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Today’s blacklisted American: Seattle runs segregated critical race theory classes, teaching that whites are evil

Discriminated against in Seattle
Eagerly discriminated against in Seattle

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” The city government of Seattle is funding a series of segregated critical race theory (CRT) seminars for its employees, with whites and blacks sent to different sessions, which then teach from these different perspectives that all whites are racist and evil and work to oppress blacks.

City staffers ‘who identify as people of color’ were invited to the three-hour ‘Internalized Racial Inferiority’ session on September 3, after it was organized by the city-funded Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI), revealed KTTH radio host Jason Rantz on Monday.

A similar sister session was offered exclusively to white workers, which taught attendees that they are ‘responsible’ for racism because of the color of their skin.

The lesson was billed as a way to explore ‘the process which American conditioning, socialization and history leads People of Color to internalize racialized beliefs, ideas and behaviors about themselves, undergirding the power of White Supremacy.’ It also outlined 10 ‘truths’ that must be accepted by city employees, which include, ‘colonialism is at the root of white supremacy,’ ‘Racism is based on the legal and social construction of whiteness’ and ‘Government has a responsibility to be anti-racist.’

Those ten truths, shown in seminar documents at the link, also specifically demand that blacks and American Indians be given special and favored treatment.

Essentially, these are Nazi-like courses designed to foster hate between the races, and encourage all to oppress whites. Worse, the racist 10 “truths” that form the heart of these seminars are all lies, based on nothing but Marxist propaganda.

For example, just because you claim that “colonialism is at the root of white supremacy” does not make it so, and in fact the claim is fundamentally wrong. The colonization of the western hemisphere had almost nothing to do with racism. While such evils sometimes manifested themselves, the fundamental reason Europeans came to the New World was to start a new life, for themselves. The settlers did not care what the indigenous peoples did, as long as those people left them alone. Sadly, the purposes and existence of the two often came in conflict. That the literate west always won those conflicts had nothing to do with racism but with the west’s superior technology, written languages, and more sophisticated legal frameworks, none of which where available to the native populations.

You could show the falsity of the other nine “truths” as well, merely by thinking about them for about ten seconds, rather than accepting them without question. All foster hate between ethnic and racial groups, not a more just society where everyone can live in peace and pursue their happiness freely.

This Seattle seminar is a good summary of what our academic and education communities are now teaching in all colleges, and are also trying to introduce to the public schools, with the willful help of some legislators and the disinterested apathy of most others. If ordinary Americans do not act now to stop the indoctrination of their children to this bigoted and very false ideology, the future of our country is guaranteed to be seeped in blood and genocide.

There is one ray of hope in this story. According to Rantz who broke the story, the seminars apparently were not accepted without question by their students.

Rantz reported that many Black employees, especially those within the police department, were ‘outraged and disgusted’ by the subject matter and ideologies being thrust upon city workers during these meetings.

We can only hope that the decent people of America everywhere will push back against the hatred now being forced on them by their so-called “intellectual betters.”

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  • Dean Hurt

    The degree of hatred and evil in this country and in our educational systems, like so much pus from the infected minds of bigoted Leftists and race-baiters is discouraging and so anathema to our American way of life. However, since I am a proud Caucasian member of society, I have no valid voice and my longing to return to a time when we were all trying to see each other through color-blind glasses, and for the most part being successful is now considered racism by Leftists that are lusting after the destruction of this great nation.
    If Mr. Green New Deal Biden could, find a way to harness the potential power generated from Martin Luther King and the other true Civil Rights giants spinning in their graves…he might gain a few points in the polls. But I believe it may be too late for Joey Demento.

  • John

    We need some sort of national divorce. I share nothing in common with seattle and would have nothing to do with it.

  • Cotour

    Yes, just white people are evil:

  • wayne

    Dissecting David French’s Article Against National Divorce
    Michael Malice

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