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Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist thugs at University of New Mexico threaten conservative speaker and audience with violence

Tomi Lahren: targeted for leftist violence
Tomi Lahren: targeted for leftist violence

They’re coming for you next: When the conservative student organization Turning Point USA (TPUSA) invited conservative Tomi Lahren to speak at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, a mob of leftist thugs gathered outside, attempted to force their way in, and apparently actually threatened violence against both Lahren, the audience there to hear her speak, and the handful of police officers trying to protect them.

“I start my speech and you can hear the chants and you can hear the screaming and the expletives. And again, nobody really thought anything of it. They’re just, you know, fired up. And I didn’t really think too much of it until they started pushing past the officers and banging on the doors so much that these double doors are visibly moving and shaking and they are smashing into the windows. And that’s when it became incredibly chaotic,” Lahren continued. “Everybody was worried that they were going to get inside. They were pushing officers in front of the doors and pushing them out of the way. I mean, attacking them. It started to get very ugly and very violent, very fast. Of course, we could only see through these little windows in the front the room we were in, so we couldn’t really see exactly what was going on out there.” [emphasis mine]

A very short video shows these protesters chanting and pushing against the door to the room.

The threats and violent behavior of the protesters eventually forced Lahren and her father to retreat into a back room, where they remained trapped for 45 minutes. Only after a fire alarm was pulled were both she, her father, and the audience able to flee, with police escort, through a back loading dock. Even then, the police drove Lahren and her father around Albuquerque before taking them to their hotel, out of fear that someone was following them with violent intent.

Worse, it appears that numerous authorities in the city and university were okay with this violence, and were quite willing to let it happen.

“The university knew there was going to be a planned protest. [Lahren explained] There was a banner going around social media for days, especially yesterday, leading up to the event. They knew that it was going to be bad. They knew that Antifa was involved. They knew that it was going to be an organized protest against my speech. They did nothing.

“We had a couple of campus PD officers. That was it. They did not call Albuquerque police. They didn’t call the New Mexico police. They were completely unprepared and quite frankly, didn’t care.

“Even after we were in the room, and these protesters that were let into the student union and were banging on the door trying to bust in the door to attack me and the speech goers — the university still did nothing.

“It took the fire alarm being pulled, and violence happening for the campus PD to call in state police in Albuquerque to respond. But they have to do that on their own because the university did nothing.”

Following the event officials of the university issued a statement, filled with the normal “feel-good” blather about its core values, its support of free speech, and its intention to investigate the protesters. And if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you cheap. The university will take some superficial action, but should any conservatives try to speak there again it will either try to block it, or allow the same thing to happen again.

The university campuses of America — supposed to be the hallmark of free speech and vibrant intellectual debate — are now nothing more than Stalinist-run camps. Dissent to the leftist agenda will not be allowed, and this rule will be enforced with violence if necessary, with university officials routinely looking the other way.

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  • Col Beausabre

    Achtung! Sieg Heil!! Der Sturmabeilungen komm! History repeats, but not as farce. A favored tactic of the Brownshirts was to violently storm meetings of their political opposition. And they have the gall to call themselves “Anti-Fascists”….

  • Concerned

    Col. B: It’s not gall, it’s a common leftist deflection/projection tactic. They are constantly redefining language in order to confuse and create chaos. See Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

  • wayne

    “Is my loyalty in question?”
    (Man In The High Castle- 2015)

  • Its a regular occurance on college campuses. Yet we’re supposed to believe that ‘white supremacists’ are the biggest threat to America.

  • Cotour

    Its all related:


    50 illegal immigrants encouraged to break the law and allowed into the country illegally by the Biden administration and those radical Democrats and anti-American Globalists who seek to “Fundamentally change America” who run him are flown to and immediately removed from some of the most lily white, exclusive and expensive real estate on the planet.

    And that real estate of course is populated primarily by “Woke”, “Politically Correct” very, very wealthy and very, very “moral” Liberal now Leftist Democrats. They always tell you who and what they are.

    The comments coming from the elite community leaders on Marthas Vineyard as 125 Massachusetts National Guard military personnel remove the 50 illegals from the tony island? “They enriched us”. 48 hours was enough enrichment for Marthas Vineyard when it comes to brown skinned illegals coming to America for a better life.

    “We have been enriched”. NOW, GET OUT! Tone deaf is not a descriptive enough a term to describe their hubris. They are tone deaf and so insulated from real reality they just cannot see it.

    The state of Massachusetts is filled to the brim with oh so Liberal and oh so very moral Democrats, but there are limits to their compassion and morality. Massachusetts, a sanctuary? If you are lily white and rich, it certainly is. Brown skinned and not elite? Not so much.

    Are you paying attention yet rational American Democrats? You are going to have to take care of business soon.

    Only the elite are allowed on Marthas Vineyard. (My God November is going to be an interesting month.)

  • Cotour

    Follow up:

    NO ONE is above the law.

  • wayne

    here we go….

    “White Professor Sues Texas A&M for Racial Discrimination”
    Kurt at Uncivil Law (9-20-22)

    (“faster than a Kennedy fleeing a submerged vehicle…”)

    “How has the media covered the Martha’s Vineyard migrant situation?”
    Gutfeld (9-20-22)

  • Cotour

    Wayne. I am going to throw this into the “Politically Correct” pot”

    LEAVE YOUR GIANT FAKE **** AT HOME PLEASE (Please copy and share)

    How do you know this whole “Woke”, “Progressive”, “Politically Correct” (D) agenda thing has gone way, way too far and now threatens anyone with common sense and Western civilization as a whole?

    This is sooo stupid you have got to think it is a made-up story, but no, but it appears to be fully accurate and true.

    From the “Progressive” Communist country of Canada (And America is not too far behind) :

    Ontario High School Defends “Fetishistic” Large Bust-Wearing Teacher – Reduxx

    If they are not a naturally occurring and growing part of your body, please leave your giant fake **** at home teacher!

    What’s next? Given the trajectory that is being revealed in the more supposed civilized modern tolerant countries of the world just about anything some mentally ill, mal adjusted or confused individual says or does has to be tolerated. Teach mutual respect and not crazy. I wish no one differently oriented any ill will, but there is a line. And we are going way, way over it.

    You are “Woke”? You consider yourself a “Progressive”? You are a “Green” Climate change Globalist extremist? You are a Democrat?

    Mirror time, and you look deeply into it. Your time has come to change direction.

    A literal clown show of crazy in the Communist country to our North. (Do not watch this if you are eating. I made the mistake just now and almost choked to death)

    Intolerance? No, crazy.

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