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Today’s blacklisted American wins $185K settlement from college that fired him

St. Philip's College, home to blacklisting and censorship
St. Philip’s College, the poster child of academic
blacklisting and censorship

They’re coming for you next: Today’s blacklist story is a follow-up on a July 2023 essay about the oppressive atmosphere at St. Philip’s College in Texas, where two different professors were fired in 2023 for political reasons.

First, Dr. Johnson Varkey, was fired because in teaching human anatomy he had the audacity to mention that sex is determined by the X and Y chromosomes, a very basic fact of biology that any medical student has to know to become a competent doctor. Four students walked out on him for saying so, and when they complained to the administration it fired him without due process. He is presently suing the college.

Then, college officials fired professor Will Moravits because he insisted on allowing free and open debate in his classroom and one anonymous student complained, and while doing so made false accusations against Moravits. The school felt so threatened by the idea of freedom of speech that it had Moravits escorted off campus by police, never to return.

Moravits has now won a $185K settlement with St. Philip’s College.

A political science professor and former police officer effectively fired by St. Philip’s College earlier this year after allowing debate on topics such as gender ideology and police brutality has received a $185,000 settlement.

The college’s agreement with Will Moravits also included a neutral job recommendation, and in turn he agreed to not work for any Alamo Colleges District schools in the future, he said. The San Antonio-based St. Philip’s is one of five in the community college district.

At first glance this deal seems to be a defeat for Morovits, since he didn’t get his job back and the school appears to have gotten off lightly. In reality, for Morovits it is a win, since he continues to teach at nearby Texas State University, where “things are going well for him there and his peers treat him with respect.” He has no reason to go back to a university run no different than the Soviet Union. He is quite rightly taking the money and running.

For St. Philip’s however this settlement is a win, but a Pyrrhic victory. It allows the university to get away with its blacklisting and slander of Morovits, while allowing it to continue teaching its students as badly as before. No reforms have been instituted, and it appears the school’s administration is still good with the idea of using unsubstantiated accusations by anonymous students as a basis for disciplining and firing professors. Under that framework St. Philip’s is nothing more than its own mini-Soviet Union. At any moment a single student can get a professor removed. All the student has to do is make up some offense by that professor to the modern Diversity-Equity-Inclusion mantra, and poof! that professor is gone.

As I noted in July, St. Philip’s is a public community college with extensive funding from federal and state sources. Though one Texas senator (Ted Cruz) and four Texas representatives (Chip Roy, Michael Cloud, Lance Gooden, and Dan Crenshaw), all Republicans in Congress, have written a letter [pdf] condemning the college for its treatment of Dr. Varkey and demanding a response from it by mid-January or it might find it threatened with a loss of federal funds, the Texas state legislature did nothing this year to address this college’s illegal behavior.

Meanwhile, the local supermarket chain H-E-B endorsed St. Philip’s authoritarian ways by giving it a million dollar donation on December 19, 2023. This donation makes sense, because H-E-B is proud of its diversity and inclusion program, including giving favoritism to some minorities in awarding supply contracts.

Great work H-E-B., doing its all to make America either the next Soviet Union or a reborn South Africa!

Genesis cover

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  • Col Beausabre

    Too bad it wasn’t $185 million.

  • Long term the Conservative / Constitutionalists will naturally win.

    What the radical Left is attempting to accomplish is to compress the long term into their short-term advantage and destroy the entire country structure fundamentally before the short term is overtaken by the long term.

    And this crazy bastard is saying NO!

    How do we fight political warfare in America?

    Lawyers, Courts and Money.

  • And as the time is being compressed this “Swatting” and things like it as per “Community Organizing” Read: Marxist rules of political warfare is what will continue to build:

    “Florida Home of Sen. Rick Scott Swatted: Murder, Kidnapping Claims and Threat to Blow Up House Made in Bogus Call”

    “GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Both of Her Daughter’s Houses Got Swatted”

    And maybe when someone is killed because of such actions, because that is what is intended, then maybe there will be an attempt to discover who is behind it. Maybe.

    Right now, these operators (Radical D), just like the Jan 6th pipe bomber and Ray Epps, they are not visible, not detectable to the FBI (D) or the DOJ (D).

    And as we go into the 2024 presidential election year it will grow, and if and when that “Crazy Bastard” once again becomes politically empowered he will probably have to declare Marshall law or similar because these operators of the radical Left will become very, very violent as they become more and more desperate if they see their agenda slipping away.

    That may be the only way.

    And that violence will also grow in the streets as the borders are closed to asylum seekers and some numbers of the illegals are rounded up to some degree and the resistance and chaos will become a Leftist propaganda fest villainizing the “Crazy Bastard”. Democrats GOOD, “Crazy Bastard” BAD.

    And THAT will become a sticky situation that will have to include some degree of compassion rational and strength in leadership.

    We wait.

    The Republicans traditionally are participating in a competition, and the traditional now radical Democrats are participating in political warfare. There is a difference. The Republicans may be getting into a political warfare no nonsense mode. Maybe.

    By any means necessary:

  • Oh, and don’t forget the FBI’s in ability to determine in the most secure facility on planet earth who that big bag of cocaine belonged to found in THE WHITE HOUSE.

    No fingerprints, no DNA no video, no nothing.

    They have not got a clue.

    And remember, the president loves his son.

    Every component a low standard symbolic fraud:

    And because it is now so overt and right in your face is the reason that everyone must expect some out of Left field (No pun intended) asymmetrical attempt to undermine and once again steal the political power in the coming election. What it will be remains to be seen.

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