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Today’s blacklisted American: UC-San Diego to hold segregated events, excluding whites and Asians

University of California-San Diego's segregated Welcome Week
Click for original.

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” In its upcoming welcoming program in September for new students, the University of California-San Diego plans to hold racially segregated events that specifically excludes whites and Asian students and families from attending.

The flyer ad to the right, announcing the program dubbed Triton Weeks of Welcome, specifically includes two such events, as indicated in red. Both are exclusively for specific minorities, and those minorities only.

The group running the Black Surf week, Black Like Water, explains the purpose of its racially-segregated event as follows:

Through our research and practice, Black Like Water seeks to promote healing, restoration, and sovereignty in ways that do the liberatory work of combating anti-blackness and interrupting structural racism, but in manners that celebrate the Black diaspora, acknowledge ancestral practices and knowledge, and imagine Black futures.

Not only is this pure gobbly-gook, meaning nothing, it is solely focused on promoting race and bigotry, putting people of one race above people of other races, merely because of their skin color.

The article at the link was published on August 9th, and states that UC-San Diego officials were all contacted for comment, and would be updated should they respond. None have. However, according to a more recent update by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), on August 12th the university updated the event page, opening it to all students and families of all races. This change however is a fraud, because registration to the event apparently closed almost immediately thereafter, and it also appears the organizers allowed themselves the ability to pick and choose who they would let in.

To exclude anyone from any event solely due to their race violates numerous laws and school policies, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act, California education policy, and the university’s Nondiscrimination Policy Statement. These events are scheduled for the middle of September. If UC-San Diego goes ahead with them, as announced, one person on Tweeter proposed the following action:

Academia: dedicated to segregation!
The University of California-San Diego:
dedicated to the new segregation!

Step 1
Try to attend
Step 2
Get denied
Step 3
File lawsuit
Step 4
Win a big settlement

Ideally each white or Asian student who tries to attend should videotape everything that happens.

The problem will be of course locating these events, as the public literature is very unclear about where they will occur. It would be definitely worthwhile, however, for some intrepid future UC-San Diego conservative student to do the necessary legwork and show up. At a minimum he or she would get some juicy visuals. At best, he or she might actually force some positive change at UC-San Diego.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • Mitch S.

    I sometimes wonder if this CRT/White privilege/Systemic racism movement is being guided by a dragon of the KKK.

    For decades the goal of good society was to eliminate race as a criteria to judge people – MLK’s dream.
    And talking to young people in my community it seems that goal is close – the kids are aware of cultural differences Korean/Jewish/Muslim etc but skin color doesn’t register.
    Sounds great to me, yet in today’s “woke” culture mentioning “color blindness” is considered a sign of racism.
    Now the goal seems to be we must teach kids that it’s all about race.
    And that’s just what groups like the KKK have preached. That whites are inherently different from other races (and the other races are different from each other). That a society where different races mix and are treated equally cannot succeed – that people must be separated by race.

    The KKK must love groups like “Black Like Water” that create institutional racism, view American Blacks as people living in a “diaspora” – implying they know they don’t belong and yearn to be elsewhere, and imagine a future for Blacks separate from whites.

  • Icepilot

    “putting people of one race above people of other races” – I think it’s more properly termed “separate but equal”.

  • John

    Agree with Mitch S wholeheartedly. The racist left’s ideology and actions are in line with the KKK and the antithesis of MLK’s dream. It’s the ultimate irony that they call everyone else racist for any reason whatsoever. Their ideology really is a mental disease completely impervious to irony.

  • wayne

    “Then it comes to be,
    That the soothing light at the end of your tunnel,
    Was just a freight train coming your way…”

    Metallica –
    No Leaf Clover

  • Alex Andrite

    … “but in manners that celebrate the Black diaapora, …”
    Two a’s ? , (or typo ?)
    Perhaps they meant disaspora ?
    Or “diaa” is cool lingo now ?

    Wait. “Back Surf Week ” ? , what about a red tide surf week ?? (yuck)
    or a high tide surf week ?, ebb tide surf week ?
    How low can they go ?

  • Alex Andrite


  • Alex Andrite

    Now that I consider the Black Surf Week, I am into it. As so many along the coast are.
    My wet suit is black, totally black, no logos or accents.
    Totally black.
    hmmm … my board is a 9’10” old Yater. White though.
    Will there be a problem ? is there black surf wax ?

    Sorry Mr.Z., it is all tooo close to home now.

  • Alex Andrite: That’s a typo by me, now fixed.

  • James Street

    “Not only is this pure gobbly-gook, meaning nothing”

    That about sums it up.

    Democrats don’t believe blacks can compete on a level playing field (got racism?), all the while decimating the black community with their policies.

  • Is it called “Monkey Fest”?

  • Jeff Wright

    Real cute..the event runs “9-11” and it looks like a bird is being flipped at the lower right of the ad.

  • BKMart

    Self segregation, how about that. Martin Luther King lays a rollin in his grave…

  • Cotour



    (Democrats, hold your nose if you have to, but you have got to take care of business in the coming elections. This is no longer about your personal contempt for Trump, this is about sanity. Are you still confused? Can’t figure it out?)

    Who is the greatest threat primarily to all minority’s lives, black, brown, white, gay, trans, and polka dotted in NYC?


    (This happened 10 minutes from where I work and live)

    “A convicted sex offender who allegedly cold-cocked a man on a Bronx street — leaving him in a coma with brain injuries — was freed without bail Thursday after getting his attempted-murder charges reduced in the unprovoked attack.” (Allegedly?)

    Sex offender accused of nearly killing man with punch freed without bail after charges reduced (

    This violent criminal sex offender: “was freed without bail Thursday after getting his attempted-murder charges reduced in the unprovoked attack.”

    That means that by law he is free and in the general population to do as he pleases. He is a very violent mentally ill person, and he needs to be under lock and key. Period. Are you next?

    Conclusion? You may identify as a Democrat in NYC or NYS but you can no longer vote to support these radicals (D) because they are clearly a threat to our country, civil society and your and your family’s personal safety and future.

  • Anticommie

    They celebrate blacks and browns by re-segregating them from functioning society. See how it works? Same old Democrat ploys, different psychological approach. We don’t hate you and want to avoid socializing with you! NOooooo! We CELEBRATE you by setting you apart from the rest of society at “special events” just for you. Ahhhhh! I know!

  • SJS

    Cut off the university’s federal funding if they don’t end this discrimination. OLK

  • Cotour

    Instead of teaching mutual respect and try to build an individual’s confidence and ability to deal with life as it is with bias and racism, they teach them to isolate, and they teach racism, hatred and bigotry.

    The thought process:

    “You are white, you are racist”

    “Why do you say that? We get along very well I thought”

    “You are racist because I am black (gay/ trans / identify as a cat whatever) and you do not even know that you are racist (Whatever) and you hate me”.

    “But I respect you, and I really do not care that you are black (gay / trans / identify as a cat whatever), I can love you despite our differences. Am I required to Love you? Is respect just not enough?”

    “Sorry you are racist, you are unable to love or respect me”.

    “Who told you that?”

    “Black Lives Matter, they have shown me the truth in American culture and its Founding”.

    “You mean this Black Lives Matter?”

    “See, your racist against any black person who succeeds, you are racist”. (No they are trained Marxists who are sworn to destroy America and have scammed you and everyone else in the country and world and they are essentially corporate extortionists)

    “I give up, you apparently are living in another reality that you have constructed that serves YOUR Bias and your natural Racism. It is called confirmation bias and it serves whatever reality you need it to serve. But it is fraudulent”.

    (Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values.)

    You in your perverted quest for equality in America are who is now racist. Martin Luther King is ashamed of you and your conclusions, it is disgraceful.

    (As I am writing this piece a woman comes in who visits me every time she has lunch in my neighborhood. She is 67, uses a walker and is a very nice person. Oh yeah, and she is black.

    “I love it here, I love visiting you, I wish I could move here”.

    “So why dont you move here?”

    “I can not afford it”.

    “Where do you live?”

    “I live in the boogie down shootem up Bronx by Yankee stadium. It is terrible now!”. Enough said, there is the proof beyond question.

    I agreed and encouraged her to move.

    This is the product of the Liberal Leftist “Progressive” (D) Socialist Marxist agenda.

    As Bob grant would say: “Sick and getting sicker!”

  • Cotour

    And here we have………”Equity”………..BLM / “Progressive” style:

    You are a Democrat? You can no longer vote for any Democrat; you do understand that……….Don’t you?

  • GaryMike

    They never follow the science.

    Human DNA amongst individuals of all types is nearly identical.

    Some of us have some Neanderthal DNA. Some of us have Denisovan DNA.

    We all share Orangutan and chimp DNA.

    Tribalism has been a thing for a lot less time.

    We’re a really large tribe, now. Learn to adapt.

    Apparently, a lot of our “really smart people” just can’t do that.

  • Cotour

    (It is not allowed for a reason)

    Social Media I.E. Tick Tock in America is a techno tool of mass communication and that weakens, and IMO confuses people, primarily children and young undeveloped people. It is a platform used to emotionalize and raise up those who are born “different” and confused and those adults who themselves are confused that surround them and are responsible for them and struggle to lead.

    Old school white guy reviews Tick Tock: 10 min.

    “Douyin is almost identical to TikTok, except that it has much stricter content moderation. Politically sensitive clips, like ones that reference Tiananmen Square or the treatment of Uighur muslims in Xinjiang, are scrubbed immediately. Douyin has over 600 million daily users.” Young children in Cina are limited to 40 minutes a day and not within the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM, and conversations are primarily about school and achievement. Nothing about sexual confusion is allowed.

    *There is nothing wrong being born “different”. But teach mutual respect and not hatred, mental weakness and retribution. *

    Platforms like Tick Tock *Kardashianizes* young people and it weakens and confuses them. Young people need leadership and positive, competent examples and not to be left on their own to figure it all out.

    Who am I? What am I?

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