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Today’s blacklisted American: Second-grade child punished for talking about Christianity

Persecuting Christians is once again cool!
Persecuting Christians, even little children, is once again cool!

They’re coming for you next: A second-grader at North Hill Elementary School in Des Moines, Washington, has been regularly harassed and punished by the teachers and administrators because she likes to talk about her Christian religion to her playmates.

The harassment has included searching her backpack each morning to confiscate any Christian materials before she entered school. The punishment included sending her to the principal’s office ten different times since January 1st for daring to mention the Bible and her Christian beliefs to others. From the press release of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which is threatening to sue the school and its district if this Soviet-type censorious behavior does not stop:

Once the parents contacted the ACLJ, we provided a letter [to the Highline School District that runs the school] explaining the First Amendment protections and their application to students in public school, fully expecting the principal would immediately apologize for violating this child’s rights. Instead, the principal doubled down and stated that it is school policy that students cannot distribute materials that “Cause a disruption or interfere with school activities.”

This, in fact, is not the case. The Highline School District has a Freedom of Expression policy that only prohibits the distribution of written materials that cause a disruption of school activities “in an assembly or classroom setting” – not outside on the playground.

Furthermore, it is well-settled Supreme Court precedent that students do not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Community Sch. Dist. (1969). Students are free to express their religious views while at school, which includes sharing Bibles, Christian tracts, and crosses. According to the Court in Tinker, concern that a substantial disruption could occur as a result of permitting students to exercise their First Amendment rights is an insufficient reason to restrict student speech. [emphasis mine]

Apparently, what school officials and teachers did not like is this girl talking to others about religion. Yuch! We can’t have the minds of other children poisoned by such stuff! It will take time away from convincing them that boys are girls and girls are boys!

The result? This little child was treated like a Christian in Imperial Rome, her religious material seen as illegal contraband and her freedom to speak a criminal offense. Will school officials send her to the Colosseum to be eaten by lions? Maybe she and her parents need to organize secret meetings in caves to avoid persecution.

The ACLJ demanded a response by the school district by March 14th — correcting its actions — or it would take further legal action. A review of the ACLJ website shows no update as yet, either from the school district or the ACLJ.

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  • pzatchok

    We are lucky here in Ohio.

    We have a voucher system and the money follows the student to any school they attend.

    We would just send that child to a better parochial school and forget about it.

    Its called freedom. Break the educational unions hold on your child’s cash value.

  • James Street

    The corruption of the best is the worst.

    A 26 second video of Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s husband grooming children. That’s OK.

  • Please, ACLU, and any of the other well-intentioned:

    Don’t tell me what you ‘are going to do’, or are ‘threatening to do’.

    Tell me what you’ve done, or are doing Anything else is BS

  • Blair Ivey: Note that the ACLU was not mentioned in the story, and is doing nothing at all in this case. The ACLJ is a different organization, and they have done what most lawyers do in such situations, begin with a warning letter. Their client likely wants things fixed quickly, for their child’s sake. If a mere letter threatening further legal action can accomplish this, it is a wise action, to begin with.

    ACLJ however is no paper tiger. If the letter achieves nothing they will act.

  • Cotour

    ACLU = Lawrence Tribe.

    ACLJ= Allan Dershowitz.

    The one being a politically, ideologically driven political tool of the extreme Left and the, use the Constitution against itself so “WE” can “properly” interpret it in OUR righteous perspective and “more smarter” and superior in every way, shape and manner. Ala George Soros.

    And the other an actual objective civil libertarian.

  • beau

    we do not have enough millstones.

  • Do we have any millstones? Let me check under the Victrola… Nope. Behind the 8-track player… Nope. Maybe in the box of VHS tapes…

  • Sez1

    Yet….we have the moral high ground to condemn Russia?? Or….ignore the Ukranian actions in the Donbas region?

    Or…..protest anti-abortion legislation? Or….try to enact legislation in Maryland that allows for 2 week newborns to be killed??

    This is why “our home is not our home”. This world is falling dark, greater each day. What’s wrong is right…..innocent people being treated as criminals while those truly guilty go free in this society.

    Like history…..might as well be called Rome.

  • Cotour

    More on the different perspectives:

    “Woke”, Liberal, Leftist “Social Justice” warriors threaten anyone who they disagree with. And these are the lawyers in training in the highest-level of the halls of education in America? They might as well be members of a politburo.

    This is the result of the radical Liberal / Leftist anti and un-American, Lawrence Tribe flavor of Constitutional interpretation of law and free speech. This is the gift of the Left over the last 50 or 60 years.

    “Woke Yale Law students were filmed threatening two guest speakers and staff at a free speech event where a conservative guest successfully defended a Supreme Court decision of a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding ceremony. ”

    And as I have pointed out previously, “Social justice” is but a subjective emotional perspective in interpreting and executing law and justice. In other words a kangaroo court / Lord Of The Flies model of justice.

    Why is the Constitution still the most relevant concept in governance, law and justice? Because it structures an objective model of law and justice. Perfect? No, but its the best hope for the future of civilization. It is the foundation that Americas success are all sitting upon. Destroy it and imperil us all.

    Shameful and disgraceful, like children, and a very dangerous indication for the future of America and the world.

    ACLU = Lawrence Tribe, subjective civil “Justice” warrior and destroyer of the Constitution. No longer an objective lawyer.

    ACLJ= Allan Dershowitz, objective civil libertarian. A lawyer of the first order who understands his function as a lawyer in America as structured by the Constitution.

  • Cotour

    Why is this proposed oil transaction system possible but not likely to have a long term success? (IMO)

    “Biden Effect: Saudi Arabia Invites Chinese President Xi to Visit Country as Relations with US Unwind”

    Because none of any of these oil interested players in the world have what it takes to instill confidence in those who they deal with. And what is that? A system of law and justice in business that they can have confidence in, they are either Communist based or thugocracy based.

    Objectively, where and how is confidence instilled regarding such things? America as a result of its Constitution which structures a legal / law and justice system that oversees all business contracts and all other concerned issues, such as freedom of speech and the like.

    And that is exactly why the Left hates the document and attempts to use it against itself in order to destabilize and destroy it.

    Why? Because they see themselves essentially exactly the same as those Communist and thugocracies in how they want to operate.

  • Cotour

    How do the Communist / Thugoracist want to be’s in our American government want to transform and control your ability to freely move in America?

    “Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Says Solution to High Gas Prices is “Public Transportation””

    They want you on busses and bicycles, just like in China.

    (Oh, yeah, and / or buy a $60,000.00 electric auto which apparently runs on “Free” energy which directly enriches Communist China)

    Black is white, up is down, good is bad and justice is injustice.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Hey now. Some of really do still have VHS tapes.

    In fact I have a set of the original Star Wars Trilogy issued BEFORE Lucas decided to “re-edit”. them So Han shoots first.

    As for Yale Law students shutting down an event. Let them. In fact, no conservative lawyer should ever go there again to explain how a case came out in favor of a conservative. That way these Yale students never learn a correct argument, never hear a SCOTUS ruling that explains why their view fails Constitutionally, never see the opposite of their POV, so when they do get to a court room, or even a law firm, they fail, fall flat on their face. Yale Law students will find themselves out of jobs.

    Sadly, that just means that most will end up running for some office.

  • Cotour


    The long-term takeaway is that this is what these young students are being taught is the reality in our country related to how they need to see themselves as lawyers in our law and justice system.

    It’s one thing to be an advocate for a client, it’s another thing entirely when you believe that your job is to reshape the system in which you operate to serve your political position and Leftist authoritarian needs.

    These are potential enemies of the Constitution and will operate in court rooms and will be elected to politically empowered offices around the country.

    Not good, and there is no one in authority within these citadels of “higher education” that are slapping them down and correcting them. Why? Because they either fear them, or they are one of them.

    Not good.

  • sippin_bourbon

    “It’s one thing to be an advocate for a client, it’s another thing entirely when you believe that your job is to reshape the system in which you operate to serve your political position and Leftist authoritarian needs.”

    They have been doing this for decades.

    What you describe is the view of the left in a nutshell. Regardless of which system, judicial, education, transportation, etc, they see it as imperative that they re-shape it to their goals. The primary means is whatever works, not whatever is actually legal or moral. With left leaning folks they can justify means for any end required.

  • Col Beausabre

    When will these dumb parents realize that children belong to the State and not them ?! Their only involvement is to procreate – “The village” will take over from there

  • Cotour

    And this is the chink (Can I say that?) in the armor that the Left uses to justify all their actions. They find a word or a concept, a nugget and then pervert it to their purposes.

    I am certain Col. that you do not mean “Belong” to their parents. You mean are responsible for until such time as they reach the age of majority.

    When we talk in such terms as ownership then they can justify their actions in indoctrinating children in the many ways that they need to indoctrinate them.

    When the Left says “It takes a village” what they mean is they ascribe to a communistic model of government over the people, they see themselves as actually owning those young minds to better serve their purposes.

    Its as sick as one get. And that is why they must be cleaned out of the majority in government.

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