, and the Democrats at the Injustice Department refuse to charge a Democrat operative with contempt of Congress, even after they did so to a Republican operative.

    I think we may have misinterpreted Eric Holder’s statement that he wouldn’t prosecute any of his own kind. We thought he meant blacks, but he really meant Democrats.

  • Patrick Underwood

    It would be interesting to go through your blacklist articles and determine how many of these petty dictators are female. There might be a pattern here…

  • Milt

    Pattick — Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Yes, there IS a pattern to these petty, NPR-listening cat lady dictators, as Jim Kunstler outlines in his most recent column, Sick of and Done With (June 14) at

    As Mr. Kunstler observes, the leaders of this cult seem to have just enough insight to understand that their thinking has become so far removed from conventional reality that according to Rachel (Mad Cow) Maddow, nothing short of an intervention is likely to snap them out of their woke delusional structure, and she believes that “the return of Trump would lead to her (and millions of her fans) getting jammed into ‘concentration camps.’”

    Well, probably not, but it does raise the issue of how these people will function — or not — should there be a second Trump Administration. Likewise, it reminds us of the old saying that those most in need of therapy are the least likely to seek it out. One way or the other, we are going to be living with these deeply unhappy people for the foreseeable future, and let us hope that we can all adjust.

  • John

    I’m a reformed Catholic myself, I’ll probably never set foot in a Catholic church again. It’s a shame, it seems Popey knows a brand of politics but does he does he know about this guy called Christ? The fool is NOT infallible, he’s a man just like any of us. Like everything else there are still good people and priests out there, fighting the good fight until the end.

    Leftists are petulant petty tyrants wherever they have any power. Church and schools especially included for evil people.

    The bee gets it. Warning, this site tries to be satire, but can’t tell anymore.

  • John:

    This may help to give context between the paradoxes that you have experienced within your religion.

    “Any formalized construct of man (and woman) and any power derived thereof, which employs an authority and hierarchy, which at its core essentially operates in some respects like a corporation, or a business, or a political party, because it is a creation of man (or woman) all have the potential to be abused. This is true of all such things that are a creation of man (or woman).”

  • Richard M

    I am a Catholic, and spent a fair bit of my adult life working for the Church in certain capacities, and I confess I know nothing about St Bonaventure Middle School. But while their website looks more *Catholic* than the norm for Catholic schools in California, everything about this story suggests that it is run by people whose faith is in the spirit of the age, rather than the Holy Spirit.

    Unfortunately, that is an all too common story in Catholic education over the past six decades.

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