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Today’s blacklisted American: Medical student expelled for expressing political opinions

Baby killing okay at University of Kentucky
Harming babies and children appears to be official
policy at the University of Louisville.

Less than a year from completing his four year program as a medical student at the University of Louisville, Austin Clark was expelled because he had revealed his Christian pro-life beliefs by inviting a pro-life advocate to speak at the campus.

In July, 2021 he filed a lawsuit in an attempt to get reinstated.

The medical student’s complaint is against President Neeli Bendapudi of the University of Louisville School of Medicine along 13 others connected to the school. Why does he say he was so suddenly expelled?

In his lawsuit, Austin alleges that the trouble with the school began when his pro-life group hosted speaker Alex McFarland in Fall, 2018. Austin was on the leadership board of the Medical Students for Life group [SFLA] at University of Louisville School of Medicine. The administration did everything they could to prevent the event from happening, largely by mandating impossibly expensive security fees – a common tactic of schools trying to silence views of the students they don’t like, as SFLAction/SFLA President Kristan Hawkins observed in her Wall Street Journal opinion piece. The student group even had to involve Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal foundation committed to the free speech of conservative students, to ensure that the event took place.

As noted in SFLA’s news release on the lawsuit, Austin says that from that point until his 2020 dismissal from the medical school, professors retaliated against him for his views, calling him “stupid” and questioning if his “brain was working” among the derogatory comments made. He was subjected to abuse, changes to his grades and forced to sign a “professionalism contract” that other students had not been required to sign. In his lawsuit, Clark alleges that he was “was physically harassed and bullied” as well.

The article at the link also cites a great deal of evidence that the university’s is closely tied with “the only remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky.”

In fact, the medical school’s professors do all of Kentucky’s surgical abortions. Records also show that the school has a Medical Students for Choice group listed, and that students were used in multiple studies on how to promote abortion.

In a 2020 news conference, the Kentucky Family Foundation alleged that “the only remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky is being run as an official or quasi-official arm of the University of Louisville’s Medical School,” with group spokesman Martin Cothran adding: “Not only is U of L involved in the abortion clinic’s activities, but the clinic operates, for all practical purposes, as an extension of the Medical School’s program.” [emphasis mine]

In addition, the article describes another story of blacklisting at the university. A professor in 2019 was demoted and then fired because he participated in a panel discussion where he questioned the rush to use chemicals to change a child’s sex, rather then first focusing on psychological analysis to better deal with the issue.

Just a few weeks after the panel discussion, Dr. Josephson was demoted to the role of a junior faculty member. For the next year he was subjected to a hostile environment and belittling assignments. Then in February 2019, the university informed him that it would not renew his contract. “As Dr. Josephson points out, some in the scientific community are silencing professionals like himself on this topic in a way that would not occur in any other field.”

The University of Louisville is a public university that is part of the state university system. It seems to me that the state legislature should take a look at this place’s funding, and maybe reconsider how it spends taxpayer money.

I wonder also what the parents of Kentucky students stand on this. Are they aware and uninterested? Or do they really support the use of blacklisting and storm trooper tactics by university faculty?

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  • Kyle

    Baby Killing must be a money maker for Louisville. Or the profs are literally evil communist. Or both. The Medical School should be all in on saving lives, not ending them. 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility, and do you know what costs a lot of money, fertility treatments. Aside from the rare extreme exceptions, the Med school is in the wrong business. And I haven’t even gotten to the blacklisting part.

  • Col Beausabre

    Isn’t the first thing that was taught in Western Medical Schools for centuries, the injunction, “First, do no harm”

  • Sayomara

    When murder is the norm in out medial schools is it a surprise that evil people like so many “medical” professionals at the CDC are ready to take away freedoms and put people in camps. Democrats hated Trump because they thought he was everything they are.

  • Chris

    Baby killing – abortion – is the High Sacrament of the left.

  • Jeff Wright

    They are under the age of accountability…and it’s quick. The elderly can suffer for years under woke nurses that hate them.
    Students can walk out. RU-486 beats being born crack addicted. And you don’t know you are in the world.

    But the years of living hell the elderly face-many of them vets? I’d rather take a bullet from Antifa. That’s a silent scream that needs attention.

  • Sayomara

    Wow Jeff,

    That is a truly terrible thing to say. Anyone else in our in our society you want to get rid of? You most have really enjoyed Logan’s Run.

    Murder is Murder. Give life a chance, the lack of respect of elderly and unborn in the same issue. We have society of users than don’t care for each other. More than just in transactional way. If we want things to improve the first step is taking care of each other and not just writing people off as “Crack babies”

  • The utilitarian precedent set by legal abortion-on-demand can come back to bite its advocates later in life … in the event they become “inconvenient” to family and/or society and have lost the capability to defend themselves. We already have seen such problems with legal euthanasia in the Netherlands.

    This is why abortion is a legitimate area for government intervention … it is more than just the faith issue that Progressives wish to dismiss it as.

    If the life of the human individual is their unalienable right, the boundaries of that life must be immutable – or they will be moved/replicated per the whims of those who will be left living. Conception and brain death are the discontinuities in an otherwise continuous human life cycle.- they are the natural, non-arbitrary boundaries between “tissue” and a human being.

    All that being said – merely prohibiting abortion is not the answer, IMO. The answer is to codify those boundaries above into the Constitution, such that from conception to brain death the ending of an individual life is treated the same as one that ends after birth … subject to the same mandate for investigation of the cause of death, and the differentiation in the eyes of the law between natural death, accidental death, and homicide.

    That way, the life and death of the pre-born are within the jurisdiction of local and state authorities, with the Feds getting involved only under the specific circumstances that bring them in for any other death. We don’t need the FBI busting down the door of a couple who just had a miscarriage, to protect the pre-born from the threat of murder.

    And while the terminally ill need our comforting intervention to mitigate the pain, the ending of a life should not be a casual/convenient event of hastening that end … for if it becomes easy to end a life, those that will be left living may be more inclined to see ending the life of even those they love … much less the perceived Evil Other … as justified by morality and prudence, and as mere men and women act as though they are an omniscient and infallible God to make it happen.

  • wayne

    a repeat from me from a different thread……

    “University of Pittsburg Using full term Infants For Fetal Tissue Collection”
    Tim Pool Timcast IRl (8-7-21)

    “For the particular study in question the grant request specified that half the samples must come from aborted children of minorities, including at least 25% from african american woman….”

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