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Today’s blacklisted American: Fox blacklists news reporter for not getting jab

Fox News: eager to blacklist

They’re coming for you next: Her story is not unique in this age of blacklisting and oppression, but it does reveal how bad really things are because the source of the blacklisting happens to be a news outlet that many naively consider against such things. Breanna Morello had moved from Florida to take a new job with Fox News, with the expectation that it would not only get her on-air reporting time but might lead to becoming “a producer for Tucker Carlson.”

After packing up my beautiful Florida apartment in late December, I was relocating back to New York City for work. My remote role as a Fox Business booking producer was going to become an in-person position starting on January 3, 2022.

The day I moved into my new apartment, I was completely caught off guard by an email that was forwarded to me by my Executive Producer. In the email, I was informed that I had to receive my first dose of the experimental Covid vaccine within a matter of days. The email threatened to put me on unpaid leave if I did not meet the deadline. The email citied the illegal NYC private sector mandate for their reasoning. This email was never directly sent to me by Human Resources. The email also offered $500 to every vaccinated employee who turned in their vaccination details by a certain deadline. I only received the email once my [executive producer] forwarded a copy to me—the day I moved back to NYC/NJ.

Why would Fox Corp’s Human Resources department withhold this information after hounding me for my vaccination status? The only logical explanation I was able to formulate is they intentionally withheld this information from me thinking I would comply after I relocated. These are my beliefs.

I was now forced to face the reality that if I did not get the experimental vaccine, I would be placed on unpaid leave. My stomach turned. I had just spent thousands of dollars on relocating. I broke my Florida lease, paid for movers, rented cars, paid for hotels, paid nearly $4,000 for my new apartment, and more.

In the end, Morello refused to comply, and lost the job. Her reasons were simple but obvious: 1) The COVID shots have been shown to be a questionable proposition not worth the risk; 2) She considered it inappropriate to allow a unqualified corporation to dictate her medical treatment; 3) It made no sense based on Fox’s actual news reporting, which had repeatedly demonstrated with facts that getting the jab was irrelevant and Morello was not a health threat to others if she didn’t get it. As she said in her resignation letter:

Based on our own reporting, we all know I’m not a threat to anyone’s health in the office. We should believe in the work we produce. We shouldn’t be spewing stories we don’t actually believe in.

None of these facts made any difference. The mindless juggernaut of compliance demanded everyone get jabbed, and nothing was going to prick that bubble of brain-dead certainty.

What does this tell us about the reporting at Fox News? It tells me that it is only a matter of time before that corporation begins bowing to the left, in all things. It might not have done so yet, but that submission is only a matter of time. Conservative Fox reporters like Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters should take note. Their own blacklisting is coming.

Morello has attempted to move on, though clearly her financial and career situation is nowhere near as good. She is now working for independent journalist Emerald Robinson, who herself had been blacklisted by her employer Newsmax as well as Twitter for — as a reporter — daring to question the accepted wisdoms of the COVID police. She has also started her own independent newsletter.

Neither puts Morello in the spotlight as a job on air at Fox would have. Yet, as she says proudly, she refused to “bend the knee.” She also adds:

The only thing that will save our country is people who are not on editorial calls every morning and being told how to spin the news cycle. If we want to save this nation, we have to rely on independent journalists.

To this I say “Hear! Hear!” In all levels of society, not just journalism, people have to start acting independently and with courage, refusing to obey the dictates of bosses and petty tyrants. Only then can we wrest power away from these thugs, so that we all can live free again, as intended by America’s founding documents.


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  • GaryMike


    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    I am on strike. I will not watch, I will not buy from their advertisers.

    Consider this my fragin’ their stupid butts.

  • David

    After two years of COVID saturated coverage, it never occurred to her to check first before making the decision to uproot? That’s her employer’s fault?

  • James Street

    HR departments are one of the main ways godless commies have infested and destroyed corporate America, the government, academia, etc.

    In this 4 minute video Steve Bannon breaks the news that yesterday 35 “MAGA leaders” had their homes, businesses and attorneys’ offices raided by the jack booted FBI thugs.

    The swamp is in a panic and on the run.

    What a privilege to be alive at this moment in history.

  • David

    James Street –

    35 Raids? Really? Not 35 people served subpoenas? Is the FBI really sporting jack boots these days? Surely someone had a phone and recorded the FBI conducting these “raids,” boots and all.


    Steve Bannon may be a bit disheveled though as he prepares to stand trial for his alleged crimes involving the We Build the Wall, Inc. organization and its charming use of good people’s money. Maybe he just needed to vent…

  • Alton


    Reports that over 135 Republican Congress Critters had their phone Records taken by Warrent to the DC Area Telecoms (call records are the Telecoms property via USSC ruling).
    Jan 6th Committee.

    Other reports say that the actual phones of lawyers formerly under employment or contract to Trump45 back Decades, have been seized even on the Street across the Country (Number,?? 10 – 40+) Good olde FBI-STASi in Action.

    Far cry from when Hillary used the FOUNDATION to pay her lawyers and Whitehouse Staff yearly fees thus they could not testify against her…… Attorney – Client privilege has died a wicked ☠️ Death 💀

  • David asked: “. . . it never occurred to her to check first before making the decision to uproot?”

    Why would it? I wouldn’t ask my boss if a transfer required the Mark of The Beast. I would expect the whys and wherefores of a transfer to be outlined before I made the the move; or that has been my experience.

    Now, there is some gamesmanship, here. I purposely wouldn’t ask because I would not want to encourage that particular culture. It might occur to me to ask about vaccination status, but I would purposely avoid doing so. On the other hand, if the COVID jab is a job requirement, I would reasonably expect my employer to reveal that. Ms Morello likely has correctly sussed the mindset.

    “We should believe in the work we produce. We shouldn’t be spewing stories we don’t actually believe in.”

    As the kids say, a sick burn.

  • David

    Blair Ivey:

    I think I understand your viewpoint a little (excluding the Mark of the Beast). Consider though that she was already doing work as a remote producer for Fox Business and her move occurred almost two years into the COVID pandemic.

    There had been a blizzard of stories during the preceding year following the introduction of the vaccines about people who worked in NYC and the local/state requirements, including a number of stories specifically concerning Fox News employees. I’m sure you remember certain on-air hosts hosts who used their programs to rail against the vaccine while quietly taking the shot(s). So, to my way of thinking, it was hardly a deep dark secret what awaited her upon taking up residence there. For her to be totally unaware seems like a stretch given what she was already doing for a living.

    I can’t help wonder if this is a pursuit of a payday. Bottom line though, if Fox H.R. truly never made any mention of the requirements concerning “the jab at any point during the hiring process, she will probably collect some measure of money.

    As a side note, I would’ve thought Fox News covered relocation expenses. I have no idea what the company’s policy actually is, but given the division’s profitability, it is very tight-fisted to not.

  • David


    I’m not familiar with your info on actions involving the 135 individuals’ phone records. I will look into that though.

    Thank you for the heads up.

  • Cotour

    Coming soon to America?

    “On Thursday voted to postpone the next general election until late April 2024, roughly seven months behind schedule. Opposition leaders blasted the move as an unconstitutional power grab”

    Solomon Islands: “Sogavare submitted the bill to postpone the elections in a rushed procedure that bypassed the usual period for commentary and debate. His supporters hold an overwhelming majority of seats in the legislature, so the bill passed on a vote of 37-9 with three abstentions. The current Parliament will now remain in power until the last day of December 2023.”

    The Democrat political party machine MUST do something to stop out the Republican decimation that will without question happen on November 8th, 2022. Search warrants, raids and indictments are but a few of the tools that the Democrats have at their disposal in order to stop out or at least lessen the coming impact to their un and anti-American agenda.

    Stay tuned to see exactly how far they are willing to go. Marshall law? Postponement? Wait and see.

    Political warfare is warfare all the same.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “I’m sure you remember certain on-air hosts hosts who used their programs to rail against the vaccine while quietly taking the shot(s). So, to my way of thinking, it was hardly a deep dark secret what awaited her upon taking up residence there.

    So, in your way of thinking, the personal decisions of employees translates into corporate policy? That is a strange way of thinking.

    I can’t help wonder if this is a pursuit of a payday.

    A strange way of thinking, indeed, but it explains many of your comments on this site.

    Since Fox was reporting on the dangers of the jab, why would anyone assume that the jab would be required for the employees? Is it reasonable to assume that the company would require the employees to literally risk life and limb for the privilege of working there?

    Consider though that she was already doing work as a remote producer for Fox Business and her move occurred almost two years into the COVID pandemic.

    Taking that into consideration, we have to wonder why Fox had never told her of the jab mandate. Clearly, it did not exist until she arrived at her new job.

  • Concerned

    Cotour: The Marxist Democrats political warfare can also be described as psychological warfare. The extent to which they’re attempting to gaslight the public with their various schemes has precedent, but they’re taking it to a whole new level. Between the COVID and climate hoaxes and all the various investigations based on lies, all covered by their Ministry of Propaganda (formerly known as the mainstream media), they continue to try to keep the population confused and in fear. We must keep our heads held high and our eyes wide open and refuse to fall for their subtle, but increasingly open, tricks in their desperate attempt to retain power.

  • Cotour


    Political warfare is warfare none the less, and as we all recognize, there are no rules in warfare.

    The Constitution attempts to construct the rules that the warfare is to be fought within, with the full understanding that those parameters will be pushed and stretched to their max by both political parties.

    What we are witness to right now is the attempt by the Democrat party machine is to break those parameters and destroy them. The Democrat party machine desperately needs because of their authoritarian nature for this to be so.

    And what they and their media mouth pieces are attempting to do today running up to the elections is to try to keep or lessen how much power they in fact lose.

    Up to and including murder IMO.

    Every potential exists now, expect anything.

    (The Democrat party machine and those insiders who inhabit their inner sanctum are essentially Communists and do not for one second believe that you, me or anyone else in America should have any consequential say (A vote) about what goes on in our government and the world, I mean THEIR WORLD)

    From S.O.M : CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

  • David wrote, “As a side note, I would’ve thought Fox News covered relocation expenses. I have no idea what the company’s policy actually is, but given the division’s profitability, it is very tight-fisted to not.”

    This comment suggests strongly that you chose to comment without even bothering to read the full essay at the link. In it she notes how Fox covered some of her expenses (not all), and demanded she return that money when she resigned. She refused, and HR backed off (proving to my mind that it knew it had done wrong).

  • David

    Mr. Zimmerman, you’re correct. I didn’t click the link. My choice. My mistake. I apologize for my error on that particular comment.

  • Lee S

    “Yet if you continue to promote or enable this lie, you are undermining our democracy. The crisis you have helped create is worsening. You bear part of the responsibility for what comes next.

    When the history of this trying time is written, future generations of Americans will judge your actions and your silences harshly.

    They will recall your cowardice and your self-justifications. They will remember your lust for power and your moral blindness. They will recollect your unwitting ignorance or your witting failure to come to democracy’s defense in this perilous time.

    Generations to come will sit in judgment about what you have wrought. And if the democratic experiment called America continues to unravel because of what you did or failed to do, you will live in infamy.”

    If you did not know which direction the Guardian leans in, non of us would know which direction this quote was leaning.
    The pendulum of which I have spoken about for years has finally come to a full stop.
    It will swing back again…. I hate the “loony left”, and they cast a stain upon me and mine… I don’t want transgender bathrooms, or athletes, I do want powerful unions and workers rights… And I hope we catch that pendulum while I guess you would call “moderate” left…

    Otherwise we are doomed to live the above, but it spoken at a right wing rally… And that will do non of us any good.

  • ” I hate the “loony left”, and they cast a stain upon me and mine…”

    Sure would be nice if the Moderate Left spoke up against the ‘Loony Left’ a bit more, and more publicly. I understand the desire to stand with your mates, but ya’ll are committing suicide, and collateral homicide on the rest of society.

  • George

    I guess you forget who Paul Ryan is/was.

  • BonHagar

    That’s some 1st class BS by FNC and their HR dept. It smacks of deception. I am disappointed but not surprised. Incidentally, NewsMax CEO Christopher Ruddy has donated million$ to The Clinton Foundation so that should weigh in any judgements you may have for watching/reading NewsMax. Admittedly, I have been a fan of Emerald Robinson since she was at One America News.

  • Seawriter

    I work for a NASA contractor. They insisted I get vaccinated. I insisted they pound sand. Didn’t ask for a religious exemption (which I could have gotten – my brother did). Just told them my vaccination status was none of their damn business. I also told them the request was superstitious nonsense, and not science-based. They told me they would fire me if I did not comply. I told them I had no problem with that. I did not want to work with a “science” organization that didn’t follow the science.

    At that point they backed down. More accurately they stopped asking and had me work from home and not on site. (But no one was on site anyway.)

    I think the difference is there are a lot fewer people that can do the engineering work I can do than the media booking work this person could do. And they had begged me to take the job I was at a few months earlier. Another difference was I knew I could get another job that paid more (but was not as fun) if I did quit. They knew I wasn’t bluffing and was willing to get fired over a matter of prinicple.

  • bflat879

    You would think that, if this were a condition of employment it would have been clear to everyone. The fact she did all she did to take the job, only to be informed afterwards, should be adequate reason for Fox to be required to pay a severance package worth several thousands of dollars..

  • Cotour

    Why can Dr. Campbell not understand?

    Dr. Campbell: Lancet viral origins report:

    Because he has only his Pedestrian Realm perspective lens that he is able to see things through and there are “Other” agendas underway that he is not supposed to be able to see. Agendas no one in the Pedestrian Realm is supposed to be able see.

    From: Strategy Over Morality: “Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.”

    Are we beginning to see things in a bit of a different manner other than what we expect reality to be based on our exclusive Pedestrian Realm perspective lens? Look at our American politics and what the Constitution is forcing those Political Realm warriors to reveal as they battel in the political arena for the acquisition of and the retention of political power.

    By any means necessary means just that, by any means. Up to and including murder.

    In the end it’s a good thing, however, always remembering that there are no guarantees.

    There is nothing other than the will of an informed people and their ability to choose their government that ensures the continuation of the American experiment in governance and individual freedom. NOTHING.

    How do we expand our perspective and the lens we all see politics through? STRATEGY OVER MORALITY.

  • Cotour

    A little dose of reality:

    I have become aware of two young people who have not fared well recently.

    A 28-year-old young woman and a 34-year-old young man, both in good health.

    The young woman did not feel well, was diagnosed with Myocarditis, died in the hospital. The young woman who told me of her good friend and once future brides maids death said that the doctors told the family that Covid killed her.

    I told her that that does not sound accurate to me, but who am I? ( I used harsher words)

    The young man was not feeling well, went to the hospital, was found to have blood clots in his heart and his brain. Died in the hospital.

    He leaves a 14-year-old son behind.

    Most likely just one more Covid victim? I think not.

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