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Today’s blacklisted American: Professor sues University of Texas for threatening his job because he criticized it publicly

University of Texas at Austin to Professor Richard Lowery:
University of Texas at Austin to Professor Richard Lowery:
“Nice job you got here. Shame if something happened to it.”

They’re coming for you next: Professor Richard Lowery is now suing the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) for its attempts to silence him, including threatening his job, cutting his pay, and monitoring his speech, actions instigated against Lowery because he was publicly critical of the university’s racist “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies as well as the university’s efforts, led by its president Jay Hartzell, to insert political propaganda into its courses.

Lowery is being represented by the Institute for Free Speech, which filed his lawsuit [pdf] on February 8, 2023.

The campaign [against Lowery and his allies at the university] started by pressuring Carlos Carvalho, another professor of business at the UT McCombs School who is also the Executive Director of the Salem Center for Public Policy, an academic institute that is part of the McCombs School. Lowery is an Associate Director and a Senior Scholar at the Salem Center and reports to Carvalho.

In the summer of 2022, Sheridan Titman, one of the senior UT officials named in the lawsuit, told Carvalho, “We need to do something about Richard.” According to the lawsuit, “he added that [UT] President [Jay] Hartzell and Dean [Lillian] Mills were upset about Lowery’s political advocacy.” Titman wanted to know if ‘we can ask him to tone it down?’”

Carvalho understood this as a threat by Titman, directed at Lowery, but initially refused to convey it. Carvalho explained to Titman that the First Amendment protected Prof. Lowery’s right to expression.

Despite this, the administrators ratcheted up the pressure on Carvalho and Lowery. When Carvalho again resisted calls to discipline Lowery over his speech. Dean Mills, the lead defendant in the lawsuit, threatened to remove Carvalho from his Executive Director post. “I don’t need to remind you that you serve at my pleasure,” she said. These were among the UT administration’s threats to Lowery’s “job, pay, institute affiliation, research opportunities, [and] academic freedom.”

Some in the administration even “allowed, or at least did not retract, a UT employee’s request that police surveil Lowery’s speech, because he might contact politicians or other influential people.” [emphasis mine]

Lowery has since been forced to self-censor, cutting back on his public commentary, including ending his use of Twitter. He also fears police action against him, instigated by their surveillance of his speech and his fear of broad unfounded accusations by these university officials.

Lowery is not new to these battles. In a September 2022 blacklist post I described his filing of a class-action lawsuit against Texas A&M for its discriminatory hiring policies that specifically favored minorities (except for Asians), also based on the modern racist “diversity, equity, and inclusion” movement.

It now appears his willingness to fight these policies both at his own university as well as another Texas university raised the ire of the upper management of Texas academia, which probably contributed to the effort now at UT-Austin to either silence him or get rid of him entirely. His lawsuit specifically names the three individuals who threatened him and Carvalho: Lillian Mills, Ethan Burris, and Sheridan Titman, all part of management at the McCombs School of Business.

The lawsuit strangely does not name Meeta Kothare, director of the Global Sustainability Leadership Institute (GSLI) at McCombs, or Madison Gove, an employee under Kothare at GSLI. Lowery had used his Twitter account to criticize this institute, describing it as an indoctrination tool for “left-wing activism.” Kothare had responded by trying to get Lowery’s superiors to silence him, or failing that to punish him financially. When this failed, Madison Gove, with the approval of her supervisors at GSLI and McCombs, then contacted the police, showing them Lowery’s various critical tweets and asking them to monitor his speech.

It seems these UT-Austin officials are equally at fault, and should face sanction as well for their attempts to blacklist Lowery.

Regardless, the large number of management people at UT-Austin who are eager to censor and blacklist once again tells us something about the sad state of academic freedom in academia. As I mentioned in my column yesterday, the blacklist and bigoted culture that exists in academia is deep and well ingrained. It will take many more lawsuits and the sustained courageous efforts of many people over time to change it.

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  • Phill O

    “His lawsuit specifically names the three individuals who threatened by him and Carvalho: Lillian Mills, Ethan Burris, and Sheridan Titman, all part of management at the McCombs School of Business.”

    Did you mean threatened him, not by him?

  • Phill O: I have deleted the stray “by”. Thank you!

  • James Street

    A revival started February 8th at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. This isn’t an emotional or psychological thing, it’s a spiritual thing. And it’s spreading to other colleges.

    “‘GOD IS NOT DEAD:’ Student-led Christian revival on campus is attracting thousands

    A student-led revival at Asbury University continues to attract thousands of students across the globe and spark similar events at other universities.

    The revival began after a school chapel service on February 8 that University President Kevin Brown described as “ordinary” and “unremarkable” to NBC. But the performance of a student-led worship choir following the service sparked a call to perpetual praise, which has continued for over a week and a half.

    After having gone viral on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, as many as 5,000 worshipers of all ages from across the country have flocked to the small town of Wilmore, Kentucky, a town of less than 7,000 people.”

  • Cotour



    The new CEO of CNN in an attempt to kick CNN in the pants and have the entity actually once again report relevant semi objective news instead of just being a water carrier and propaganda censor for the radical Leftists in the Democrat party, has fired some dead weight. Chris Licht, CEO quickly fired Leftist “progressive” (D) propagandist talking head Mr. Potato Head, Brian Stelter, a well-deserved long overdue firing IMO. Well done!

    And what about Don Lemon who is considered one of the dumbest talking heads in media? He is also a “progressive” and a solid supporter and propagandist for the radical Leftist “progressive” Democrat party agenda. Why was he not fired outright along with Mr. Stelter? Both corporate dead weight liabilities, IMO and both richly deserved the same treatment by management. And there are exactly two reasons for that, and we will get back to that later.

    Embattled CNN anchor Don Lemon flees to Miami Beach amid Nikki Haley controversy

    And in the corporate shuffling Don Lemon was spared and demoted to a ladies morning show with a female counter part, which you would think he would excel at. But Don is once again showing why he is a massive liability as CNN attempts to rise from the ashes of Liberal / Leftist political “progressive” propaganda partisanship (D).

    Lemons strategic and ridiculous statement that Niki Haley is past her prime and citing a Google search related to the ages that women are in their prime and she should check herself. What!?

    (And just to keep things real IMO Niki Haley on a scale of 1 to 10 has about a 1/2 % chance of becoming president, going nowhere, a cringe candidate.)

    And Lemons very convenient self-serving interpretation of this biological reference to the ages that women are biologically prime related to reproducing and NOT a comment on female mental competency, capacity or ability. A fifth grade scratch your eyes out pull your hair perspective and that is exactly Mr. Lemon’s level. And so, we ask: Why has Don Lemon not been fired long ago along with Mr. Stelter?

    Why? Because: 1. Mr. Lemon is black, AND 2. Mr. Lemon is gay (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Two currently protected classes of Americans. And those two reasons are the only conclusion that I can come up with. Mr. Stelter who is a white dummy and Leftist meat puppet propagandist was fired, but Mr. Lemon who is just as dopey and just as much of a Leftist (D) meat puppet propagandist liability was not fired. Now that is discrimination IMO.

  • Bob Wilson

    Where are Republican Texas governor Abbott and the Republican controlled legislature? Ron DeSantis is showing Republican governors how it should be done and I hope he shames them into doing the right thing..

  • Jeff Wright

    The photograph looked more like the Blues Brothers than mafia ;)

  • SDN

    “Where are Republican Texas governor Abbott and the Republican controlled legislature?”


    Unfortunately, the Texas Constitution limits the power of the TX executive to much less than Gov DeSantis has in FL. County DAs are elected, most of the major cities have Soros backed ones, and the TX Supreme court has ruled that the state AG can only file criminal cases in the county where the crime was committed.

  • Cotour

    “Don Lemon has reportedly been cut from the morning show at CNN after his remarks last week about Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley.” (Even CNN has to take out the trash once in a while)

    Will Lemon join Brian Stelter and become an international talking head fronting for George Soros and Klause Schwabe and the WEF in Davos now? Or become a cartoon producer within the Disney corporation?

    Lemon’s opportunities are vast being such an objective and informed news unit talking head.

  • Cotour



    East Palestine, one specific little town, was offered one week before the massive train wreck that left them with burning chemical residue in their air and water high tech personal monitoring devices by their own fire department: 1:53 min.

    Probably just one of those crazy very rare coincidences that we are seeing over and over again in our modern world related to actions instituted by our government agencies. It is for your health and safety.

    “Days before the train derailment, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention updated its profile of vinyl chloride, removing a section on how the chemical affects children.”

    Yeah, all probably just a coincidence, kind of like practicing for a terrorist airplane strike on 9-11, and Covid 19 and the shot. Don’t forget to get you and your children your boosters ;)

    Everything is normal, nothing to see here. You tell me.

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