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Today’s blacklisted American: Pediatrician fired for raising questions about COVID jab at public meeting

Renata Moon, testifying on December 7, 2022
Renata Moon, testifying on December 7, 2022.
Click to hear her testimony.

They’re coming for you next: After pediatrician Renata Moon testified at a December 7, 2022 public Capitol Hill event organized by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), where she raised serious and very legitimate questions about the COVID jab and the risks it might carry, she was fired as a teacher by Washington State University for daring to express such thoughts out loud.

So, what horrible things did she say at that December 2022 event?

Dr. Moon testified that she had only seen two or three cases of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, while practicing for more than 20 years. But after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, she said, she has been seeing more cases, and heard about others from fellow doctors. “There’s clearly been a massive increase,” Dr. Moon said.

Dr. Moon also pulled out the package insert for the vaccines, or a piece of paper that typically outlines warnings, ingredients, and other information for a vaccine. The insert for the COVID-19 vaccines has no information and says, “intentionally blank,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged. “How am I to give informed consent to parents when this is what I have?” Dr. Moon said.

All she did was note the obvious increase in myocarditis after the rollout of the jab, something that has now been documented repeatedly by studies (see just a few examples here, here, here, and here), while adding that though by law she as a doctor is required to provide patients with all information about the risks of a treatment, the government had intentionally denied her that information.

For this, Washington State University officials immediately reported her to the Washington Medical Commission (WMC), which at that time (and maybe even now) considers any statement expressing any skepticism about the efficacy of the COVID jab by any doctor to be “misinformation” that justifies the revocation of his or her medical license. In the university’s letter [pdf] informing her of its actions as well as warning her that it was considering firing her, it clearly indicated that it considered her testimony as her fundamental crime.

The WMC has asked the public and practitioners to report possible spread of misinformation. There are components of your presentation that could be interpreted as a possible spread, as such, we are ethically obligated to make a report to the WMC to investigate possible breach of this expectation. … The expressed views will require us to review your teaching assignments in the frame of the education of our students.

Then, as indicated by this letter, in June 2023 it fired her.

The letter had also accused her of testifying as an employee of the university and saying that she was speaking as its representative. Both accusations were utterly false, as shown by the facts outlined here.

Because of these accusations, Moon was forced to give up her medical license. She is presently part of a lawsuit [pdf] against WMC for its aggressive stance against any doctor who questioned the very questionable COVID mandates imposed during the Wuhan panic, including revoking the licenses of any doctor who advocated alternative treatments (such as ivermectin) or like Moon expressed publicly any doubts about the COVID jab.

I hope she wins and gets her license back, but I have my doubts. And even if she wins, her experience as a teacher during the Wuhan panic suggests the next generation of doctors — trained at close-minded universities like Washington State — will be poorly equipped to provide good medical treatment.

Dr. Moon said she’s concerned about medical schools no longer serving as venues for discussion and critical thinking. She recalled being called into the office of a superior over student complaints. She learned that the students complained about Dr. Moon noting correctly that some information about the COVID-19 vaccines was unknown, such as where in the body the ingredients were distributed and whether they would cause certain health problems.

“I just engaged in some critical thinking with my students. I thought it was something that we’re supposed to do in discussion groups, and they had asked me, right?” Dr. Moon said. “They said that I had caused them trauma and harm by telling them that the vaccines might not be 100 percent safe. Again, these are medical students. This is a medical school. Nothing is 100 percent safe, not even aspirin is 100 percent safe. Everything has the potential for a reaction. So to have that be a complaint against me really surprised me and it really concerned me.”

Moon had other similar experiences, which in every case the university supported the students against her. Rather than forcing these future doctors to think critically, the university demanded that Moon encourage them to be close-minded, to shelter them from dissenting views. What is worse is that Washington State’s actions are the rule among academia today, not the exception.

Lord help the sick of the future when placed under the care of this future generation. The generation will not know much, and will be unable to think clearly enough to figure out what it doesn’t know.

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  • Col Beausabre

    Clearly a dangerous ant-VAXER cultist! (There’s that word again)

  • Vetmike

    As a physician, I find it ethically and morally reprehensible that a medical school and a university hospital would take such action. We are legally and ethically required to inform our patients of the risks and benefits of any medical procedure. If a physician I trusted told me that there had been a twenty fold increase in heart attacks in patients given a certain drug, I would damn sure want to know why and would damn sure stop using the drug. That the medical board (usually made up of political physicians) revoked her license is all the proof you need of their complete lack of professional integrity and total lack of honor. I tremble when I think of the type of physician the University is producing.

  • Jeff Wright

    Compulsory this that or the other is here to stay…so get on the bandwagon and mandate that all gain-of-function research need be done off-world—forcing fauci types to be space-advocates whether they want to be or not—force big pharma to fund New Space.

  • Edward Lunny

    So, once again, fascists gotta fascist. One will need to be very, very careful of credentialed professionals in the future . These incompetent boobs will ruin everything if they are not confronted .

  • Denise

    I find this very sad. That the insert was “intentionally blank” is absolutely disturbing. I have four dead friends. All vaxxed, all w/o co-morbidity. 30-57. Steve Kirsch is perceived as a quack because he’s asking doctors how many times have they seen myocarditis. Many don’t answer because they might end up like Dr. Moon or others. But not standing against what you know to be wrong and still treating patients ticks me off.

  • James Street

    Washington State University is destined for the dust bin of history. It’s part of the Pac-12 which collapsed over this last weekend as all the powerhouse schools left for better media contract$ with eastern conferences:
    • University of Washington, University of Oregon, USC and UCLA are going to the Big Ten.
    • Arizona, ASU, Colorado and Utah are going to the Big 12.
    • Washington State, Oregon State, Stanford and Cal are all that’s left of the Pac-12.

    This is a big deal.

  • Andi

    Minor edit in sentence after first quote: “increase in myocarditis”

  • TL

    James – I’m a bigger college football fan than most (Oregon State season ticket holder for more than 20 years), but the death of the PAC-12 athletic conference and probable move to the Mountain West by WSU will in no way send it to “the dustbin of history.” It will definitely do rather painful things to the athletic budgets for the schools involved, but that is a mostly separate budgetary entity. As in completely separate from the school’s academic record of scholarship and integrity.

    The only thing that can damage that reputation would be something like publicly attacking a medical doctor for raising scientific questions about a new drug or treatment.

  • Rick Bravo

    I don’t agree with the premise . I did not see more myocarditis . What I saw was scores of people , now thinking they had myocarditis without actual findings except subjective findings . The pandemic was an exercise in reaction-over reaction and bizarre absence of critical thinking skills . Using pejorative phrases like “ jab” aligned you with a group that was so easily targeted . I was not for mandates either . In a century , they will be laughing at us , both sides , your views and the orthodox establishment. Hopefully someone learns .

  • Cotour

    R Bravo:

    It is not about learning, it is ultimately about control.

    Forcing an entire population to do as they are told and have an experimental drug injected into their bodies even if they want to choose “other” more established means of dealing with a virus.

    And it IMO further became the fulfilling of billion$ in agreed upon contracts to supply an experiential drug to the public paid for by government, and with no liability in establishing that *NEW* technology for those who supplied that experimental drug.

    A bigger live biological experiment has never before been undertaken by man. All primarily without informed consent.

    Can you say Nuremburg?

  • Rick Bravo: You have the right to your opinions, but not to facts. I cited FOUR different papers documenting the rise in myocarditis. I could cite more. All you have is your belief, which is not how rational science is performed.

  • Edward

    Rick Bravo wrote: “Hopefully someone learns .

    There were several centuries of learning that went out the window in the course of five months (mid January to mid June, 2020). Since the schools are no longer teaching critical thinking skills, how-to-think rather than the what-to-think that is taught now, we really cannot expect the current younger generations to do any better in the future.

    The lesson learned here was learned by the government, that it can get a majority of people to do things that are obviously against their best interests — even dangerous.

    It wasn’t just medical lessons and critical thinking lessons that went out the window (were defenestrated) but lessons in how to perform science in an accurate manner. One of the worst problems resulting from this is people thinking that their own observations are truth — rather than using these observations to set a hypothesis to be tested, they use their anecdotal evidence as proof positive of their own biases. A heat wave passes through the area, and several people declare that global warming (not climate change) must be true — a cold front comes through, and no declaration of the coming ice age, because that stopped being a concern, despite an ice age being due any millennium, now. Less snow is proof of global warming, but so is more snow. Small P values are proof that a paper’s conclusion is correct, because it is the opposite of the truism that a larger P value shows the data does not support the conclusion — the fallacy that if large says “no,” then small must necessarily mean “yes.” Searching for correlations that prove a point, then finding a dataset that produces a small P value. (Summer causes drownings — small P value. Except that it is swimming that is closer to the cause of drownings, but the real cause is related to an inability to swim without drowning.)

    The “pandemic,” which was nothing compared with several other outbreaks in the past century or so, had government reactions that violated virtually everything we knew to do about an outbreak. The reaction caused far more damage than it saved, based upon our policymakers’ own model that they told us they used to establish that reaction — the reaction to violate centuries of lessons learned. According to that model, we should have had only 60,000 deaths in the U.S. by sheltering in place for two weeks, and the Wuhan flu should have been over by the end of August. However, the ultimate reaction was a two-year shelter in place, and more than 1,000,000 deaths were attributed to the Wuhan flu.


    Pfizer executive, Australia: “No one was forced to get the vaccine”.

    (And Joe Biden never spoke with his son about his “business”, even when he flew on Airforce 2 to China with him and came home with a $1 billion dollar hedge fund “investment” from the CCP. Or Burisma. Now that is a more better reality, no?)

    Pfizer claims no one was forced to get the Jab –

    A new more better reality all in 58 seconds.

    Pure brute force Strategy, no Morality. And its right in your face. YOU are crazy, not them.

    I must have missed this more better reality because the reality that I observed all around me for going on 3 years was people being terrified and mis informed by their government, big pharma and big tech social media, denied free speech and proven drug therapies and were told plainly that if they did not get the experimental mRNA “vaccine” jab they were to lose their jobs! Is it me?


    Are you beginning to understand? How stupid are we all required to be? Pretty damn stupid apparently. Funny, my mother did not raise me to be stupid, how about yours?

    Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/8/23

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