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Today’s blacklisted American: Minnesota to blacklist all Christians, Jews, or Muslims from teaching

The new Marxist rules for teaching in Minnesota

They’re coming for you next: Minnesota’s unelected education bureaucracy is about to impose new licensing requirements for teachers that will essentially blacklist all Christians, Jews, or Muslims by requiring teachers to teach the queer agenda as well as the critical race theory to young children.

Minnesota’s Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB), a division of the state Department of Education, has been working to change teacher certification requirements since 2019. Its latest public draft, which is finalized save for a few tweaks that don’t affect the content, includes multiple requirements that licensure candidates publicly support critical race theory and transgender ideology and include both in their teaching. Teachers must receive state licensure to be employed in Minnesota public and many private schools. [emphasis mine]

You can read the new licensing rules here [pdf]. The screen capture above shows the language requiring teachers to agree to the queer agenda. It also hints at full approval of the Marxism program of critical race theory, whereby all western civilization and America in particular is seeped in bigotry and hate, and must be condemned at all times.

Only a few paragraphs later the hints go away, and the licensing requirements make it clear that all teachers must from now on condemn the heritage of the United States.

More new rules for teaching in Minnesota

Critical race theory required based on the new rules

The first screen capture to the right is part of the section outlining the professional responsibilities expected of new teachers. Note how in paragraph C all teachers are now expected to see “the historical foundations of education in Minnesota” as fundamentally bigoted. Then, in paragraphs D through G the teacher is now assumed to be bigoted themselves, and must do everything in their power to give favored treatment to minorities as well as kids with sexual emotional problems.

The goal is no longer teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Instead, it is to make “adaptations and adjustments towards more equitable outcomes.” In other words, teachers must give bonus points to minorities, regardless of their performance, to make sure their grades are equal to or better than everyone else.

The second screen capture to the right is the section that makes critical race theory a fundamental part of all teaching. “White supremacy” must now be considered something that has always been a fundamental part of all past education, and the teacher must do everything to counter this by favoring “the histories and social struggles of historically defined radicalized groups,” which of course includes everyone but whites and the sexually normal.

In other words, the only thing teachers will be allowed to teach about past American history is that Americans put blacks in chains while oppressing all other minorities as well as the homosexual community. Jefferson didn’t write the Declaration of Independence, he was a slave-owner who raped his slaves. The Constitution wasn’t written to limit the government and protect individual rights, but to establish slavery as an approved and legal activity.

Under these rules, which will be imposed by the bureaucracy and an unelected judge, it will not only be impossible for any religious person to obtain a teaching license in Minnesota, these rules will also blacklist all conservatives, whether they are religious or not.

The worst part of this story however is that reporting it will have absolutely no effect. The rules will be imposed, the blacklisting will go on, and the vast majority of parents in Minnesota will either approve, or shrug their shoulders and accept the inevitable — even though they know it is a lie and bad for their kids.

The tiny minority of parents who will pull their kids from the public schools will change nothing, especially since it will be impossible for them to find licensed teachers for their private schools who won’t try to indoctrinate their kids to this leftist bile. And if they dare to hire unlicensed but fully qualified teachers, expect the leftist government of Minnesota to come down on them like a ton of bricks.

The dark age is here, and we have no one to blame for it but ourselves.

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  • Cotour

    Strangely related?

    Maybe Congressman George Santos, newly minted NYS U.S Congress person will become the voice of reason on authoritarian BS / radical Leftist Democrat / Globalist subjects like this since he is an apparent participator in the drag world?

    He may be the lyingest liar in Congress, but he is apparently a Conservative.

    It can only get crazier.


    If you aspire to be a politician in America and are going to lie, go all the way and make every element of your life a lie, make it full spectrum. Be the best liar you can be from the start. And George Santos fulfills that grand aspiration at a never-before-seen level and offers no apologies.

    “Video shows drag-denier George Santos dressed in drag, boasting about drag shows”

    Everything about this guy’s life is apparently a lie. And so, he comes preeminently prequalified as possibly the ultimate politician. The movie will be spectacular and possibly fabulous! You cannot make this up. And he is kind of cute in drag (which he apparently does not do, so he says :)

  • pzatchok

    The alternate lifestyle community is trying to gain control of everything.
    They are forcing their members into positions of power and then they get to force their opinions and philosophies on the masses.

    Just look at Disney for one of the bigger offenders. They got a member in control and will now force the rest of the world to capitulate.

    My old company hired a member for the HR position. Next thing you know ALL the new hires for a year were either female or lgbtqxyz. They all caused trouble and not a single lbgtqxyz person stayed longer than 2 years. All the females except one quit inside their first year, After that they tried going back to the best person for the job and guess what? Everyone they hired stayed and plans or retiring from there.

    The sad thing is that we already had lbgtqxyz members employed. They were professionals and stayed.

  • Cotour

    To your point about the “Alternate Lifestyle community”;

    And people argue against the death penalty?

  • Concerned

    Cotour: chilling story—a stark reminder that Satan never sleeps. He may have been suppressed somewhat for a while, at least in our once great country, but is now fully on the march in broad daylight. I pray God can somehow forgive us for allowing this evil to run rampant, if we can somehow rein it back in.

  • wayne

    Gutfeld Show : Congressman George Santos
    January 19, 2023

    “Pathological Liars Anonymous”


    I can see numerous law suits resulting
    I can see a number of teachers leaving MN schools There is a nationwide shortage of teachers so the demand for their services will be high.
    I can see more parents with economic resources taking their kids out of public schools in MN
    What will happen as teachers are fired who do not comply?

    Lost in all this is actually teaching kids the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the world. Obviously they do not care.

    In some ways, I hope they actually get these new requirements enacted so the public can see how awfull they are.

  • James Street

    Our children are not being prepared for life. The horrifying destruction of individuals and society.

    Most of Christendom is asleep or actually involved in this satanic communist takeover of America. Hell, they’re leading the way. I receive mailings from different Christian organizations and most are oblivious to what’s going on. And then there are the ones promoting it.

    Interestingly the ember of the Christian faith is on fire in unusual places, like the dark web carried on by the outcasts of traditional religion. Even Robert is what would be called a prophet.

    An exciting time to be alive.

  • Cotour

    This morning while taking a shower I happened to be listening to the James Golden radio program, 770 AM.

    And James was speaking to a young black very pleasant-sounding woman, and he was asking her about “The evil white devil” and the entire thinking about how the white race in America has always even till today are holding down and back the black population.

    And James asked her how the white race in her life has personally held her down.

    And she answered: “Well, I really do not know, but that is what I have always been told and taught”.

    And then James played this song which I have heard for the majority of my life, but it never really had meaning for me, until now.

    Steve Wonder: Superstition:


    And that for me sums up the manipulation that many in the black community unfortunately have been indoctrinated into. And I am not for one second saying that abuses have not happened in the past and that racism or bias has not or does not exist, it has and does.

    But to choose to live in a past that you really have little to no connection with and you cannot point to how you are connected to it, and you live in the vast majority cases a good life, you are choosing self-victimization and self-limiting YOURSELF.

    And there are those in politics and “Community organizing” who use this method of psychological manipulation and keeping people “Superstitious” in order to maintain their control and power and from it the monetary rewards that certainly do flow from it. (BLM)

    Thank you, James, for giving me my relevant content for the day.

  • Max

    Lying liars

    “It is legal for candidates for federal office to lie. When it comes to political ads, lies are protected speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution”

    “What political communications researchers found is all the ad-check was doing was perpetuating the falsehood further,” Scacco said. “It’s the same thing today with fact-checkers and how fact-checkers operate. They have to air the false claim. That’s precisely the reason why candidates often lie with impunity because they know that in the process of being checked, the lie will still get perpetuated. This is how you embed the lie further“

    Obama signed a law allowing propaganda… Out right lies for the purpose of political action. (The Ministry of truth)
    Social networking was created for the purpose of spreading lies. So effective, that government paid workers work directly with Facebook, Twitter, and other networks Including being embedded with every news organization.

    A lie is “fraud”

    Institutionalized fraud is the unraveling of our entire society. Words will no longer have meaning… Or will mean something different to every person. The constitution, for example, talks about A republic where all men are born “equal”… The teachers are teaching the children about “equality”, which is socialism/communism/democracy.

    On further thought, it is permission to believe in fantasy and teach others that it is real.
    Greenhouse theory comes to mind, carbon dioxide being taught as pollution when every person who says so must exhale carbon dioxide to say it!
    Hypocrites and frauds!
    (It is one thing when you believe a lie that you can fly and you jump out a window… It’s quite another when you teach others that they can fly, and you prove it to them by force by throwing them out the window)

    That’s why you can’t have religious people, with truth at their core, teaching others in education. They find it difficult to teach a lie when they know it’s not true… they know they are setting the children up to fail.
    Let’s not stop there, some lies are more damaging than others. Teaching a faults history for example. Suddenly you’re tearing down statues of the most influential people in history, just to make yourself “feel better” about a lie. This is how you divide a nation making them believe that we’ve always been divided and have always hated each other.
    Teaching children to lie to themselves, that boys can be girls, or a furry animal. That math does not have to add up, that it’s not important to have the right answer anyway.
    But try to tell that to the IRS when you “made up” the numbers on your tax forms. Only the Bidens can do this because “those who make the laws, don’t have to follow the laws”. Another lie.
    When every untested drug is “safe and effective”, is there any recourse in the courts when the judge must believe the “official lie” and not the evidence?
    Then there’s the lie of omission, like allowing invasion of millions of people across the border and calling it immigrants, and everyone looks the other way as the constitution that binds politicians to certain actions when laws are violated are ignored. Their oath to the Constitution is a LIE, when there is no rule of law, then there can only be “chaos” where “might makes right“ and civilized society breaks down into tribalism.

    A dark age caused by malicious intent.

  • Max

    I just remembered another lie, Robert has written about it often. The “manipulation of data” to promote a lie as the truth. Much peer reviewed science is made up. One only has to look at the “green movement” with solar panels and windmills that don’t work to know that fraud pays well!

    The new AI can write its own science papers! Chat GPT
    (if you haven’t heard of it yet)
    My grandson in high school tells me they use it in class.
    I told him to ask it; “what gender will the first female president be?” They were all surprised that it didn’t know the answer.

  • SkySky

    ‘The dark age is here, and we have no one to blame for it but ourselves.’

    Who’s ‘We’? – I don’t support this crap in any way – it’s messed up and if it’s condoned it will proliferate

  • Cotour


    I have observed that the general public, you know, the everyday American who does not agree with “This crap” is consistently about 2 or so years behind understanding the political power / control trend / message and what actual truth is.

    And the corporate media talking heads do not dare “Go there” and they consistently play dumb and will not say what needs to be said because they are an extension in many ways of those powers that be.

    How can you prove this contention? Go back right here on BTB two and three years to what the Zman, myself and many many others were observing and talking about. And what is being honestly spoken about and revealed today is exactly what you hear the corporate talking heads / Social media tech censors now being dragged to talk about because they can no longer avoid the truth of the world we all see before us.

    How much does truth cost in America today? $44 Billion dollars.

    IMO its all scripted in many ways and is presented as a part of the spoon feeding of the narrative, constructing the two conversations to the public as those in power continuously incrementally steal the publics freedom. It is the nature of the beast.

    EXPLANATION: Strategy Over Morality describes a two-tiered “conversation” between a Public and their Politically Empowered Leadership where the Public believes there is only a single, no tiered conversation occurring. And that single conversation is assumed by the Public to relate to the Public’s morality and truth model perspective.

    The actual information I.E. the truth is out there, but the truth has been perverted and hidden in the interests of control by your government and their associates in that pursuit.

    Tell me, when or what was the last piece of information that came out of your government that you thought was true? They are not paid to tell you the truth.

    The entity government and most all of those who populate it are always after your freedom one way or another.

    And that is precisely what the Founders understood so well and thoroughly.

  • Jeff Wright

    Subp. Standard 8 part C.’s deal with deficit based–whatever….the job of the teacher is to address those—not ignore those…be sensitive to others would have been fine…yo wouldn’t want someone teaching the Koran to your kids—I get that.

    Another way to fight is as an Appalachian, and to be your own minority type and say their are words there in violation of your own identity/needs. I can play the game just as well as they can.

  • Penrod

    ‘Racial Consciousness’ is just another term for racism.

    Used by whites, as in the despicable pro-genocide white racist novel ‘The Turner Diaries’, or by people of any other race, racial consciousness is a collectivist idea for judging people by collectivist labels rather than as individuals.

  • GWB

    It’s a religious test. They demand you espouse Progressive doctrine before hiring. She then for religious discrimination AND for establishing a state religion.

  • GWB

    *sue* them
    Stupid auto-cucumber.

  • Edward

    James Street wrote: “An exciting time to be alive.

    More accurately, it is an interesting time to be alive, as in the curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

  • David

    “Teacher explores their own intersecting social identities…”

    Sounds all ‘phisticated and such, but like “Social Justice”, does it have a practical and precise meaning that could be shared to the, uh, working masses, like to me?

    All this turgid prose blooming like algae in a fetid pond, and I can’t find the words “The Party”. It might be an interesting exercise to find educational policy doctrines of Eastern Europe before 1989 and see how closely these words match.

  • Cluebat

    I don’t think it would be appropriate to interfere with the affairs of another state. But places like Florida should make it impossible for these tools to become educators in their own states.
    Blacklist them.

  • pzatchok

    I was just reading about Santos.
    I don’t care that the guy is openly gay. That’s his life even though I do not agree with it.

    What does bother me is that he seems to be a lifelong liar. Not just on small things but on everything in his life.

    I hate to say it but I am starting to think that in many many cases being homosexual might just be a side effect of other mental illnesses.

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