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Today’s blacklisted American: Georgetown University to hold segregated black-only events

Blacks only event
Segregation returns to Georgetown University

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” The Campus Ministry of Georgetown University has scheduled several upcoming events that are advertised as segregated and for blacks only, despite a claim on its website that such events “are accessible to students of all backgrounds.”

The announcement for one such event, which included the graphic to the right (with the relevant language circled in red), however proves that last claim is an outright lie:

The Cookout is an undergraduate retreat created for Black students by Black students to promote joy, inspire hope, and explore practices of self-love and care for Black students, drawing on the values and practices of Georgetown’s Ignatian heritage and other spiritual traditions. Sponsored by Campus Ministry, The Cookout acknowledges the marginalization Black students face in predominantly white institutions and aims to center Black experience, affirm the Blackness of all Black students, and facilitate a safe space for connection and reflection through bonding activities and talks by Black chaplains, faculty and staff. A cookout is a place for relaxation, laughter, and community—and we’re going to offer just that and more. So, to the Black students of Georgetown University: Welcome to The Cookout. [emphasis mine]

Of course, when questioned a university spokesperson said that while the event is meant for black students on campus, “all students are allowed to register.” It would really be interesting to see what would happen if some white students at Georgetown did exactly that, and then showed up. Would they be greeted with the university’s commitment to…

“a profound care and responsibility for one another, grounded in individualized attention to the needs of the other, attentive to their unique circumstances and concerns, and their particular gifts and limitations, to encourage each person’s flourishing”?

I doubt it. More likely any white student who showed up would be verbally and maybe even physically attacked. At a minimum he or she would likely be called a racist or an oppressor and even a white supremacist, simply for existing and not kow-towing to the bigoted segregation that Georgetown apparently is now promoting enthusiastically. We should also expect the bigoted culture of this community to immediately blacklist such students, banning them from classes or even expelling them from school.

This sad expectation of ill treatment — entirely reasonable considering the evidence of the past year — tells us many terrible things about academia and its own expectations for its black students. Apparently, Georgetown officials no longer believe blacks are capable of intermingling with other races or ethnicities. They must be sheltered in their own segregated spaces, so their imagined tender and weak mentalities can be protected.

Worse, this appears to be the attitude of too many black students as well, who in support of these events give the appearance of being frightened and insecure when they must work with whites. Blacks have not only been taught by the schools to distrust and hate all whites, these students have also been taught that they cannot compete with them, and need special advantages to level the playing field.

What a horrible tragedy, especially considering it comes a half century after the very successful civil rights movement had ended most of the racist barriers against minorities. Since the 1970s, if you worked hard and used your god-given talents properly, nothing in society could stop you, no matter what your race, religion, or creed. And the proof of this fact is Barack Obama himself, a black who became president of the United States in 2008.

That we now find our culture descending once again into racism and bigotry, prompted by the identity politics of the left, is so heart-breaking as to be immeasurable.

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  • So, you have to ask, why are American Blacks segregating themselves?

    Any organism will turn in on itself, and create a defensive shell, in a hostile environment. Is American society so hostile to Black folks?

    None of the Black people I’ve met from around the globe seem to think so. A lot of Black people from Kenya, Haiti, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Jamaica, and other places come here all the time, and a lot more would like to. Do they come here to be mistreated? Heck to the No! They come here because effort is rewarded in a success-focused society.

    But if people who desire power, and look like you, tell you that you can’t compete because of your skin, then you’re probably going to believe it, whatever evidence to the contrary. It’s a culture of victimhood, exacerbated by the natural human reaction to pull down those more successful (‘acting White’). A culture of failure is gong to be very badly exposed in a culture of success.

    Critical Race Theory, segregated events: these are admissions of failure. Have your cookouts and race-only meetings and race-exclusive societies: there are plenty of folks who look like you who can, in fact, compete and succeed in this, or any other, society.

  • Col Beausabre

    “Apparently, Georgetown officials no longer believe blacks are capable of intermingling with other races or ethnicities. They must be sheltered in their own segregated spaces, so their imagined tender and weak mentalities can be protected.

    Worse, this appears to be the attitude of too many black students as well, who in support of these events give the appearance of being frightened and insecure when they must work with whites. Blacks have not only been taught by the schools to distrust and hate all whites, these students have also been taught that they cannot compete with them, and need special advantages to level the playing field.”

    Just what I was thinking – that stuff like this is an incredible gift to white supremicists.

    The other thing, Bob, is having been brain washed into thinking they are inferior, they feel dependent on “leaders” to protect them

  • David Longfellow

    If the goal is to identify events to completely ignore and refuse support for anything remotely associated with them, I’d say mission accomplished.

  • Cotour

    Just yesterday, one of my “scalps” as I now call them (Scalp= Someone who’s lights have been turned on who was either apathetic towards politics or was a liberal / Democrat who could not see anything other than what they were told, indoctrinated with and lead to blindly believe). And I must say that my numbers are at this point climbing.

    He is a 70 year old or so who is a true man of the world. He is kind of a privateer who would always say that he did not care about any of what is going on in politics as long as he gets his. (More on him later, an interesting character) But I send him my emails anyway and he reads them. And amazingly they have had an effect, he is no long unconscious and “does not care” any more. He cares now! These moments always amaze me. You never know.

    He asked me generally what IMO all this is all about? And I simply explained to him that this is the basic theory behind the acts of the now dominant radical Leftists and the desperate Democrats who they have so easily commandeered.

    Our Constitution that establishes our country was written and founded primarily by white men who had a moral belief system based in the Western Judeo Christian ethic, some of them owned slaves and those slaves were black, and their were injustices. And based on this truth these radical Leftists / Marxists now dominant within the Democrat party and within our government and population have an existential need to raze it all and destroy as much of it as possible and recast it in their new and more informed, more “fair” and “equitable” model.

    Which if you believe in you are essentially a Communist which is exactly where these now insane with political power in this cycle that we must go through political operators will by necessity to control will drive us all.

    (And there are no other models for America, it is what it is. If you are willing to use the Constitution against itself and destroy it all is lost and we revert back to tribal division, chaos and corruption without any means to reveal and combat it. And that is fundamentally the function of the Constitution.)

    And that as they grow stronger and more influential within our government should scare the hell out of everyone on the planet.

    So Col. B and Zman you are both correct as you well know, there are people within our country who have had drilled into their heads that they are different and need special treatment and special rules and laws. And what do I present as evidence of this mental condition? The Will Smith / Chris Rock event at the Oscars.

    “MSNBC host Tiffany Cross says white people don’t understand the Will Smith slap (

    “An MSNBC host over the weekend said white Americans should “sit this out” as controversy persists around Will Smith slapping stand-up comic Chris Rock during the Academy Awards last week.”

    This attitude by some on the Left is extremely poisonous to America and the world and if not checked, if the light of truth can not be shown on it will produce a tribal like warfare fractionation situation within our society and the world. We will have devolved and not evolved.

    This attempt to justify two sets of rules for Americans, one white and one black is a cancer and must be cut out at every opportunity.

  • Cotour

    I found this Jim Jordan (R) Ohio speech before the Congress just the other day to be very illuminating speaking about having your lights turned on:

  • Cotour


    * Hillary and her campaign with the help of FBI spying set up Trump with the “Russia Collusion” scheme. TRUE!

    * Hunter Biden computer from hell that implicates him, his uncles and his father in a pay for play scheme with our enemies. TRUE!

    * The Steele “dossier” was a made up and paid for component of the Hillary Clinton campaign. TRUE!

    * Americas Southern border thrown open to millions of illegals by Joe Biden and the Democrats. TRUE!

    * The Democrats in support of radical BLM were behind a call to defund the police. TRUE!

    * George Soros paid to install Leftist radical no bail district attorneys in major cities throughout America. TRUE!

    * The Chinese were doing gain of function research and Covid escaped from that lab. LOOKS LIKE ITS ALSO TRUE!

    And this is the short list. What are you going to do about all this America?

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “Blacks have not only been taught by the schools to distrust and hate all whites, these students have also been taught that they cannot compete with them, and need special advantages to level the playing field.”

    Blair Ivey wrote: “Critical Race Theory, segregated events: these are admissions of failure.

    Maybe not failure. Maybe the “people who desire power” are playing Uncle Tom to the Democratic Party, and this kind of segregation and teaching (that they cannot compete) is what the Party wants, that this is a sign of success. The Party gives power to those who will corral the right people into the right place, and will help to deliver votes to the Party on Election Day. It could be that sometimes they give power to those who say that they cannot provide a definition for the word “woman.”

    The Democratic Party in the U.S. was founded for the express purpose of defending the institution of slavery. Ever since they failed at that they have been doing the next best thing to keep the same people down, so when they distrust and hate all whites, it is a success for the Democratic Party, because that is how the Party — that they grew up depending upon — has treated them.

    The Republican Party was formed for the express purpose of ending the institution of slavery. When they succeeded, they marched for civil rights. When they succeeded, LBJ set it up so that the black population of the U.S. (he used a different word) would vote Democratic for two hundred years. So far, his plan has worked, and has not been a failure but a success.

    Maybe someday soon his plan will fail, but not today at Georgetown University.

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