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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Hiring white men a sin at major investment firm

Discriminated against in Seattle
Eagerly discriminated against at
State Street Global Advisors

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Not only has the investment firm State Street Global Advisor, one of the largest in the world, decided that white men must be considered last in any hiring decision, the company has installed a race- and sex-based apartheid system designed to favor those groups in all matters.

The company aims to triple the number of Black, Asian and other minority staff in senior positions by 2023, the Sunday Times reported. If executives don’t meet the target, they will face lowered bonuses.

Recruiters will now have to establish panels of four or five employees, including a woman and a person with a minority background, when hiring middle management staff. The firm will still hire white men, [said Jess McNicholas, the bank’s head of inclusion, diversity and corporate citizenship in London,] but recruiters are required to show that women and minority applicants were interviewed by the panels.

The company is pledging to “hold ourselves accountable for strengthening black and Latinx owned businesses.”

The comments to this policy at the link are astonishing in their almost uniform hostility to this discriminatory policy. This is a typical comment:

Well, if this is a main focus of theirs, one of my main focuses is to avoid doing any business with them. After all, what they’re doing is not exercising diversity, it’s exercising racism by focusing on skin color instead of the ability to do the job.

Numerous comments state that they are taking their business elsewhere, that State Street’s focus on race likely means it is no longer focused on its main job, making money for its investors. And even if it says it still is, its criteria for hiring now means it no longer considers talent and brains that important. Instead, the skin color or sex matters of new employees matters more.

Why would anyone risk their money with this company? You’d be a fool to do so.

Other comments also note the illegality of this policy. It violates numerous anti-discrimination laws. It won’t be long before they find themselves losing numerous court cases when those who have been discriminated against begin suing.

None of this however apparently matters to the “woke” management at State Street. Race and gender are now all that matters to them, and if it means the company will lose customers because of this policy so be it. Better to favor the “correct” races and sexes rather that treat everyone equally.

The most frightening aspect of this story is that State Street’s actions are not the exception but the rule. Throughout corporate America upper management is installing similar discriminatory policies, all establishing that certain races and sexes must be favored over others. And they are doing it with an iron fist. If you protest, you will find yourself likely fired or frozen out of any promotions or bonuses.

Welcome to modern America, a land of apartheid, oppression, and bigotry, all imposed with the blind faith in good intentions.

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  • Skunk Bucket

    The very brazenness of State Street’s policy is breathtaking. Indeed, they’re exposing themselves to massive legal liabilities, but beyond that, didn’t anyone there have even a CLUE as to how their clientele would react to this? If I was one of their investors, I’d be looking long and hard at the firm’s financial judgement if their legal and cultural judgement is this catastrophically poor.

  • Tim

    Well this tells me I would pull all my cash out of their firm if I had any there in the first place. It just means they would not have hired the person if it weren’t for their race/gender. Idiot racists.

  • Doubting Thomas

    I’m not understanding the ballyhoo. In the major aerospace company that I used to work for the policy was the same and had been substantially the same for the last 15 years. It appeared to be presented from a different prospective.

    It was forced that you included some number of “non-white” candidates in the final slate of interviewed candidates. For some reason women were lumped into this category. HR-Legal – DEI personnel seemed to know the number that was ok but we couldn’t know. Some times needed 3, sometimes 5. It made the hiring process lengthy and expensive with lots of travel allocated to candidates that were almost certainly not going to make it. But it seemed to assuage some level of guilt among the mostly female HR supervisors. It all was defense against a robust industry of employment lawsuits.

    It works but it is painfully slow because the people who know what skills they need are simply assumed to be backward racists and they must be carefully watched. Just the way our society wants it.

  • Doubting Thomas: The ballyhoo is that good people (the majority) are finally getting sick and tired of this racist crap. The ballyhoo in this case is also because State Street is specifically punishing executives if they do hire white men.

  • Gabacho

    Good time to pull funds from them ! What they did to the food service industry, they will do to this firm ! Racists !

  • Get serious, white people have been the last to hire for the past fifty-seven years, since the beginning of Forced integration. I was there and fought that battle-and I won. It took ten years to fight the system of hiring women and nonwhites only. Women’s liberation was born out of employers learning the hard way that nonwhites for the most part were untrainable and very ungrateful. That’s primarily why white women were “awarded” the distinction of minorities. Nonwhites, primarily blacks, were not able to do the jobs but were still awarded the jobs on skin color only. That’s when white women came into vogue, and they leaped at the bait like hungry sharks. Bingo, millions of white liberals were born.

  • john hare

    “”Women’s liberation was born out of employers learning the hard way that nonwhites for the most part were untrainable and very ungrateful. That’s primarily why white women were “awarded” the distinction of minorities. Nonwhites, primarily blacks, were not able to do the jobs but were still awarded the jobs on skin color only. “”””

    @ Enrico Falcone
    I am southern white and an employer in construction. What you say is true for the segments of the population that have grown up in a toxic environment. It is not true for those that grew up knowing that it was up to them to get ahead with the hand they were dealt whether it was fair or not. The ones of several races doing poorly are the ones being taught from the cradle that they need someone else to be responsible for them. Or the successful know hungry when younger while the unsuccessful know food stamps.

    The successful black people I know have rejected the notion that it is someone else’s fault that it is tough. I learned much of my trade skills from black guys that grew up with real racism. Men that had skill and pride, while those that bought into it being white people holding them down stayed down. Also black people from the islands do quite well around here. A lot of the younger are as you say primarily due to expectations that others are responsible.

    The Hispanics do very well locally with many I know heading towards millionaire status starting from zero, or even below zero if you count all the hassles and expense of immigration. Again the ones staying down are the ones expecting a free ride.

    Sorry for the ramble everyone. It is just frustrating to me that so much talent is being wasted in this nation primarily due to false narratives. There are a lot of people given a head start compared to my early life. That I am doing reasonably well is because i am responsible for my own destiny and own my mistakes. If I bought into the “deserve” mentality that so many do, I would probably live in a better house, but with a much lower total contribution to myself and society.

  • milt

    In this case — and in all of the other cases of this kind — what, in practice, can “done” to stop this?

    One thing that almost anyone can do is to work to quit funding “Public Broadcasting” — PBS and NPR in particular — that has become little more than the state-sponsored propaganda arm of radical Democrats and the Biden Administration. (Herr Goebbels would be SO proud of them.) These folks promote the woke gospel of systemic racism, victimization, and the irrational hatred of anything having to do with traditional American civilization, culture, and values 24/7, and it is absolute insanity for ordinary people to go on funding them. (Their support in Congress with tax dollars is another matter. Call your representative’s office.)

    If any readers are funding their local PBS / NPR affiliates (this seems unlikely), then STOP funding them immediately, and TELL THEM WHY YOU ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTING THEM. When you do this (as I have done), they will pretend that they do not care / understand why anyone would want to do this (“But we are wonderful! How can you not like us?!), but it does have an effect.

    Likewise, you can contact businesses / organizations who are supporting national Public Broadcasting and their local affiliates and explain to them that they are alienating a large portion of their customer base. Again, they will also pretend that they do not understand why anyone would want ask them to do such a thing — they are also “wonderful” — but try to be clear that they are supporting a one-sided propaganda outlet that makes a mockery of the concept of broadcasting in the interest of the public. The person with whom you are speaking probably will not be allowed to agree with you in any way on fear of losing his or her job, but — if this is done often enough — it will have an effect.

    We are not powerless. And one of the most effective things that we can do is to put a damper on the hateful, anti-American propaganda
    that Public Broadcasting spews out hour after hour, day after day. Call your local PBS / NPR affiliate station and politely read them the Riot Act. Similarly, contact those businesses and institutions who support them and do the same. (Call your representative in Congress as well.) In the long term, it will have an effect.

  • Max

    I work for State Street, odds are… so do you.
    Controlling shares of the company I work for is owned by State Street. As well as every corporation who was open during the pandemic including the pharmaceutical companies… All of them. The energy companies, computer companies, the oil companies. Including Black rock… State street owns controlling shares of Black rock. It is said they have $25 trillion worth of investments including the federal reserve. Even in their Chinese investments, China is a minority owner.
    Zimmerman wrote this;
    “Why would anyone risk their money with this company? You’d be a fool to do so.”

    “Other comments also note the illegality of this policy. It violates numerous anti-discrimination laws. It won’t be long before they find themselves losing numerous court cases when those who have been discriminated against begin suing”

    In a sane world this would be true.

     No matter what industry you look at, the top shareholders, and therefore decision makers, are the same: Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and/or Berkshire Hathaway. In virtually every major company, you nd these names among the top 10 institutional investors

    It is said, they are the fourth branch of government.

    State street has very nearly purchased the world… no government, no court, can with stand their influence.

    This is just the beginning of the dark age.

  • m d mill

    White males ARE a minority group …30% of population, does no one understand this?

  • Alton

    M d Mill


    Thus ‘They’ have their ? Target Group for the Revolution, the Same way Jews were used in the thirties to Gain power and deflect the blacklash…….. Next anything ‘White’ as in CRT.

  • Cotour


    Jimmy Kimmel says that, Kamala Harris’s approval rating of 28% is of course due to “Sexism and racism”. How “I am an absolute tool” of the Leftist Democrat party machine of him.

    No, Jimmy, Kamala Harris has not one ounce of any reason for her being in the position that she finds herself OTHER than her being a person of color, AND her being a woman. Not one ounce, she is a purely symbolic vice president, like most all other people who are populating high positions in the Biden administration.

    Its all about symbolism, emotion, image and pandering to a particular “Oppressed” group. And has nothing to do with competence, knowledge and expertise. Harris just ticks off a Leftist Democrat pandering box.

    Much like, Pete Buttigieg ticks off the gay box. Neither of them have any business or qualifications as to being where they are. (That is if knowledge and competence has anything to do with the position you attain in government? Question asked and answered.)

    Kamala is barely qualified to interact with these paid child actors, barely. She actually appears here to be operating just about right at the level she is qualified for. Never mind to be in the #2 position to lead the world:

    Sexism and Racism? Not for one second, Jimmy.

  • Cotour

    Preview and supporting evidence for a coming comment:

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