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Today’s blacklisted American: Professor fired by a North Carolina school for having opinions

David Phillips
Dr. David Phillips

They’re coming for you next: Officials at the North Carolina Governor’s School (“a residential summer program for the state’s most talented rising high-school seniors.”) fired David Phillips, a professor there for eight summers, because they did not like the content of the optional three session seminar he held critiquing critical race theory.

In other words, they decided to blackball him simply because they did not agree with his opinions.

Phillips has now sued, with the Alliance Defending Freedom acting as his legal firm. The preamble of his lawsuit [pdf] describes what happened.

At the conclusion of each lecture, members of the audience — including staff members — reacted with open hostility to the ideas and viewpoints discussed. And they attacked whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality, and Christianity — none of which should have been relevant — in their comments and questions. Despite the hostility, Dr. Phillips stayed long after the published end time for each lecture to respond calmly to each question, and he even offered to meet with students and staff members later for further discussion.

The day after Dr. Phillip’s third optional seminar, which, ironically, discussed the importance of viewpoint diversity in higher education, Defendants fired Dr. Phillips without warning or explanation. Later, Dr. Phillips learned that a few staff members had complained about the content of the optional seminars. But instead of investigating these complaints, determining if any policies were violated, or addressing any concerns with Dr. Phillips — indeed without even giveing Dr. Phillips an opportunity to hear the complaints and resond — Defendants took their own stand against viewpoint diversity by firing Dr. Phillips because they disagreed with his view. [emphasis mine]

The defendants include not only the North Carolina Department of Public Education but from the specific officials who fired him, David Stegall, Sneha Shah Coltrane, Thomas Winton, and Rodney K. Allen.

The level of hatred expressed by these staff members against Phillips and many white and Christian students becomes even clearer if you read the full complaint. It lists numerous examples of mistreatment. It also details at length the school’s increasing dedication to promoting critical race theory and its Marxist, racist ideology, including excluding whites and heterosexuals from many activities while providing extra help to minorities and the sexually perverse.

Phillips is demanding reinstatement, back pay, and damages, from both the North Carolina Department of Public Education and the specific officials who fired him. Whether any of these blacklisters will be held personally liable however is unlikely. More likely the state will pick up the tab, and circle the wagons to protect these intolerant thugs.

However, this school is funded by the taxpayers. It seems to me that the state legislature should reconsider this funding, especially because, except for the governorship, all statewide offices and both houses of that legislature are controlled by Republicans. You would think they would find it problematic that this school has now become now an indoctrination unit for the left.

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  • Tom Billings

    CRT is based in CT, … Critical Theory.

    Critical Theory has, as its baseline statement:

    “*All* human relation ships are based in the relative power between those involved.”

    Ever since I heard the repetition of those words throughout a day seminar in the summer of 1965, I have considered Critical Theory to be a normalization of sociopathy.

    I am not surprised at the firing. By now, many of the professor’s critics have based their lives on this concept, and found that in the political hierarchies of education, it produces higher positions, income, and job security. Of course they want him gone!

  • AreJoan’s

    Here in the Old North State, we have a damned liberal as Gov, Roy Cooper who was a moderate AG and then sold out to the Progs. (what with UNC-Chapel Hill) We do have a Repub legislature which we did not have from 1894 to 2000. Some might say there is hope at the local level, but federal elections are beyond corrupt.

  • wayne

    Michael Malice
    “The White Pill”
    -official trailer-

  • Tom Grey

    Legislators should end all funding of that college. There are too many Dem dominated colleges. All colleges that discriminate against Republicans should lose funding. The state should stop indemnification for gov’t workers who discriminate

  • Cotour



    Gateway P: “This girl has been ridiculed in the past for things she’s said and arguments she has made. The right hates her because of her communist ideas while the left hates her because she doesn’t always toe the party line. In this case, AOC had the fortitude to do what she thought was right knowing that her party would not like what she was doing. She did what 27 GOP Senators and Reps didn’t have the common sense to do.”

    And if you know me and what I think about her particular brand of un and anti-Constitutional “Progressive”, “Democrat Socialist” (D) politics you know that I see her as half educated on most issues and very naive. Just like I see most “Progressives” (D or R). She in essence is a Communist given her rhetoric, but she of course does not see or understand that. Nor does she understand the intent of the Constitution in counterbalancing the abuse of power by the very same government which she is a part of.

    Remember, the Constitution is NOT the government. The Constitution structures the government, and they are enemies by nature.

    She is half educated and naive in the things that she is involved with I.E. the concerns of those in the Pedestrian Realm, their freedom, and the realities of those who inhabit the elite politically empowered Political Realm who are in the process of further destroying the country in order to reformulate it in their model of their elite absolute and perpetual control. Ultimately you will comply.

    BUT, then she stands up and votes against her treasonous political party’s (D) interests in this treasonous and destructive $1.7 TRILLION DOLLAR bill that in essence is designed to further trickle-down finance the Democrat and the RINO party members permanent political power scheme agenda? And I understand that this may be a counter intuitive virtue signaling head fake vote because she understood that the bill was going to pass no matter how she did or did not vote.

    And given that potential I still will give her a thumbs up and a gold star, she does distinguish herself now and again.

    And of course, if you know me, God she is so cute! :) A pretty political poison?,2603,x0,y235&width=3200&height=1680&fit=bounds

  • Tom Grey: As long as enough Americans continue to vote as they have, for politicians who support such blacklisting, no legislature anywhere will do anything.

  • wayne

    dude, get a grip!
    –> ” God she is so cute! :) ”

    on a more serious note, you’ll like this:

    Alextsein99 talks AOC with Michael Malice

  • Cotour

    6+, is what it is.

  • Cotour

    “There are too many Dem dominated colleges. ”

    That is the point!

    Why would a Democrat legislature defund what it is that is indoctrinating and training their future supporters and operatives within government?

  • Chris

    Tom Billings – BINGO!

    I have read this some time ago. And it is important to understand that CRT is but a piece of the larger CT belief. That belief that there is no morality, there is no Good and Evil – only Power.

    Hmmmm I seem to remember this same wording form a few Disney cartoons. I’ll have to look them up.

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