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Today’s blacklisted American: Professor, discriminated because of his race, forced to resign from South Florida University

Academia: dedicated to segregation!
South Florida University: dedicated to segregation?

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Professor Andrew Bugajski was forced to resign after three years of teaching at the nursing school at South Florida University because, according to his lawsuit, he was subjected to racial harassment by his dean because of his white skin color.

Bugajski was on track to be a tenured professor, but said he resigned because of discrimination and harassment he faced at the hands of Usha Menon, Dean and Senior Associate Vice President for USF Health. “Shortly after being hired, Plaintiff (Bugajski) immediately recognized his supervisor Vice Dean Usha Menon exhibiting hostility towards Caucasian men,” wrote Christiane L. Nolton, Bugajski’s lawyer. “Indeed, Plaintiff witnessed this disconcerting behavior which also occurred in front of other employees on multiple occasions. Specifically, Vice Dean Menon told Plaintiff and others that USF’s upper administrators were ‘a bunch of f***ing white male conservatives.’”

…Bugajski said Menon “openly held a deeply rooted disdain for Caucasian men” and he picked up on it almost immediately. In addition to comments about upper administration, Bugajski said Menon would make comments toward him like, “you’re a man, you don’t understand,” or “no offense, you’re a White man and you don’t get to weigh in on this,” and “you’re a man, you wouldn’t understand.”

Because I have not been able to view the actual complaint, it is unclear how legitimate Bugajski’s case is. That neither he nor his lawyer would respond to emails or calls from the College Fix about the lawsuit does not work in Bugajski’s favor.

At the same time, Bugajski’s story sadly matches too many recent other cases in academia where administrators favor minorities in all things and treat whites as second class citizens, inferior beings who must always go to the back of the bus. That Menon, also according to the lawsuit, was apparently also aiming to remove another white employee because of his race suggests there is truth to Bugajski’s claims. Menon’s own research, which appears overly focused on racial and ethnic matters, also suggests Bugajski’s claims have validity.

Regardless, this story illustrates the loss of good will and the level of anger, hate, and bigotry that now permeates our culture, especially in the academic world. Race is seen everywhere, by everyone. No one appears capable any longer at looking at each individual as an individual. Their skin color or ethnicity has become paramount in all things, and is now used as a guide for how one treats each person.

The result is resentment and envy and lawsuits such as Bugajski’s. And the biggest loser in the end is the search for truth, since no one is looking for it any longer. All that matters is skin color.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Andi

    Minor edit in first sentence after quote: “the actual complaint”

  • Andi. Fixed. Thank you again.

  • Chris

    So if the quotes are true:
    Vice Dean Usha Menon exhibiting hostility towards Caucasian men,” wrote Christiane L. Nolton, Bugajski’s lawyer. “Indeed, Plaintiff witnessed this disconcerting behavior which also occurred in front of other employees on multiple occasions. Specifically, Vice Dean Menon told Plaintiff and others that USF’s upper administrators were ‘a bunch of f***ing white male conservatives.’”

    then Dean Menon is simply a sexist racist pig – by definition. Let’s not forget to call her that.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,
    –you folks in Arizona are lucky she moved from Tuscon….

    “Before coming to USF Health, Dr. Menon served as a tenured professor and associate dean of Research and Global Innovation at the University of Arizona-Tucson College of Nursing. She was co-PI of the NIH-funded All of Us Research Program, which was designed to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs by creating a one-million-person detailed clinical database.

    Tangentially– have a family member who earned his MS in Economics from USF. And yes, they beg for Alumni donations on a monthly basis

  • I am so glad that she is in academia. I can only imagine the level of care she would (not) give to white males if she were in active health care.

  • James Street

    People from India are extremely racist. Despite government declarations the caste system is alive and well in India. Talk about systemic racism. I was surprised to see this honest article a couple years ago in Seattle’s leftist newspaper.

    India’s engineers have thrived in the tech industry. So has its caste system.
    “Whenever Benjamin Kaila, a database administrator who immigrated from India to the United States in 1999, applies for a job at a U.S. tech company, he prays that there are no other Indians during the in-person interview. That’s because Kaila is a Dalit, or member of the lowest-ranked castes within India’s system of social hierarchy, formerly referred to as ‘untouchables.'”

  • wayne

    well, those who can, do. Those who can’t, end up teaching generations of nurses.

  • Cotour

    Its all related:


    Charles Payne: ; All in 1:50 min.

    No mistakes being made, the open border, exorbitant gas prices, the crashing economy, your life and your ability to make a living and be free is being purposefully sabotaged by your own president and the Democrat Socialist party machine in the furtherance of the Soros / Schwab / World Economic Forum / Davos / Globalist agenda to destroy America as formulated. You will be made to comply. Do you still doubt me?

    You do not understand why this must be? Because you cannot install that Socialist agenda of control and compliance over the population of America and the world without removing America as formulated from its position of dominance.

    You intuitively know it although you may not be able to verbalize it. You see it, this is being done with purpose and agenda and the agenda is to fulfill the Green New Deal and the Globalist Socialist agenda of control and compliance. Plain and simple.

    Are you paying attention yet? You will be when the price of gas gets near $7.00. Certainly, when it nears $10.00. And it is all unnecessary, fabricated in the furtherance of a desired political agenda by the extreme Left.

    The Constitution forces all to reveal themselves, and that is exactly what you are witness to. The Democrats? If things go as they should the Democrats will not see majority political power in America for at least 10 or more years. And THAT is why they are doing everything and anything thing to hold on to political power. Up to and including murder.–~D

  • Col Beausabre

    Those who can’t teach become administrators. Looking at you, Menon

  • Cotour

    “Adam Schiff Claims He Has ‘Powerful’ Evidence About Trump And Jan 6”

    A documented and authenticated through evidence political liar once again announces that he has devastating and condemning evidence against D.J. Trump. And you remember that Schiff also had absolute evidence that Trump was colluding with the Russians. And we all know what happened with that, IT WAS A BLATANT LIE and he knew it was a lie all the while.

    They (The Democrats) desperate, corrupt and perverted as they are always tell you who they fear the most.

    And that is without doubt D.J. Trump and anyone who like him supports an America first philosophy.

    And given that you must ask: Why would any American politician NOT be in favor of an America first philosophy?

    And that is the most disturbing fact being brought out in this now intense political American warfare we are all witness to.

  • BLSinSC

    WHY QUIT?? SUE – OK – QUIT?? NEVER!!! Don’t give them the satisfaction that their hateful bigotry causes you to leave a job – unless you get a BETTER job AND SUE them!! Some people can handle authority and keep their humanity – obviously other cannot!

  • Alton

    Without going to the Streets in a very bloody use of the Bill Of Rights {2nd} — the only way to Stop this and start the Restoration of the Constitution / Country is to best the Democrats Own Mid-term Elections Record:

    1894 — IN total Special Elections and General the Party lost 130 out of 356 House of Representives seats.
    Total that today would translate to beyond 150 lost seats.

    Note:. If you look Up data on this little event “they” starting with Wiki are changing the data to say 100+ ONLY losses…….

    If you can get something on paper…save it as proof…. Remember Amazon is the biggest book seller on the Planet…… and e-books you own
    are stored on AWS servers……….they can be changed. Poof.

    If you have digital copies of data & docs…….
    Keep them on multiple devices……
    NOT CONNECTED to any Networks…..
    Even your own… you know what bots and worms may hide within ???

    See this rework on Wiki…….
    Was far more accurate……
    Last week !

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