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Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist academic suspended by college for expressing her opinions

Today's modern witch hunt
Under modern leftist academic thought, soon everyone
will be witch who must be burnt.

Eating their own: Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) in California has suspended the vice president of its extended learning program, Joyce Coleman, because she made comments about the World War II Japanese internment camps that apparently offended some Asians.

Apparently Coleman, who only started her job at SBCC six months ago, made her comments during a March Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee meeting in connection with the formation of “a new campus affinity group on behalf of Asian-American Pacific Islanders.”

The complaint alleges Coleman, who is Black, reportedly greeted news of the new group’s formation with the words, “About time,” and then described having visited an internment camp for Japanese and Japanese American people during World War II and wondering why the prisoners there “did not just leave,” given how small the fence was. By contrast, Coleman allegedly noted, Black American slaves formed the Underground Railroad and actively resisted.

Some campus faculty and staff took offense to what they described as “victim blaming,” charging that she inflicted “great harm” by her words and actions.

My heart be still. Her words offended someone. What a tragedy! She obviously must be fired immediately and forbidden to work anywhere in America ever again. The suspension is certainly insufficient!

The irony here is that Coleman is herself a proud modern leftist who thinks all whites are bigots and must be punished. For example, during a presentation she gave at a college book club, she had the group watch…

two videos on YouTube from 1994. They are called “The Color of Fear: What it means to be an American,” and the other is called “The Color of Fear: Just be American.”

Both videos feature an Asian, Hispanic, black, and white person having discussions. The gist of the videos seemed to be to castigate the white man for being an oppressor, for asking “why can’t we all be brothers?” and saying things like he doesn’t see race or judge people by their skin color.

After the white person asked “why can’t we be brothers,” Coleman stopped the video and told us “this is a racist statement.” [emphasis mine]

In other words, according to Coleman, when a white person makes the sincere effort to treat all people equally that person is proving that they are racist. She later concluded the meeting by saying, ““There is no such thing as not being racist. Either you are anti-racist or racist.” In her eyes the only way a white can be “anti-racist” is to apparently favor blacks in all things and kowtow before them.

Well, apparently the bigoted leftist Asians in her university feel the same way, but instead require everyone, white and black, to favor them in all things. When she made her intemperate and somewhat ignorant remarks about the Japanese internment camps she did not kowtow properly to Asians. They complained, and got her suspended.

I fully expect her to be reinstated, because she really is a teammate in the modern academic effort to turn all Americans into hateful bigots who see everything from the perspective of race and victimhood.

Based on her behavior and philosophy, as expressed by her own words, she should be fired, but not because she said something offensive. That is her right as an American. She should be fired because she is ignorant, uneducated, bigoted, and the worst sort of person to be working at a college. But then, if this college agreed to this standard and fired her for incompetence and bigotry they probably would have to shut down operations entirely, as there likely is no one in their administration or faculty who is any more qualified than Coleman. Coleman appears to be a very typical academic these days, hateful of whites, focused entirely on race, and apparently poorly educated on the history of the United States.

This reality once again raises the obvious question: Why is anyone attending these cesspools of misinformation and hate? And why are they still getting taxpayer money to operate?

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  • Col Beausabre

    I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about the “terrible conditions” that existed in the internment camps, particularly the fact that internees were “forced to live in tar paper shacks”. I’ve got some news for you. Millions of Americans lived in those “tar paper shacks” during World War Two, my father among them. They were standard US Army Emergency Barracks (and adopted by the Navy and Marines as well). Dad lived in in one during his basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center. North of Chicago on Lake Michigan. In the Winter. He never complained, “hey, there’s a war on”. My uncle Lee spent his entire time before deploying to combat at an entire installation, Camp Toccoa, which housed the entire US Airborne Command – twenty thousand in individual training and in units training begore deployment. Interning US citizens because of their race (done by the ultra-liberal Roosevelt Administration at the behest of that Champion of Liberty, Arch-Liberal, Earl Warren, then governor of California), but don’t bitch about the quarters

  • Jeff Wright

    Her “either-or” stance is itself an example of “binary thinking” we were told was wrong. Long before Trump was called racist for wanting, Reagan’s weak border was said to be the same, in that he wanted a “model minority” of his own…although divide and conquer is what the left does best…still it would explain prop 8 in CA with many undocumented being social conservatives…thus Bush/Romney…and their lust for cheap labor. My point is that there can be no anti-racist stance on border integrity if both pro- and anti- border positions are called bigoted. There are boors who think the Earth round or flat. There is no one “white” position on anything for her to be against. The real lack of diversity are urban voting habits that just work so well in Chicago.

  • Ian C.

    Haha, at least you’re not speaking German. :)

  • BLSinSC

    A RACIST will see RACISM in EVERYTHING! They are SICK people! Best to just IGNORE them and if forced to respond just say “bless your heart”!!

  • Wondering for how much longer an American university education will be considered desirable. Maybe that time has already passed?

  • Max McByte


    They Employ Marxist Tactics To Gain Power Through Division.

    They are carving up the melting-pot that made America a great place to live into racial, ethnic and gender tribes using the victim / oppressor dichotomy tactic.

    They must have an axe to grind to gain power, so they create one and constantly grind it.

    They use words like “diversity”, “equality” and “fairness” to fool the useful idiots.

    They are backed up by the misledia that lies, misdirects, obfuscates and lies so much that people begin to believe the lie.

    Perception then becomes reality.

    Recognize who they are by understanding their tactics and destroy this cancer.

    Group identity
    • Advocating the goals of an identity group rather than individual.
    • The key political unit is not the individual citizen but the ascriptive group, racial, ethnic, or gender into which one is born.

    Victim / Oppressor Dichotomy
    (favorite, always divide using race, that is just one vector)
    • These ideologists and Demunists have incorporated the essentially Hegelian Marxist privileged vs marginalized dichotomy, with “people of color” and immigrant groups designated as victims.
    (if you are white, constitutionalist, Christian, etc you are the oppressor)

    Proportional Representation By Group
    • Demunist progressivism assumes that victim groups should be represented in all professions roughly proportionate to their percentage of the population. If not, there is a problem of under-representation.

    Change In Institutional Values
    • The distinct worldviews of ethnic, gender, and linguistic minorities must be represented within dominant social and political institutions.

    Change In The Assimilation Paradigm
    • The traditional paradigm based on the assimilation of immigrants into an existing American civic culture is obsolete and must be changed to a framework that promotes diversity, defined as group proportional-ism.

    Redefinition Of Democracy
    • Changing the system of majority rule among equal citizens to one of power sharing among ethnic groups composed of both citizens and non-citizens.
    • Deconstruction of western national narratives and national symbols in favor of post-modern multiculturalist views.

    Learn to recognize this and call out those that employ these Marxist tactics.

    Apply the duck test and substitute the duck with Marxism / globalism.

    if it talks like a Marxist,
    and advances the goals of a Marxist,
    and re-writes history like a Marxist
    then they must be a Marxist.

    Apply this test to;

    The Demunist party, the misledia, CEOs, pollsters, judges, educators, BLM, Antifa, fraud-casters, Google, Twitter, Soros, NGOs, UN, SPLC, CAIR and more…

  • Ed

    It’s wrong to fire her for expressing an opinion that others don’t like. Fire her instead for being an idiot. Slaves had a place to escape to and were being actively assisted getting there – Japanese internees didn’t.

  • Holly



  • wayne

    Max McByte:

    “Communism” (1950)
    aka “How to spot a Communist”
    Armed Forced Information Film #5
    (reel 1 of 3)

    {Reels 2 and 3 are available at:}

  • Ken McNamara

    Japanese Americans were not the only people put in interment camps. There were Germans and Italians too – probably others (I’m not an expert on this subject.)

    My impression is that many of these people felt it was their patriotic duty to suffer this indignity. Perhaps I am mistaken.

    It’s hard to view or understand the history of WWII thru the lens of the comfortable lives we have.

  • Jeff Wright

    The bunds


    I love it when the Left, inevitably as always, eats their own. Karma baby.

  • Alton

    Ken in WW2 up to 35,000 mostly Germans and Some Italians were jailed as a part of the War effort. During WW1 almost 20,000 German Americans were incarcerated for the duration. Thus the Largest minority group in the USA became one of the least visible (German ancestry). During the first Constitutional Congress a huge debate occured, the requirement to publish the Passed Constitution in two languages…English and German. It failed by just one vote.
    During and after the first World War the Wilson Administration prosecuted over 650 US Citizens who were in opposition to the President’s running of the war. They were prosecuted tried and imprisoned, many including the lawyers who defended, had their Citizenship revoked and were deported from the USA. It took well into the 1920s for the US Supreme Court to ‘unfreeze’ the cases, the rulings bowed to the Executive’s powers to run a war thus allowing the outcomes to stand.
    After Pearl Harbor, the feds arrested over 1,200 Americans born in Japan and the USA out if the nearly 30% of the Hawaiian people had ancestry or direct connections to Nippon. Only 12 were ever moved to the Mainland after all others were released, they stayed until after 1945., None were convicted but served in prison not the internment Camps. Why? The FBI knew who the Japanese spies were, The one who reported the number of ships, types, and dock berths was followed (from his landing date) for the six months before December 7th. But never arrested by the FBI.

  • Cotour

    “But never arrested by the FBI.”

    Sounds like the FBI needed him, but for what? We will never know.

    The FBI or any other government agency never does what is not in the long run in the interests of America and the American people as would be thought reasonable by the people, right? What would you call that, Alton?

  • buddhaha

    The proper response to “anti-racist” nonsense:
    Refusal to recognise black supremacy does not constitute white supremacy.

  • Alton

    Contour – the FBI knew who the primary and secondary Jap agents were in Hawaii and when they were due to arrive by ship, one was under a Japanese Embassy posting, thus a ‘legal’ spy. The second was undercover.
    One published reason for not arresting them or anyone who helped them while on their mission that were Americans, was the fact that the code breaking of top Jap codes both Military and Diplomatic had occured not just during the War but before, some sources say that the codes were at least partially broken from 1925 onwards. Arlington Hall (Army Signals Group) was the founding agency for the NSA, and it was founded after the British Navy Signals operation of the 1890$. (Now GCHQ).

  • Cotour



    ​Example C: The Squad: The Us Governments Secret Alliance With Organized Crime: Milan, Michael: 9780933503366: Books

    ” Forty years ago, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover recruited a band of professional killers for his private execution squad.

    He found them in organized crime families, the armed forces, and in other intelligence services. He called them the unknowns, and they did jobs so dirty even the CIA was afraid of them.

    Now, for the first time anywhere, Mike Milan, a member of the Squad, tells the true story of Hoover’s private war. Milan, who “made his bones” for the Lucchese Family on New Yorks Lower East Side, served in the OSS during World War II, executed ex-Nazis and Soviet KGB agents after the war, and conducted Hoover’s deep-cover counter-intelligence program inside the Ku Klux Klan.

    He wiped out a KGB spy ring in New Orleans, supplied gold for the US government’s secret war in Southeast Asia, and was part of a hit team that mopped up “embarrassing” witnesses to the JFK assassination in Dallas.

    For over forty years Mike Milan led a double life, walking the tightrope between the Department of Justice and organized crime families. The Squad is his true story. ”

    ​If true, and I have no reason to believe that these accounts are not true, where does J. Edgar Hoover get the authority to take these kinds of extra governmental, extra legal strategic actions as the government agency head of the FBI?

    SEE: Strategy Over Morality.”

  • 11B40


    My father was drafted into the US Army in February 1942 and was discharged in March 1046.

    I’d love to see a “Compare and Contrast” analysis between his lived experience and those of the emerging AAPI front.

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