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Today’s blacklisted American: “Progressive” leftists in Seattle can’t even take a joke, blackballing four comedians

Cancelled comedians
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They’re coming for you next: Not surprisingly, a comedy club located in the heart of Seattle, in the very same CHAZ neighborhood (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) that leftist Antifa thugs took over in 2020 after the death of George Floyd, has cancelled the scheduled appearance of four comedians, apparently because all four were considered too moderate and not “progressive” enough for that radical community of close-minded fascists. As rationalized in an email to the comedians, comedy club officials explained:

Capitol Hill is known for its progressive values, and we’ve received significant feedback expressing concerns about the alignment of these upcoming shows with the neighborhood’s ethos. This feedback includes concerns from local advocacy groups that are deeply embedded in our community and work towards upholding its values.

Given the feedback and to avoid any potential negative impact on both our club and the artists involved, as well as to maintain the harmony within our community, we believe the most responsible course of action is to not move forward with the shows for Dave Smith on April 11th, Luis J Gomez for May 31st-June 1st, Jim Florentine for September 20th-21st and sadly Kurt Metzger on October 11th-12th as well.

The email also added most dishonestly, “We truly value the art of comedy and the diverse perspectives it brings to our lives.”

What a crock. If this club and this leftist neighborhood “truly valued … diverse perspectives” it would have welcomed these performers. To do that however threatened the bubble of communist, Marxist, racist, and close-minded ideas of the “local advocacy groups that are deeply embedded in our community.” Can’t have that! Imagine the horror had they been exposed to diverse ideas or even funny jokes about different ideas. Better to silence comedy and all laughter than to hear something funny these leftists might not like.

All four comedians used the same agent, who was able to almost instantly get them rebooked at a different comedy club, only twenty minutes outside of Seattle. I wonder if that club might find itself swamped by lefty protesters when these comedians show up to perform, screaming and shouting and threatening violence should any of these comedians dare to tell a joke!

The future as imagined by the
The future as imagined by the “progressive” left,
everyone a mindless drone

It is this close-minded, fearful thinking I was referring to in my essay earlier today, when I described the present fork in the road on which we stand.

We unfortunately also have a curse that often limits our abilities, and that curse is the lust for power. Rather than adapt and invent, some humans would rather wield power over others. These individuals generally don’t know how to adapt and invent, and are often frightened of such new things. They then act to control everyone else, and the result generally is poverty, ignorance, and collapse.

This Seattle comedy club and its leftist community illustrate beautifully these power-hungry cowards, who can’t tolerate an open society or creativity from others. Rather than encourage new ideas, they wield power to shut it down.

On the other side are the open-minded fearless explorers of the unknown, who not only wish to conquer the stars but are unafraid of laughing at all kinds of jokes, even ones that poke fun at themselves.

Genesis cover

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