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Today’s blacklisted American: Georgetown Law School tried to destroy a student simply because he asked questions about its COVID jab and mask policies

Georgetown Law School's Dean Bill Treanor
Dean Bill Treanor: He uses 1984 as
his instruction manual

They’re coming for you next: When student William Spruance gave a speech challenging the COVID jab and mask policies at Georgetown Law School, which required for example masks on students but not on teachers, university officials attempted to not only cancel him from the college, they tried to destroy him entirely.

They not only suspended him from the campus (thus preventing him from attending classes), they demanded he undergo a psychiatric evaluation while also waiving his right to medical confidentiality. On top of this, they threatened to report him to state bar associations if he did not cooperate fully.

The story at the link, written by Spruance, has a lot more horrifying nuance. Rather rehash it completely, I strongly advise my readers to go there and read it all. This quote though justifies fully Spruance’s reasonable skepticism of Georgetown’s irrational Wuhan flu policies:

In August 2021, Georgetown Law returned to in-person learning after 17 months of virtual learning. The school announced a series of new policies for the school year: there was a vaccine requirement (later to be supplemented with booster mandates), students were required to wear masks on campus, and drinking water was banned in the classroom.

Dean Bill Treanor announced a new anonymous hotline called “Law Compliance” for community members to report dissidents who dared to quench their thirst or free their vaccinated nostrils.

Meanwhile, faculty members were exempt from the requirement, though the school never explained what factors caused their heightened powers of immunity. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted quote clearly demonstrates the eager willingness of Treanor to turn Georgetown into an Orwellian dictatorship. Note too that it was an accusation from that school-endorsed squeal line that got Spruance in trouble in the first place. Some unnamed accuser claimed Spruance had let his mask fall below his nose. Oh my!

When Spruance finally contacted the press about his story, and told Georgetown’s dean of students Mitch Bailin that the story was going public (it had already appeared on Fox News), his suspension was suddenly lifted and all was apparently forgiven. He managed to complete his degree at Georgetown, and is now a practicing attorney.

Of course nothing has really changed. The same people still run Georgetown, and its authoritarian culture is still in charge. This incidence simply demonstrated clearly that the people in charge at Georgetown do not believe in free speech, or open debate, or rational discussion. To them, all that matters is power, and if you dared defy them than they have the right to impose upon you Soviet-style oppression, including psychiatric treatment. Spruance’s actions merely showed that these bullies will back down if you challenge them. Unfortunately, few are challenging them, and so the bullying continues, aggressively and without mercy.

This blacklist column today is short because of I had to take care personal matters. Please read the full story at the link to get the full flavor of the story.

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  • BLSinSC

    Masks are NOT to PROTECT YOU – they ARE to CONTROL YOU! I wrote that on the FIRST mask I made – next to last one too since I only had TWO of them and only wore during the first phase of the insanity! I read an article that showed the SIZES of all the last dozen viruses and how they could ALL flow right through the masks so NO!!
    What these universities are doing is or SHOULD BE CRIMINAL! Are the “professors” some kind of special? NO – they are already CONTROLLED! This madness has to stop! SUE THE BAST4RDS!!

  • GWB

    Unfortunately, few are challenging them, and so the bullying continues, aggressively and without mercy.
    Well, that is sort of the essence of bullying. You make everyone afraid to stand up to you.

    I wonder if this guy rubbed his hands together gleefully when they announced these sanctions? “Bwahahaha! My first lab course!”

  • Cotour

    Related, because it is ALL related:


    If America is to survive and be allowed to reset in some substantive Constitutional manner, I think the term Martial Law brought on by political / deep state agency treason or something akin to it will have to be considered at some point in the future.

    (And this may be at this point a naive concept, but it has to be in the mix)

    Why? Because the trajectory the country is currently on provided by the unarguably un and anti-America as founded radical Left Democrat party and the weak self-interested Globalist RINO’s have dragged the country down. An extreme measure for sure but it may at some point in the future be unavoidable.

    When your own current (and former) government is actively inviting, protecting and flooding the entire country with illegals and a massive drug cartel criminal force without any fear about being stopped by law enforcement. We as Americans have a serious problem with those who are perpetrating this what can only be characterized as TREASON!

    Law enforcement says cartels are overwhelming Montana: 2:22 min.

    Ex-DEA Agent Warns Cartel Murders are ‘Coming to Cities All Over America 5 min.

    It is clear to me that America’s voting and election systems have been systematically usurped and corrupted and are now in the control of those in politics who lurk in the darkness of back alleys and inhabit corrupted political organizations who select candidates (D) and ensuring they win and become politically empowered. And if not stopped will only get much worse. (How much worse can it get?)

    “San Joaquin Sheriff Discloses Massive Voter Roll Anomalies in California County”


    Q: If you are a legal gun owner, are you automatically a member of your state’s militia?

    The question remains however: If some measure of martial law is declared wherever it may be declared which side is going to be purged from power? What about the Constitution and what it originally intends?

    I know this is an extreme call, but our country cannot continue in the manner in which it is going for much longer, and that is the extreme Left / Globalist strategy IMO.

    What do you think about my observation? Is this or something like it now unavoidable? Let’s be hopeful, remembering that hope is for little boys and little girls, that the people will at some point aggressively wrestle their freedoms back from these un and anti-American political players and abusers of their power.

    MARTIAL LAW: “When Martial Law is declared, the military commander of any given area is given unlimited authority to make and enforce laws. This typically occurs when civilian authority, such as the government or police force, can no longer function and is made completely absent.”

  • Cotour

    To my point:

    T. Cotton: “The Nation Must restore Order”

    One way or another.

  • Cotour


    Masks during Covid? Little to no difference:

    Dr. Moran reviews: “Should I Wear a Mask? What do 15 randomized studies say? Cochrane Review” 13 min.

    Want to reduce your probability of getting Covid? Masks? No discernable difference. Apparently, it is better to religiously wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Just like your mommy always told you.

    You want to wear a mask? Then feel free to wear one if you like. But please do not mandate that I wear one.

    Government? Once again government is just about symbolism, just one more cow pie example of excellence. Trust it not.

    Its rich and chocolaty! Enjoy.

    Are you paying attention yet America?–wisconsin-cow.jpg

  • Jeff Wright

    Here is the biggie

    Newswise — A new Australian study led by SAHMRI and Flinders University has uncovered fundamental differences in how the AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines impact the immune system.

    I saw this at on 2-22-2023 but they yanked it down

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