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Today’s blacklisted American: Google scholarship sets racist quotas favoring minorities

Google: dedicated to segregation!
Google: dedicated to the new segregation!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Tech giant Google has established a discriminatory fellowship program that major universities can participate in that specifically favors some races while barring others.

The Google Ph.D. Fellowship, which gives promising computer scientists nearly $100,000, allows each participating university—a group that includes most elite schools—to nominate four Ph.D. students annually. “If a university chooses to nominate more than two students,” Google says, “the third and fourth nominees must self-identify as a woman, Black / African descent, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx, Indigenous, and/or a person with a disability.”

So no one misunderstands Google’s very specific discriminatory intent, here is the exact quote from its FAQ about the fellowship program:

Universities in the United States and Canada may nominate up to four eligible students from Computer Science or related fields. If more than two are nominated, then in order to increase opportunities for students who are underrepresented in the field of computing, additional nominees must self-identify as a woman, Black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and/or person with a disability. In other words, if a university chooses to nominate more than 2 students, then the 3rd and 4th student nomination should self-identify with the underrepresented group mentioned above.

As noted by numerous lawyers quoted at the first link, this program is flagrantly illegal, violating numerous anti-discrimination laws, both federal and state. Since the program is being offered in partnership with many major universities, those universities are also in direct violation of those anti-discrimination laws, and if those laws were enforced properly, these schools should immediately lose all federal funding. The article at the link lists Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Johns Hopkins, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the University of California Berkeley, and New York University as participating universities.

All of these colleges also have their own internal anti-discriminatory policies, which this fellowship program also violates.

Because the federal government is run by Democrats who favor such racism, we can expect it to do nothing against these schools or Google. The schools will still get their federal funding, as if nothing is wrong. And Google will not be charged with discrimination, but will go on its merry way.

This leaves only one option for students denied these Google fellowships for racial reasons: They can sue. That option however will be a difficult one to prove. I guarantee that that the application language at all these schools and at Google will quickly be changed to allow all races to apply at all levels. Behind closed doors, however, the schools and Google will still disqualify whites and Asians and others who do not belong to the favored minorities. Since that decision will be hidden, it will be almost impossible to prove. Rejected students will therefore not have good standing for a lawsuit.

In the end such discrimination only ends when everyone agrees it is wrong. It was the goal of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s to persuade the public to this ideal, and that campaign largely succeeded for the next half century. The laws were somewhat unnecessary because the general public had been convinced that discriminating against anyone because of their race or ethnicity was immoral, and simply didn’t do it.

The result was a renaissance of success by many minorities. Several blacks, Whoopi Goldberg and Opah Winfrey, became the biggest earners in the entertainment field. Others made millions in sports. And this nation, more than 80% of which is white, elected its first black president.

That culture is now dead. In government, academia, and business nationwide it is now the goal to enthusiastically discriminate and segregate, based on race. The alphabet soup of favored minorities must get special privileges, to the detriment of whites, Europeans, and Asians.

Nor should we expect things to improve in the near future. The public schools at all levels, from kindergarten to college, is aggressively pushing this racist agenda. Little kids are being indoctrinated to it daily. It will take generations of hard work and many decades of injustice to eventually right this wrong.

We sadly are now condemned to fight the civil rights movement all over again.

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  • Concerned

    The solution is in the announcement: “….self-identify as a woman, Black / African descent, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx, Indigenous, and/or a person with a disability.”

    Many have already set the precedent for “self-identifying” as anything you want, including a U.S. Senator (the Honorable Elizabeth Warren)

    Problem solved.

  • David

    “A renaissance of success.” Wow! Folks who aren’t white will be relieved that following the civil rights era of the 1960’s, a 50 year period of wonder unfolded!

    Regarding the policies of Google and Pfizer you’ve highlighted, my initial reflex is to agree with you. Then I remember what I still see occurring far too often to this day, including the previous five decades. So I’m undecided right this minute on how best to proceed. I think the matter is far more complicated than you try to paint.

    In all seriousness, I am interested in exactly what concrete steps you want to see occur? You repeatedly demonize Democrats for many of the social ills you say you see. So, how would you pull the entire country together to forge a shiny new future?

  • David: Did you actually read the essay? I suspect not. I specifically addressed your question in the essay’s final paragraphs.

  • wayne

    September 15th, 1935:
    Nazi Germany introduces the ‘Nuremberg Laws’

  • Edward

    Are you kidding? When Obama was elected, the news media cheered, telling us that we would finally have a post-racial America. They thought we were ready to end all this racial identity crap and get on with life as it should be.

    But no. Obama did the exact opposite, dividing us by race, antagonizing some against the others, and undoing half a century of progress in race relations. All part of his plan for a fundamentally transformed America. In this case, he brought us back to the 1950s, where race relations was concerned, and the Democratic Party is still encouraging even further regressions, such as getting people to desire segregation.

    What steps? How about following the law and the supreme law of the land (the Constitution). They worked well for almost a quarter millennium, but now the Democratic Party is doing what many thought could never happen in the U.S., ignoring laws, creating social havoc (only the Woke think it is a good thing), economic chaos, destroying our national defenses, using the power of government to favor its own party and punish all who don’t toe the Democratic Party line, and reducing our life expectancy by four percent in the past three years (plus the reductions from 2014, when Obamacare fully kicked in, to 2019).

    Of course, David, you don’t see any of this, what with your myopic woke vision through your rose-colored Marxist glasses. Or are they Peril Sensitive Sunglasses?

  • David

    Mr. Zimmerman:

    Yes, of course, I read your essay. I was curious if you wished to expand beyond the general statements made. “Generations of hard work and many decades of injustice to eventually right these wrongs” means what specifically?

    If you truly view a large plurality of Americans in the terms you frequently ascribe, how can you get them to work with conservatives? I ask the same question to my liberal friends who share the same level of derision when they talk about conservatives.

    I wish you and everyone here a wonderful holiday weekend!

  • David

    Interesting what one finds when exploring the offerings of scholarships, fellowships, etc. available these days. Dozens of programs that target specific segments of the country’s demographics. Offers being extended by the spectrum of institutions (companies both private and public, various charities and associated similar operations, religious organizations, and on and on).

    Makes one wonder…

  • Mitch S.

    Jeff Wright,
    Very telling links. Science is becoming Stalinist/Lysenkoist – where science must serve political ends.
    Points to where the real battle lies. It’s in the minds of young people. We must connect with them, plant seeds in their minds that can lead them to see through the fog of MSM propaganda and realize that the goal of science is to determine facts, how to use those facts to better humanity is secondary. Because good intentions built on a foundation of distortions and lies are doomed to lead to failure and misery.

    The current young generation must come to understand that absolute power corrupts absolutely, something the founders of the US knew, and they designed the US political system to spread and dilute power. The founders also worked to maximize personal freedom while protecting the rights of others. Disagreement is built into the system, the key is tolerance for those with different views – otherwise religious freedom, a cornerstone of the US’s founding , could not exist.
    But as we can see by observing the left and their supporters “These Truths” and not always self evident, they must be taught by words and example.

  • Cotour

    David……..”Makes One Wonder”.

    (Loosely working backwards in time and drawing some conclusions and reasonable assumptions if I was working on my next book of fiction. Sometimes art parallels life. Or it the other way around?)

    1. American authoritarian government overtly and actively LIES to the America public about the nature of and the origin of Covid.

    2. And then the American authoritarian government proceeds to actively and overtly mislead and LIE to the American public and the world about multiple low cost and effective therapies in protecting people from the Covid virus. All apparently in the interests of government, big pharma and cementing in place their authoritarian Globalist involved mandates.

    Then government for contractual or “Other” reasons of control (?) forces MANY in America to have injected into their bodies what can only be described as an experimental mRNA drug therapy without any choice, OR LOSE YOUR JOB, ABILITY TO FFED YOUR FAMILY, PAY YOUR BILLS AND YOUR ABILITY TO EXIST IN *THEIR* WORLD. (A total and absolute moral outrage.)

    3. The current administration (D) is actively involved with the flooding of the country with illegals for existential political purposes and to aid in destroying America as formulated as fast as they possibly can. All in the name of “Equality” and “Climate Change” while promoting racism, hatred and an irrational push to electrify the entire country.

    4. The current administration (D) is actively destroying Americas economic system and has delivered to the Communist Chinese a fully functioning military airport installation in Afghanistan that threatened them and has armed with a massive amount of the most modern weapons for that same very same oppressive country. That and many other hat tips to the CCP, all while our president is clearly compromised through his dealing with the CCP and others through his son who has been his bag man for the last 40 years selling his political office to the highest bidder. Business as usual.

    5. Then we go back further in time and an *EVENT* happens and immediately there is put in place by government (D) and (R), what?

    The Patriot Act was enacted following the September 11 attacks and the 2001 anthrax attacks with the stated goal of tightening U.S. national security, particularly as it related to foreign terrorism. In general, the act included three main provisions: (Already written and in a draw waiting for implementation.)

    FISA Court: The Act created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to oversee requests for surveillance warrants by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It has been repeatedly amended since the September 11 attacks. (And we know that has never been abused).

    And more recently we see this in the news:

    Donald Trump, former president and possibly future president is a mega construction project expert and is surrounded by architects and engineers and understands. Was that comment a not so veiled threat to the deep inside powers that be? And is that one of the many reasons that the temperature has been turned up to incinerate on the former president?

    And it all Makes One Wonder just how far those in “The most exclusive power Club on the planet”, those in power in government will go to acquire and retain that power.

    And for those who are on the outside of the inside who suspect that things just are not how they have been reported and should be? The FBI knows all about them and how and who they are compromised by, ala J. Edgar Hoover. But no one on the outside of the inside will really go there, they fear truth to some degree because much of it is so totally unbelievable that no one will be able to accept it anyway.

    Make the lie so big and say it often enough and it will become the “truth” and no one would dare say otherwise fearing cancellation or worse.

    “Makes One Wonder”? David, do you think that at this level they play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules? Current objective evidence right before your own eyeballs clearly says otherwise.

    Strategy Over Morality: CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

    Beginning to see the big *fictional* picture yet?

    If nothing else this makes for a great foundation for my next book and the movie that will follow. It may however be a *B* to raise money to make it though.

    Think I can sell this book / movie treatment loosely based on reality to Hollywood?

  • Mitch S.

    When Obama was elected someone asked me “Why is he the first black president? His mother is white, so he is just as much a white president”. I responded that racial discrimination isn’t based on logic, we can’t determine if someone is “black” or “white”, dividing people by skin tone is illogical. But it makes a difference to racists, so to determine if Obama is black we have to ask if he boarded a bus in The South in 1955 would he be told to sit in the back of the bus?

    Once you create a program, no matter how well intentioned, that divides people by race, you have created a racist program with all the negatives that go along with it..
    “Concerned” pointed out that the Google program states “nominees must self identify”. But will Google (or Pfizer or universities etc) really accept a blonde/blue eyed white skinned person because they self identify as an African American? No, someone in some office must look at the applicants and determine what race they are. Skin color – but what shade makes the difference? Do they include nose and lip shape? Hair type?
    Need an expert – gotta hire a Mississippi bus driver from the 1950’s.

    The only sensible way is to stick with MLK’s dream and accept that racial discrimination is unacceptable period. (I’d say it can be factored into statistical based health studies – yes there may be genetic factors tied to physical attributes such as skin color but that must be strictly based on science).

  • David

    Cotour & Mitch S. –

    Read your writings above. Thank you both for intelligent and approachable positions & questions. Worthy of whatever scribblings I can offer in reply. I’m closing out a 36 hour stretch without sleep caring for a family member and have to leave for a trip in a few short hours.

    I will reply by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

    Cheers to you both and everyone here!

  • David

    Mitch S. –

    Your relating the story made me chuckle (in a good way). I’ve always told friends that one of the first questions I’d ask former President Obama is if he’s ever considered himself equally “black” and “white.” Yes, it’s a clunky question I admit, but one that I’m curious about to this day.

    Regarding programs such as Google’s, I understand your viewpoint to a certain degree. But, if America has truly developed into a country where all person’s merits and potential to succeed was being weighed equally, the terrible occurrences of people being denied a job because of ethnic bias would be very far and few between. Has progress continued? Yes, it has and I believe it will continue.

    That said, I have seen firsthand, with my own eyes, companies who never seem to hire anyone for executive positions who aren’t white. Over a period of years. It is a silent racism. In conversations out of the office, after hours and over drinks, the only defense offered has been there aren’t qualified applicants. It’s not always true. Everyone knows it, but that truth remains unspoken. And speaking out to challenge this can have consequences. Which is telling.

    Back to the point at hand, yes, MLK had a dream and a worthy point to aspire to. And, as I said to Mr. Z, my conservative instincts are to resist these type of programs. I don’t want quotas. Programs such as Googles’ aren’t the way I’d do it.

    But the way things are being done isn’t working for large chunks of America.

  • David

    Cotour –

    1. And 2. I’m clueless why Trump’ Executive Branch oversaw the actions you’re vexed about . Seriously, if for a movie plot, then by all means, spin that web. If we’re talking about reality, I’m still not a medical fountain of knowledge. I put my trust in the council of my doctors and a family member who is in the fields of medicine. As far as CDC, NIH, the developers of the vaccines, etc. are concerned, I don’t see what you see and think all things considered, there’s much to admire, some to ponder and the issue of the origin of COVID needs further investigation.

    3. The border is a mess. Agreed. Still waiting for someone to explain how building a wall will be a panacea. Show me a 20 foot high wall and I’ll show you a 21 foot ladder and rope.

    3a. I think the “replacement theory” is silly. In the history of the country, every wave of immigrants has brought measures of anxiety. I see immigrants as the source of what makes the U.S. the special place it is. We need to get control of the border and get those coming here paying taxes as they incorporate themselves into the American Dream.

    3b. Anthropogenic Change and its impacts to the global climate and biosphere is a real thing. What those impacts may be, how best to further our knowledge, and how best to deal is a matter for another time. Pity, as that is a subject I think I have a tiny measure of knowledge concerning. But, I only have so much time right this minute.

    4. & 5. Ugh! Since this is for your movie, these two items will make for a spellbinding four hour drama. Seriously, you’ve thrown your lot 100% in with Trump it seems to me. I think expecting a corrupt man to tackle the corruption is a bridge tooooo far.

    I was first exposed to the mega wealthy as a young adult. I’ve known since then that the 1% play by different rules. And that includes your man Trump. Latest example is the top secret files he illegally possessed that resulted in the search of his club in Florida. You and I would not be given 18 months to do the simple and correct thing and return ALL the documents. We would’ve been arrested long before and would now be at some point in our trials and preparing to go to federal prison.

    Don’t take my word, take Trump’s own A.G. William Barr. He said it best. The “raid” was unprecedented because Trump’s actions were unprecedented. Having classified documents stored at a country club! Such as top secret SAP materials!

    But fear not, your man will no doubt escape any meaningful repercussions. And since I think he’s still got a hammerlock on the Republican Party, 2025 may yet see him as President once more.

    Best of luck on your “movie.”

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