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Today’s blacklisted American: The University of Washington proudly says “no whites need apply!”

University of Washington: dedicated to the new segregation!
University of Washington: dedicated to the new segregation!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” According to a recent investigation [pdf] completed by the University of Washington, its Department of Psychology broke numerous civil rights laws as well as the university’s own rules by using race as a criteria in the hiring of five new tenure track assistent professors. From the report’s summery:

The review showed that both the hiring decision and the hiring process were inconsistent with EO 31 [the university’s own anti-discrimination rule], as race was used as a factor. Specifically, faculty inappropriately considered candidates’ races when determining the order of offers and altered the process to provide disparate opportunities for candidates based on their race.

The investigation’s report was obtained by the National Academy of Scholars (NAS), which noted that the department rejected the recommendations of its hiring committee expressly because one candidate recommended was white, and then arbitrarily rearranged the rankings so that all five positions would be filled with people of “color,” as the department’s own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion office so proudly notes, even now.

This racist hiring practice was then used as the template for a handbook [pdf] to set these discriminatory policies in stone, guaranteeing that future hiring practices continue to exclude whites and especially white men. As noted by the City Journal,

[T]the handbook advises recruiters to “prepare for success” by developing a strategy for how to hire based on race. To guarantee nonwhite candidates, recruiters should reach out directly to underrepresented minority (URM) candidates. The department’s search committee “sent over 100 personal emails, primarily to URM researchers.” The handbook carefully ranks favored minority groups, specifically “Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, or American Indian/Indigenous,” above less preferred ones, specifically “Asian American or Middle Eastern American.” [emphasis mine]

Note that the highlighted term. Though vague and unusual, it seems to me to be very expressly designed to exclude American Jews first, but then all other Americans other than the races that are to be favored.

As a result of this investigation, the university suspended the psychology department from any tenure track hiring for two years, after which the department will be required to work with the provost’s office to make sure it does not reintroduce its discriminatory practices. It also announced that ” the department and university as a whole should no longer use” the handbook, as it violates many civil rights regulations and the university’s own policies.

The wording tells us how meaningless this order is. The university did not ban the handbook, it simply advised its abandonment. And it appears no one has heeded that advice, according to the pyschology department’s own website. Here is how it still today describes the bigoted hiring process that was condemned by the university’s own investigation:

Psychology hired five Faculty of Color to the tenure track during the 2020-21 academic year (one joined with tenure), three with endowed term professorships generated by department advancement efforts. These faculty study topics ranging from inequity to systems neuroscience, and guidance/oversight from the Diversity Advisory Committee was critical in our success with building a diverse pool and enacting strategies that avoid biases and promote equity. Our search committees also all meet with the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement, often multiple times, to increase equal opportunity.

We have also mandated that all job candidates meet with our Diversity Steering Committee during their interviews and that the voice of this committee is incorporated into hiring decisions. Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement also provides DEI workshops in the department, including one focused on faculty retention, so we can work toward retaining the talented faculty joining our department. Contributions to diversity is a key criterion in our internal decision making about hiring directions, is critical in the rubrics used in all faculty searches, and is part of faculty merit reviews. [emphasis mine]

This quote mirrors almost exactly the recommendations contained within the handbook. The psychology department clearly still follows that handbook, and will continue to do so.

Note also that the university’s punishment is really a slap on the wrist. It is likely that, after hiring those five new minorities in 2020-2021, the psychology department likely didn’t need to hire anyone else for two years anyway. It appears that once this suspension is lifted, it will go back to its old ways, especially because these racist policy permeate the department not only in hiring but in the teaching and research. From its own mission statement:

The University of Washington’s Department of Psychology is committed to promoting diversity and fostering equity and inclusion in all aspects of its activities and initiatives. This diversity is often rooted in current and historical experiences of oppression and prejudice that have disproportionately devalued people of different identities including, but not exclusive to, races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, gender-identifications, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses.

Not only does catalyzing the power of diversity enrich all of us by exposing us to a range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, define and deliver solutions, but it is also necessary for building a comprehensive understanding of human behavior. As such, we actively work to eliminate barriers and obstacles created by structural inequality and institutional discrimination.

Democrats: The party of genocide and bigotry
Democrats: The party of genocide and bigotry

Since the college’s administrators have not been called in front of Congress to explain their bigoted policies, there will be little pressure on them to change. I also suspect the investigation itself was done to simply give the university cover should anyone sue it. “See! We don’t discriminate! And when we do we take action to prohibit it in the future!”

Normally I would conclude by suggesting the state legislature rethink any funding to this school, but being in a state that is utterly controlled by the modern bigoted Democratic Party, that suggestion would fall on deaf ears. If anything, I would expect the Democrats who control this state to applaud this bigotry, and even reward Washington University for initiating it.

Nor would I expect the college’s alumni or students to do anything. Either they are apathetic, uninterested, or wholly in favor of the new bigotry. Expect within a decade or so there will be no whites employed anywhere in positions of power at this college, unless those whites identify as Democratic Party hacks or as a person of color.

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  • Max

    I have a dream… That my children one day will be judged by the content of the character, and not by the color of their skin….

  • pzatchok

    Minorities can not be racist because they are not in power. White men have all the power.

    Funny how they forget they have the power now to hire and fire at will. Except where the laws they fought for apply.

    Hypocrisy anyone?

  • Alex Bensky

    I am down with the idea of special privileges for Americans of Middle Eastern background.

    I’m Jewish, and my ancestors came from the Middle East. It’s been a while, but they did and who is the U. of Washington to dictate how I can identify?

  • Cotour

    Related: You cannot make this up.

    A friend (Liberal Democrat) who knows my politics very well and is politically involved in small local politics comes to me seeking some policy suggestions related to her potential run for NYC government office. (What the hell is she thinking?)

    And I said that I would come up with 5 bullet point issues to consider, and here they are with one bonus suggestion. Please feel free to add to my list if you feel so inspired.


    1. Eliminate the sanctuary city and right to shelter designation in New York City.

    2. Remove D.E.I. (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) and C.R.T. (Critical Race Theory) agenda from NYC schools and return to a merit / work-based theory of education.

    3. Remove all and every district attorney and prosecutor who refuses to indict and prosecute chronic and or violent criminals no matter their race.

    4. Restore to judges their right to discretion in remanding and bail related to violent criminals and the requirement that violent criminals be provided immediately their victims / accusers vital information.

    5. Give back to police officers their qualified immunity related to them doing their job given that no unreasonable abuse of power is demonstrated.

    6. Bonus: Require chronic mentally ill persons and or criminals who may be violent and regularly interact with the police and threaten the public who may live on the streets to be detained for up to 30 days or longer at a time, if necessary, in order to be assessed and be brought to a stable condition.

    Remember, although these are all reasonable, rational, sane and accomplishable suggestions for recovering some degree of sanity and actually being safe and not just feeling safe for the tax paying citizens in NYC and is a path to ensure that NYC has a positive future, you will be accused of being a racist for daring to propose them.

    I wish you good luck, because you will need it.

  • Alex Bensky: You might be misunderstanding my point. In noting the college’s clear desire to discriminate against Jews, I was not advocating that Jews be given any preference in hiring. I like you am Jewish, and I like you (and all Jews) do not want special privileges. We all know too well that such special privileges always end up causing resentment and hate, and thus make you a target for racial and ethnic war.

    My point was to note the bigotry and hate that now impregnates the University of Washington. It not only favors some minorities while blacklisting others, it does so in the most egregious manner. The Nazis would be proud of it.

  • Cotour

    “I like you (and all Jews) do not want special privileges.”

    Yeah, because you already have them.

    Well, that is what any “progressive” Democrat anti and un American or actual Nazi would say anyway.

  • Cotour: And what you have just wrote is the typical trope of the anti-Semite. “Those Jews control everything!”

  • MDN

    I repeat the aspiration voiced by Rodney King:

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

  • Cotour

    That is exactly the trope of the radical “progressive” Left, BLM, ANTIFA and now a portion of the Democrat party and the rest. (Not my trope)

    It goes directly to the confabulated “Equity” requirements of government to provide to those who have not what has been denied argument.

    It is the trope of those in higher education and is where their justification for every subjective punitive action based on race that they propose emanates from.

    And don’t forget Jews are categorized as being White, Jews have a double burden.

    Its a package of racism and special privilege owed to those who have been denied in America and the world.

    And all that can result from it is what you, me and the world is witnessed to going on in Gaza right now. The promotion of hatred and violence. It is a very useful tool of political manipulation and further acquisition of and retention of political power.

    You cannot properly deal with what you will not openly recognize, as uncomfortable as that may make you.

    I have said this before: You can be as racist or as antisemitic as you please between your ears if you so choose, and that is a choice, learned or concluded. BUT you must live and exist in the world giving and expecting mutual respect. And that must be your starting perspective and philosophy.

    There seems to exist, there does exist an unrealistic argument made in the world that racism and antisemitism must be totally eliminated for things to be as they should be in the world. And that in the real world is unrealistic and delusional expectation.

  • Cotour


    NO, where have you been? Are you even paying attention?

  • Cotour: All true. I am glad you have clarified that it was not YOU who was saying this, that you were merely repeating for illustration the documented ugly bigotry of the left. I knew this, but it needed to be pointed out by you. However, two points:

    1. When you are going to illustrate the documented ugly bigotry of the left, you need to always make clear what you are doing. By being vague, you fail in your mission, and actually leave yourself open to attack.

    2. As you do far too often, you respond to me as if you think I don’t know all this. It is condescending. It not only makes what you write utterly unconvincing, it provokes hostility to those who agree with you.

    If you want to garner many readers to your new website, you better learn this lesson.

  • Cotour: MDN was I am quite sure being sarcastic. If you have read any of his other comments, you would know this.

  • Cotour

    1. I write how and what I write in order to give those who disagree with me a moment to think and a cause to confront me so we can hash things out. I really do not write and share my rational for everyone who agrees with me.

    2. You’re pointing out what is plain to see and be known about me and what I propose and promote related to such things, that to me is condescending and I was surprised that you saw fit to go there.

    But I appreciate your valuable feedback.

  • Cotour


    But who will replace her? Same? Where would they find anything else?

    I am hopeful that the monied billionaire Patron’s of these universities will have a say in who is hired.

    One more evil reality of Capitalism that will have to be dealt with by the movement in the future.

    It is funny how a one or two hundred million in pledges to a university cuts through all of the silly self serving agenda driven politically correct crap.

  • Max

    I came across a 15 minute taster of Russell Brand commenting on what Elon musk said about advertisers on X-Twitter. I had heard about it, it’s different to watch it.
    (Warning, offensive language)

    He thinks he sees a growing movement of people saying “no” to the establishment.
    Ireland, as an example, with officials heavily regulating free-speech. (you can say whatever you wish, as long as it’s from the catechism of Government approved sentences and words)
    No knock warrant and raids on those suspected to Harbor thoughts or literature of offensive language. (The real Fahrenheit 451)

    And then there’s this example of what happens if you publish the truth… Possibly seven years in prison for a statistician/computer IT guy (not a doctor or virologist)
    He was hired to keep track of the Covid shots so people could be paid or reimbursed. Then he noticed a pattern.

    It’s best to ignore the article and scroll down to the short video where he explains in his own words of the batches killing people that he thought was important.

  • Max

    Whoops, I meant to post that under the NIH union.

  • pzatchok

    The left has institutionalized the very racist words and attitudes of the KKK.

    For years they have claimed it was the right promoting those things but in fact they secretly pushed it through themselves.
    When will their minority supporters realize they were all fooled? Turned into the very people they hate by weak arguments and talking points pushed over and over by the MSM.

  • Cotour

    When will they realize they have been fooled? For the majority of them, NEVER.

    Once you become so invested in self-delusion and a reality that is not real most can never admit their being fooled. They would have to be personally threatened with real loss to have a come to Jesus moment.

    And even then, they would still blame others for their ignorance and self delusion.

  • James Street

    America is so great we have to import dudes from China to do racism.

    “Chinese National Arrested, Placed in Federal Custody for Spraying Swastikas on Kalamazoo Hanukkah Display”

  • Edward

    pzatchok wrote: “The left has institutionalized the very racist words and attitudes of the KKK.

    For years they have claimed it was the right promoting those things but in fact they secretly pushed it through themselves.
    When will their minority supporters realize they were all fooled? Turned into the very people they hate by weak arguments and talking points pushed over and over by the MSM.

    A few weeks ago in another thread here on BTB, I told someone that he had been fooled for decades by the Democratic Party. He claimed I was calling him stupid.

    So, no. They will never admit to being unable to see the emperor’s clothes, even after the kid yells out that the emperor is naked.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us will point at the emperor and laugh. They will yell at us long and loud, expecting us to admit to seeing the emperor’s beautiful wardrobe, but we just won’t buy into their fantasies (e.g. boys can be girls, especially when they are beating them up in sports).

    “No whites need apply?” Reverse discrimination will make it all right? If so, why hasn’t Affirmative Action worked in the past two generations? Two wrongs make a right only in leftist fantasyland, where the emperor’s new wardrobe is the most beautiful thing they have never seen.

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