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Today’s blacklisted American: The massacred Alamo defenders were a myth, because they were white!

The Alamo, censored

Today’s blacklist story really begins with with 70-year-old Phil Collins from the rock band Genesis. Though born and raised in England, Collins has been for most of his life a passionate aficionado of all things related to the battle of the Alamo in Texas in 1836. That passion caused him to accumulate in his life a gigantic collection of Alamo memorabilia worth 10 million pounds, including the rifle that belonged to Davy Crockett and the sword that belonged to Mexican general Santa Anna.

In 2014 Collins, who is in poor health, donated that entire 430-piece collection to the state of Texas, on the condition the state build a museum at the Alamo to exhibit it. That museum is scheduled to open next summer, and is expected to attract millions to the site.

So, who is being blacklisted? Well, it appears it is the Alamo itself, or at least the true history of that battle, where a Mexican army of 6,000 overwhelmed a small outpost manned by only 200 Texan volunteers. No prisoners were taken, all were killed. That butchery became the rallying cry for Texas independence from Mexico.

It appears that this story must no longer be told, even though true, because it celebrates the unwavering courage of the settlers from the United States who created Texas, while illustrating the cruel dictatorship of Mexico at that time.

Instead, today’s modern Marxist racist identity warriors want that museum to shift its focus from documenting that massacre, a key event in the history of Texas, to instead celebrating the Mexicans that fought that battle, as well as the Hispanics and native Indians of Texas, even if they had no part in that battle at all.

George Cisneros, one of the leaders of the movement to make Alamo commemorations more multi-racial, said he feared the museum would be an ‘expensive palace glorifying the Alamo myth’.

Note the lie and bigotry in Cisneros’ claim. The massacre of the defenders at the Alamo is a “myth.” We must instead celebrate the people who committed that slaughter, merely because of their ethnicity and racial make-up.

Whether Texas politicians and the local governments who run the Alamo will bow to these mindless and ignorant leftist demands remains to be seen. So far it appears they are resisting, as indicated by the very existence of the article that I link to above. That article only exists as a platform to promote the agenda of these Marxist thugs, and would not have been published if they had won their battle and the museum was now being designed to celebrate Mexico and condemn the evil white supremacists at the Alamo who stole Texas from it.

And even if the museum gets installed as Phil Collins intended, as a celebration of the Texas heroes of that battle, this will not end the effort of these anti-American propagandists. Their numbers now are legion and can be found everywhere now in our society. Like the horde of Mexican soldiers that overran the Texan defenders, these bigots are ready and willing to do the same to the defenders now of America’s real history. They will not stop their campaign until all American history is erased, replaced with the lie that all Americans were forever white supremacists who only wanted to enslave and kill minorities.

And if you doubt me I merely point you to the various efforts in the past two years to remove the statues of Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson. These defenders of individual liberty, like the defenders at the Alamo, must be wiped from history, because their very existence illustrates the lies and intellectual dishonesty of the anti-American left.

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  • Col Beausabre

    It should be pointed out that Tejanos (Mexican descended Texans) fought shoulder to shoulder with their Texican (Anglo descended Texans) neighbors throughout the Texas War of Independence – something I learned from my father, who was from Texas, when I was a child back in the Fifties. After the Mexican army began their siege, Santa Anna ordered the black flag be flown and the band play “Dequello” – an ancient Moorish march that means “No Quarter”. It is widely accepted that any Texans who tried to surrender were summarily executed.

  • Col Beausabre: You illustrate another lie of these bigoted leftists. To them, anyone who supported Texas independence must have been part of the white hegemony. No minorities were allowed by those white racists!

    It is a lie of course. If anything, Americans from day one have been the most racially tolerant of all nations. We were unfortunately cursed with the failed southern colonies and their slavery. It took decades to rid ourselves of that.

  • sippin_bourbon

    They will never let anything as petty as facts get in the way of being woke.

  • Richard M

    Oikophobia strikes again.

  • Questioner

    Mr. Zimmermann,

    I would omit any moral bigotry to justify the separation of Texas from Mexico. The Mexican government then certainly had a very different view than you do today. I have informed myself: It seems that the American settlers who were allowed into the country by the Mexican government under certain conditions did not follow the given rules, which of course is a fraud against the Mexican government. For example, the Mexican government under President General Santa Anna banned the slavery of American settlers.

    Suffice it to say that those who wanted to achieve a separation had the means and achieved it practically and permanently. That was it. Not more or less. It was certainly not legal, it was just a conquest, let’s put it by its name.

  • Cotour

    And you thought that Lois learner was arrogant?

    But another “Intellectualization” of the concept of taxation, finance and accounting. Your insane, not her or them. (That is what they very confidently propose)

    What could go wrong?

  • Tom Biggar

    Modern liberalism asks us to forget all the good that Jefferson, et al did in their lives and remember only their color; then asks us to forget all the evil that Geo Floyd et al did in their lives and remember only their color.

  • Alton

    So Sorry to See:
    I enjoyed going to class in the 70s in the same Building where Thomas Jefferson earned his BA’1762 and JD’ 1792.
    The first President to earn a PhD until Woodrow Wilson the great Democrat who re-segregated the US Army and the Federal bureaucracy after the loss of over 800,000 dead Americans to change the body politic.

  • Spike72AFA

    One of the current lies about the Texas revolution was that it was (only) to protect the. right to own slaves after the more enlightened Mexican govt. had outlawed slavery – long before the US. The truth is that the Mexican govt outlawed importing slavery as a means to discourage immigration. No slaves in Texas or the rest of Mexico were freed. Most importantly, the entire economic system of Mexico was based on the peon system where the lowest class (indigenous people) were tied to the land without any rights to leave or improve their life. The Texas Revolution was part of a larger Federal Rebellion of 1835 where 11 Mexican states rebelled against the tyranny of President Santa Anna, who had thrown out the Constitution and claimed all power to himself. Only one state succeeded in that rebellion – Texas.

  • Chris W.

    Thank you Spike72AFA, for pointing out that Santa Ana was a petty tyrant who had abolished the Mexican Constitution, which had been established only 10+ years previously after Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821.

    By the way, one of the entities that is trying to change the history of the Alamo is actually the State of Texas itself. George P. Bush (yes, one of those Bushes), the Texas Land Commissioner, has wanted the Battle de-emphasized and the Alamo’s history as one of many Missions in Texas to be in the forefront instead. Bush had many of the Alamo history displays and artifacts moved from the Alamo site a few years ago. He also tried very hard to remove the Cenotaph (which carries the names of those killed during the Battle) from in front of the Alamo to another location somewhere else in San Antonio. Fortunately, Texans fought this vehemently, and Bush relented – for now.
    The Alamo is VERY special to all Texans, especially natural-born Texans (like myself). It has defined the spirit of Texas throughout its history, much like Lexington and Concord have defined America. Hopefully we will continue to defend it.

  • sippin_bourbon

    In 1833, Santa Anna was elected President of Mexico. but believing the people not capable of democracy, he immediately scrapped their Constitution (cannot be breaking the law, so he got rid of the law), raised taxes (gotta fund suppressing armies somehow), eliminated the Congress, attacked the church (for supporting the “other guy” and as a means of acquiring funds, ordered the people disarmed (common for move for aspiring tyrants)

    So, wait.. who committed fraud?

  • Dan Hamilton

    These Progressives are IDIOTS.
    Santa Anna was a DICTATOR.
    The Alamo fighters fought to support the Mexican Constitution with the Slave ruling.
    It was only AFTER Santa Anna’s defeat that Texians went for Independence.
    Mexico had a Dictator, the Constitution was DEAD, they had no choice but Independence.
    The Progressives support any NON-White doesn’t matter WHAT they did. Case in point the Aztecs.
    The Aztecs murdered (sacrificed) 100s of 1000s of people but the Progressive support THEM rather then the Spanish with Many non-White allies brought them down.

  • A. Nonymous

    As Spike and bourbon pointed out, Santa Anna (the self-proclaimed “Napoleon of the West”) started the whole mess with the abrupt shredding of Mexico’s federal constitution and its replacement with a highly-centralized government designed to further-enrich the wealthy and powerful (including himself). Here’ a line straight from Wikipedia that somehow hasn’t been censored yet:

    “Several states openly rebelled against the changes including Alta California, Nuevo México, Tabasco, Sonora, Coahuila y Tejas, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Durango, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Yucatán, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas. Several of these states formed their own governments: the Republic of the Rio Grande, the Republic of Yucatán, and the Republic of Texas.”

    That’s like half of Mexico, by land area. Why don’t you ever hear about this? Well, for starters, Santa Anna wiped them all out. He did exactly the same things to them that he would later do at the Alamo and Goliad. Texas had a slight advantage over the others, simply because it was the farthest north, and therefore had the longest time to organize and prepare. And even that wasn’t enough; Santa Anna kept obliterating all resistance along his march, and chased the Texian militia hundreds of miles, to the point where they were looking at potentially crossing the border to Louisiana just in order to escape with their lives. And then came San Jacinto, which is one of the most absurdly unbelievable battles in history, something that would be widely derided as totally unrealistic if it were to be written up as a fictional novel.

    And yet, today we’re supposed to ignore all that, and view all of history through the Marxist lenses of class (and its modern successor, race). How very Orwellian: “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past.”

  • Michael Gilson

    Like A. Nonymous said, I once had a history teacher who pointed out that everyone revolted against Santa Anna, that the Texans just barely squeezed out a win because they were the last ones he got to so the Texans had more time to prepare and Santa Anna’s forces were weakened by fighting and logistics. And that guy like many teachers was pretty liberal.

  • Defending Freedom


    You are not done educating yourself about Texas’ revolution against Mexico. The facts are that Santa Anna overthrew the legally passed constitution of 1824 when he appointed himself dictator of Mexico. That action nullified many of the protections that caused people to settle in what was then Texas y Coahuila. There were many Mexican states that rebelled at the time for the exact same reason. The future Texas was the only one that was successful in their rebellion.

    The “rules” that Tejanos/Texicans wouldn’t follow were dictate imposed by the illegal government of Mexico under Santa Anna.

  • Max

    Whats it the harshness of Santa Ana’s rule that was the inspiration for the “legend of Zorro” in California?

    The rallying cry “remember the Alamo” inspired thousands of volunteers heading to Mexico City with Sam Houston resulting in the conquering of Mexico.
    The surrender details are laid out in the treaty of Guadalupe where the union received control of half of Mexico above the Rio Grande and all the way to the west coast. laid at their feet by the people of Texas.

    At the same time, the Mormons were forced from Illinois in the winter of 46 across the Mississippi to Indian territory at council bluffs were many died. In the spring of 47, the Mormons left the United States, which was intolerant to their beliefs, to live in Mexico on the other side of the Rockies.
    War with Mexico in 48, put the Mormons back in United States territory. The gold strike in California sent 2 million settlers across Utah and Oregon forever changing the landscape in 49.

    The independent republics of the north united with one supreme leader, Abraham Lincoln, to reunite the breakaway republics of the south.

    Once the north conquered the south, they no longer had the right of the independent rule and Texas no longer could succeed from the union as spoils of war… All the territories were occupied/owned buy the new United States governed by the BLM.
    The state of emergency which give Washington DC it’s power during the Civil War has never been resended.
    We went from many independent nations, to one nation under God.
    Mexico was forced under the treaty to adopt a new constitution which renamed the country “the united states of Mexico”. Without the right to own guns to defend itself, which lead to armed gangs like Pancho Villa, Comanches, Apache’s and Bandidos to cause havoc. Mexico has never recovered.

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