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Today’s blacklisted American: Father gets fired immediately after speaking at school board against queer agenda

Afraid and cowed by the queer movement
Afraid and cowed by the queer movement

They’re coming for you next: Immediately after Jason Brunt, a father of three boys in the public schools, gave a three minute speech at his local Sarasota School Board meeting, pleading for the school to provide his “straight” kids a safe space instead of harassing them for their preferred sexuality, queer activists began harassing his family and calling his employer with slanderous accusations, resulting in his immediate firing.

Mr. Brunt said that the attention he received turned into a living nightmare after radical progressive activists started harassing him and threatening his family, including homosexual acts toward his children. They even called his workplace with false accusations, which resulted in his immediate termination.

“However, the attention soon turned into a nightmare. Radical progressive activists began attacking me personally, sending me hate mail and threats. The situation only escalated when I began receiving phone calls at my job, making false allegations and defaming me to an obscene level. To my utter dismay, my employer decided to fire me effective immediately, citing the video as a reason for making people feel unsafe at work. It was devastating to lose a job I had worked so hard to obtain and succeed in,” Mr. Brunt said.

“As an HR professional, I am understanding and supportive of all people to express themselves as they see fit. However, it seems that today, if you disagree with the progressive ideology, you will be canceled and criminalized. It is not right that merely asking for equality and safe spaces for children like mine, I faced an all-out assault on my personal life,” he added.

So, what did this father say that was so egregious? Here is his speech:

At no time does he call for the suppression of anyone advocating the queer agenda. All he asks is equal treatment for all kids. To quote him, “I’m asking for equal, for every child to feel that they are safe. … I want my children to grow up thinking that everyone is equal, that everyone is respected.”

For this, the goons and thugs of the queer agenda quickly moved to harass him, his family, and his employer, the last causing his firing. Note too that this harassment to his children had begun before he gave his speech at the school board meeting, and was in fact what prompted his appearance there.

Mr. Brunt shared that his son was bullied by a group of students who all identified as LGBTQ+ and their allies. They bullied him for not wearing rainbow colors in an effort to support a trend that was popular on TikTok, that they were trying to pull a gay Pride stunt in the school.

Mr. Brunt asked his son to report this to his teachers and counselors, but his son said, “Dad, I can’t. They’re all against me. The teachers and counselors have rainbow stickers anywhere. No matter what I do, I’m going to be in trouble because they’re gay and I’m straight and they could do whatever they want, and I will always be wrong.”

Do you doubt this story? I don’t, based on what we have seen coming out of the academic and education community in the past three years. Their goal is no longer to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but to indoctrinate innocent children to the queer agenda, to make them queer against the wishes of their parents, if possible.

Meanwhile, the Sarasota School Board supposedly has a 4-1 conservative majority as of the August 2022 elections. That board however just last month decided against hiring an educational consultant with ties to conservative Hillsdale College, bowing to a leftist campaign against the deal.

It appears they are as intimidated by the thugs of the leftist queer movement as was Brunt’s employer, United Air Temp. Even with a governor and state legislature entirely on their side, they backed down.

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  • Steve White

    It’s not enough to have a conservative majority on a school board. The conservative members of the board need to have a spine.

  • Edward

    Let me see if I understand what happened here. Mr. Brunt complained that the LGBTQ+/ community makes people feel unsafe, so they prove him wrong by making his workplace unsafe for him. Have I missed anything?

    This is yet another case in which these people divide the communities that they live in. That is why I add the division sign to the end of their moniker. Shouldn’t they be trying to unite, not divide their communities, or is that not their political goal?

  • pzatchok

    Our modern left are SOOO close to a certain German political party from the 1930’s.

    Their actions are exactly like those back then.

    My real question is when will they attempt to forcibly take total power of the USA?
    They are already getting us ready for “re-education” camps.

    Just like back then, those who do not notice it are in many ways doing their work for them and do not even know exactly how evil the ultimate conclusion really is. They like what is happening and think its for the best but in the mean time they are side stepping the very core laws that bring them equality and opportunity.

  • Cotour

    IMO it is really more Cloward / Piven strategy as opposed to full blown Nazi in order to crash the country and install / force universal Socialism and “equality” for all. In the end they will turn into Nazi’s for sure, but for now its more C / P strategy to get to where they need to get.

    “What is the Cloward–Piven strategy?

    The Cloward–Piven strategy was developed in 1966 by Americans Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven – both sociologists and political activists. The Cloward–Piven strategy focused on overloading the United States public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis, which would ultimately lead to replacing the welfare system with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”.

    An ancillary consequence of the strategy includes shoring up of the Democratic Party, which at the time was splintered by pluralistic interests. Another side effect would be relieving local and state governments of public welfare burdens, since the burden would be shifted to the federal government – in other words, in a manifestation of socialism. Taxpayers, of course, would cover the cost in either case. Cloward and Piven focused primarily on redistribution of income, stating that full enrollment in welfare programs.”

  • Paul Bahlin

    Read “While Time Remains” by Yionmi Park. She knows precisely where we are headed. An escapee from North Korea, one of only 209 in the last 80 years, Her tale is unimaginable and she is now in the U.S., recognizing all the familiar signs in our woke culture of what she escaped from. She fears if America goes down, the world sinks into the same hell she left behind.

    It is the most compelling thing you will ever experience. Buy it just to give her money, even if you don’t read it. It is that good.

  • Ralph Gizzip

    So the Gaystapo and Kweer Klux Klan strike again.

    United Air Temp, huh. Spread their name far and wide. Treat them like Bud Light (the Queen of Beers) or Woka Cola. INOW, blacklist the blacklisters.

  • Jimbo Madison

    When the dam breaks there will be such a backlash that the zombie bureaucrats and borderline teachers and politicians will deny ever having supported this madness. And the cracks are already dripping.

  • Micha Elyi

    I’m waiting for news of Floridians organizing a very public mass protest march against United Air Temp and the Sarasota, Florida school board.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, folks. Nap time is over. Man up and push back.

  • wayne

    Pink Floyd –
    “One Of These Days” (1971)
    (Animation from “Dinner For Few”)

    “”One of these days, I’m going to cut you into little pieces.”

  • David Keener

    Who was the employer that fired him? Didn’t see it in the article.

  • GWB

    They even called his workplace with false accusations, which resulted in his immediate termination.
    Immediately, sue the company if they don’t have specifics on who called and what the accusation was.
    Then you immediately sue John Does for defamation and tortuous interference. And you use discovery to find the Does and name them. Hire the sleaziest ambulance chasing firm who is willing to shiv (in a metaphorical sense) anyone they need to in order to find those people.

    But you start with the company.

  • GWB

    Their goal is no longer to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but to indoctrinate innocent children to the queer agenda, to make them queer
    Remember that this is their RELIGION. They are proselytizing. They are coercing this child (and so many others) into their religion – or at least sympathy with it. USE THAT.

    Oh, and reading further after I put up my last comment, it appears the company outright defamed him by saying “You’re creating a hostile work environment” for something he did outside of the work environment. That right there is defamation. Aim to own the company when you sue. Nothing less.

  • Andi

    Minor edit in second paragraph after video: “ and his employer”

  • GWB

    Steve White
    May 15, 2023 at 2:02 pm

    It’s not enough to have a conservative majority on a school board. The conservative members of the board need to have a spine.

    More than that, they need to be Christian or Christian-like to fight this stuff. Merely being “I don’t want them perverting my kids” is NOT the same as what used to be called “conservative”. I bet lots of these “conservatives” are still Progressives – they just happen to be not-as-progressive-as-the-mauve-haired-mavens.

  • Guest

    These people are Godless radicals, Robespierrests enforcing their own Reign of Terror. It won’s stop until they meet the same fate that Robespierre and his fellow travelers met in 1794.

  • David Keener: Reread the last paragraph.

  • Andi: Thank you as always. Fixed.

  • GWB, as an evangelical Christian I don’t want to see theocratic governance from any corner, including my own. It’s too easy for even the well-meaning to substitute the whims of the god-in-the-mirror for the will of God.

    Opposition to the Church of Woke must be based in respect for individual liberty – including the liberty to even persuasively dissent without mob action like this being directed against the individual, respect for the primacy of parental authority, and respect for the innocence of children.

    This opposition, on this basis, must be vigorous – and we have focused too much on “blessed are the meek” and forgotten that there are times that call for boldness. in confronting those who would jam the morality of their god-in-the-mirror down our throats.

  • MSG Grumpy

    The FEAR stops when We the People stand UP to them…

    Here is one way to have give the spineless cowardly HR boss a clue:

    I sent them a message what I thought of a company that would sacrifice their own employee on the Alter of Political Correctness even when the employee did NOTHING wrong…
    I also suggested that if they are happy with being a Woke biz, that they crack open a cold Bud Light and consider what their future as a company that supports the Trans Mafia will look like.

    Just one message, no threats or violence (unlike the Trans Mafia), just simple reality and suggesting treating your employees and customers with respect. Just one comment,
    If they were to get a few million comments and suddenly the community wakes up to what kind of company this is?
    Just another Bud Light moment…

    MSG Grumpy

  • MSG Grumpy

    One other thing,
    Politics in this country used to be how we came together and Peacefully agreed to disagree,
    Not so Peaceful anymore when honest disagreement and Peacefully stating your opinion in an approved public forum can get you Violently Attacked and socially ostracized AND Fired from your job.
    I Love Peaceful Debate, but that isn’t what we are talking about here,

    If simply standing up for the rights and wellbeing of my children will burn bridges,
    Than I have matches and we ride at Dawn

  • markedup2

    I was sympathetic until “As an HR professional”. HR departments are the driving force of this sort of idiocy in corporate America.

    So, a) I’m not surprised they would crucify their own for going off the reservation (a phrase that perfectly captures this) and b) I have almost no sympathy as he worked in the belly of the beast. It’s like a white DIE “professional” being fired. What on Earth did you think would happen?!?!

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