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Today’s blacklisted American: Two colleges hold segregated debate tournament that bans whites from competing

Academia: dedicated to segregation!
Modern academia: dedicated to segregation!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Boston College and Northeastern University partnered together to run a debate tournament in October 2021 that explicitly banned whites from participating, merely because of their race.

In an email obtained by Campus Reform, Devesh Kodnani, president of the Chicago Debate Society, writes “The goal of this tournament is to promote affinity among non-white APDA debaters and cultivate racial diversity on the league.”

The email was sent to members of the University of Chicago Debate Society and clarified that “BIPOC is defined as anyone who does not identify as white.”

Topics for the debate tournament include “issues relating to race and social justice.”

While White students were ineligible to compete in the event, they were able to apply for a judging position, though the university clarified that White students would be “selected with lower priority” than students of color, Chicago Thinker reported. [emphasis mine]

More information here.

The article at the first link above very carefully quotes the anti-discrimination policies of both universities that expressly forbid discriminating against anyone on the basis of race or color. When asked to explain the tournament’s violation of these policies, officials from Boston and Northeastern refused to respond. The Debate Society of Chicago University, which did compete in this segregated event, did respond, claiming that because of their good intentions — “combatting [sic] the ongoing legacy of racism in all levels of American competitive debate” — all the participating universities had the right to nonchalantly violate both their policies as well as every civil rights law passed since 1964.

For them, the solution to past racism is more racism! Orwell would be proud.

I find the decision to allow whites to judge this debate but not participate especially ironic. These bigots want to fight racism by banning whites from competing, but somehow consider it okay for those same banned whites to judge the work of blacks. I guess they consider whites to be inherently superior. Blacks can’t compete with them, and also need them to judge their work. Seems very racist to me.

I have asked this question repeatedly when reporting on such bigoted activities at most modern universities and I ask it again: Why in the hell would any student want to attend such a racist institution, dedicated to promoting hate and resentment between races? There are so many other options available that do not promote bigotry. Why give these corrupt institutions your money?

I also ask again: Why are any federal or state government as well as any private corporation providing any funds to these colleges? Besides promoting odious racism, they are also violating the law. Yet both receive grants from all three (see here and here). Do Americans of all stripes now support such discrimination? Or have Americans become so disengaged with reality (as they stare at their smart phones) that they simply don’t care that evil is being routinely promoted in academia?

Either way, we are truly doomed, if something does not change. And quickly.

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  • Edward

    You wrote: “For them, the solution to past racism is more racism! Orwell would be proud.

    This solution is well documented in U.S. law and supported by the U.S. Supreme Court. I call it American Apartheid (AA), but most people and the U.S. government call it Affirmative Action (AA). The Supreme Court’s ruling, half a century and two generations ago, was based upon the solution to past racism to be institutionalized future reverse-racism. I suspect that the solution to the reverse-racism, AA, will be an additional future reverse-reverse-racism. And so it goes until some generation in the far, far distant unforeseeable future finally get’s wise to the folly. I’m not sure how many generations of reverse-racism AA we will need before it will need to be solved, but we may be coming up on it, now that we are beginning to see reverse Jim Crow practices in our universities.

    I guess they consider whites to be inherently superior.

    That would be another reason for someone to support AA. An assumption that whites are superior (an assumption that was one reason for the racism in the first place) would be propagated easily by AA policies. Since this assumption was a major platform in the Democratic Party’s foundation for existence and for its racist actions ever since, we can see why Democrats would want to continue such policies and practices. Some have called it a soft bigotry of low expectations, and these low expectations have been propagated through two generations of AA. We see that these low expectations are still expected at universities that should know better. Maybe they do, but because they are run by Democrats they are willing to continue the implies myth of inherent superiority.

  • Edward: You are 100% correct that affirmative action is no different, and its own form of racism, enshrined by the courts and the Democratic Party (which invented and pushed it) decades ago.

    And yes, it formed the seed of today’s bigotry.

    Nonetheless, that is an old battle that was lost years ago, by those who believed and still believe in equal treatment before the law (like you and I). We need to focus on fighting today’s much more desperate battle, against a bigotry that is so upfront and vicious as to be mind-boggling.

  • Edward

    When I wrote “but we may be coming up on it,” I had meant coming up on the time when we implement reverse-reverse-racism, which I am sure is one of the Democratic Party’s objectives. I don’t see this one getting solved for real any time soon. It is too ingrained in our culture, just as slavery was ingrained in the South’s culture a quarter millennium ago. So ingrained that we could not eliminate it no matter how we wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or any other amendments. Like the end of slavery in the south, this problem will likely take outside intervention, because people from other countries know that America is not a racist country. Only Americans think so, and only a small number. (one minute, “America Is the GOLD STANDARD for Multiculturalism”)

    We are unable to see that we are the gold standard, because we are continuously told that we are the worst. And our children are continuously told so, too.

    In the meantime, Democrats have succeeded in getting many minorities to agree to self segregate, a necessary step for the reimplementation of the Democrats’s racism. More than half a century ago, when we were children, segregation was bad, but now, two generations later, it is thought of as good. Thus the self segregation. As the desire for self segregation increases, it will become more than just separate meetings, separate parties, and separate debates; it will be more and more separate everythings, right down to entrances, buses, bathrooms, and drinking fountains The Democrats are taking us back to the 1950s, but very few see it that way. When Obama won his first election for president, there were cheers that we would soon be a post-racial country, but he made the exact opposite happen.

    You are correct, Robert, that this is only one aspect that is affected by our loss of our freedoms, now that we are living in Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, and it won’t be solved just by regaining our freedoms. We didn’t solve it in the past two generations, and we may not solve in in the next two, either. But we must not lose sight of it in the cacophony of problems that the Democrats are using to overwhelm us. Without solving the basic problems, this one will not be able to be solved, either.

    The outside intervention that is needed to save us, the cavalry, is not in sight. I don’t expect them any time soon, because this is our problem, not theirs.

  • Rob in philly

    I wouldn’t want to participate, as a white person. Why worry about getting shot or robbed…If they do that to their own, imagine a differing opinion would be deadly.

  • George R. Flinn

    Proof positive that these Colleges agree with White Supremacists that Blacks cannot compete on matters involving intellect!!

    How sad!

  • elphupphy

    These colored only events only showcase the inherent racism of coloreds and their inferiority. Coloreds cannot stand on an even keel with whites because colored are inferior and know it. Colored are raised in an environment of ignorance, violence, and racism thanks in no small part to Affirmative Acrtion. AA promotes an inbalance of environments and rewards colored for being inferior by giving them positions they have not, and will never earn. Coloreds are given job preference, college admittance preference, and today’s society continue to give them societal preferences simply because they are colored. Asians, Mexicans, and all other races besides coloreds do not receive and do niot want preferential treatment. Coloreds demand such preferences instead of getting their behavior in line with the rest of society. Anywhere coloreds live in any number are turned into slums within months or years due to their viiolence and lack of desire to get off the government teat. Liberals continue to support their laziness and violent ways.

  • tpm

    All youalls is to smart to beez debatin with weins so gtfo yo

  • Alej Marcos

    “However, name-calling and obscenities will not be tolerated.”

    As the subject is simians and their capabilities/attitudes, I can’t think of any comment that would be acceptable here.

  • Cotour


    “We Are Racists” – Pope Francis Goes Woke in Good Friday Message Accusing the West of Racism and Describing Jesus as a Refugee”

    And here we have the problem and not the solution. The Pope makes a broad and very general statement about human nature and race relations in the world and this one statement has done a great disservice to rational thought and how people in the real world relate to each other. He is actually throwing gasoline on the fire and that is either done purposefully or through ignorance, you decide which.

    I have stated this previously here on BTB, the Liberal now Leftist and race baiting manipulators in the world, specifically in America state:

    *You do not love me because I am different from you. (And this logic runs through the race issue as it runs through the gay / trans issue and that is why they are allied.)

    *And the response should be: But I respect you and want you to be happy with who you are, and I want you to respect me. But please do not demand that I love you. Love cannot be demanded, but there can be mutual respect. Adjustments can be made.

    *And then comes the logic: Well because you do not love me, I must destroy you and everything that has come from you and your kind that has delivered us here to where we are today.

    *And then there is: But I respect you, why is that not enough?

    *And the response is: Well, you (Primarily white males, specifically the Founders and there Judeo / Christian / Western rational and sensibilities and real world experience) have dominated the planet and our culture for such a long time that everything that has come from your efforts is evil and must be razed and recast by us because we understand better than you how to fashion a more equal and equitable model where everyone is free to be whatever they desire, and that is true freedom. (Pure Nancy Pelosi type pandering)

    (You know there is a reason why something is successful and that must be recognized, respected and valued, ignore reality and what works at your peril.)

    *And the rational response would be: But the brand of freedom that you believe is essential for people to be truly free and equal has been so broadly interpreted by you that there are no standards or moral parameters at all and that endangers everyone, especially the young people who desperately look for leadership and good examples with which to build and base their life models on.

    So your push for your kind of equality in the world is extreme and in many ways threatens rational and reasonable people who are the majority in the world. Some degree of accommodation for differences is fine, but like many things in life you are going too far and what you propose is unreasonably dangerous, especially to the young minds who you are clearly attempting to influence, program, indoctrinate and essentially own. And that is a no no.

    (And in these kinds of cultural processes and machinations there will be at some point some kind of a fluid but more stable balance arrived at. But will that balance require that our country be destroyed in order to accommodate a minority who finds themselves bolstered by a technological / media advantage that is currently controlled by, again, a minority of the now fully indoctrinated and ideologically / idealistically soft (?) young people coming into their own and there attempt at forcing into the world their mandated form of behavior, “Equality” and “Freedom”? Which when you see it for what it is it is but a variation of a massaged version of a Communistic / Fascistic form of mandated behavior. See: Communist China, see any authoritarian model of governance. And that is not freedom, that is ownership)

    *So why do you not just teach mutual respect instead of teaching racism and segregation? Is that somehow to be the solution to racism and segregation? That does not make sense, it is irrational. Are you rational?

    And that in a large nutshell is IMO what we see playing out in front of our eyes specifically in America today. Whether you like it or not there are people who have a natual aversion to people of a different skin color and look to them. That is just a fact of human nature. Don’t believe me? You want to argue with a baby? Good luck.

    So that being understood and realizing that human beings are what they are, human beings that live in a world where there are many influences we can come to a reasonable conclusion: Lets teach MUTUAL RESPECT in our homes and schools instead of furthering what we all understand is corrosive and divisive, racism and segregation. And that extends to teaching MUTUAL RESPECT for anyone who is different than what one might consider “Normal”. Difference makes life a bit more interesting.

    So lets find a balance between the emotional mandated proposed Communistic behavior and acceptance that is demanded by some in an effort to somehow recompence some for some offence today or in the past, and the kind of world that has absolutely no reasonable lines drawn for behavior where anything goes where chaos and trouble abound.

    People are different and they naturally like what they like and are repelled by what is foreign or different to them, but that does not mean that they cannot intellectually overcome their natural biases, cultural or otherwise, that they may harbor and just see people who are not exactly like them with MUTUAL RESPECT.

    And let us keep in mind that these emotional contentions that are present today in our country and the world are very skillfully being leveraged by political operatives on both sides of the spectrum for their own long and short term political acquisition of and retention of that political power. And that power and the control of it thrives on the propagation of fear and chaos.

    So we are all being leveraged, manipulated and managed by these several forces and the only reasonable solution to it all as we process through it all? THE CONSTITUTION and what it structures which is political warfare which serves the purpose of forcing those in contention for that political power to reveal themselves to some great degree so the people can decide what is best for us all. And we can clearly see that happening today and there will be a massive political earthquake that will soon visit us all.

    This is our system, this is our process. Lets not throw it out the window with the bath water.

  • Cotour

    To my final point:

    “Analysis Confirms Mainstream News Outlets BURY the Race of Murderers if They Are Black – Race is 7X More Likely to be Mentioned if they are White”

    And who primarily controls that media that reports or chooses not to report such things?

    Chaos, fear, tension and manipulation.

  • D3F1ANT

    These colleges seem to be taking the position that blacks can’t compete with whites on the debate stage. I guess barring whites from participating guarantees a black winner! Seems like more Affirmative Action to me.

  • Cotour


    No, its because “ALL” the rules were a fabrication of the dominant powers in America (White male) which have created this apparent imbalance in the ability express and defend ones self in American universities.

    Instead of reaching for a higher level the universities descend to the street to accommodate some people who have been manipulated and made dependent by a system that needs their dependency.

    Its but an extension of the Liberal now Leftist “Culture of dependency”. Its a self sustain mental illness.

    White men and their existence that are the problem.

  • Cotour

    To my point:

    The Left can intellectualize anything that provides them with their justification to disrupt what must be disrupted and replaced in its entirety, anything that has come about due to white men and their actions in the past and today.

    Stupider and stupider.

    And they demand that you become a part of their delusion.

  • BLSinSC

    ALL laws concerning RACE should be reversed and REPLACED with ONE Law of ONE SENTENCE “No business or political decisions should be influenced by RACE”!! That’s it! And provide penalties for individuals or companies that violate the law to promote or restrain anyone due to race! I guess then you’ll have to add “sexual preference”, but if you’re not in the SEX business, then sex should not even be a consideration on who you hire or sell to!

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