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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Hundreds of nurses fired or quit over hospital’s COVID shot mandate

The insane management policy at a Wisconsin hospital

They’re coming for you next: Hundreds of nurses at Children’s Wisconsin have either been fired or quit their jobs over the hospital’s irrational COVID shot mandate.

Many were denied their request for a religious exemption, after being subjected to a harsh and prolonged interrogation by the hospital.

These interviews were conducted by chaplain Ian Butts and one person from HR, such as Sharyl Niebler or Staci Benz, but Butts conducted most of the interrogation. The questions included the specifics of the employees’ personal religious convictions and their vaccination record, with Butts pressing on what he considered to be contradictions.

Two particularly leading questions regarded the specifics of how the employees would keep their patients safe without being vaccinated, implying a moral implication of refusing a vaccine, as well as how they could square working for a hospital that mandated something so contrary to their personal convictions as a condition of employment.

“In my opinion, he’s so over the line with how he is asking these questions,” Pollow told The Federalist. “And for him to be their religious arbiter of whose religious beliefs are more virtuous than someone else is such a violation of privacy.”

Alyssa Pollow, quoted above, is a nurse and former Children’s Wisconsin employee. Though she had gotten COVID shots, she quit the hospital anyway in disgust when it imposed its mandates.

“For vaxxed people, we are just fed up with the BS,” she said. “This has really opened our eyes to the toxic environment that our senior leadership officials have created and that they are blindly mandating things and not considering the true quality of care that are being impacted.”

The screenshot from one nurse’s text above illustrates the utter madness of the hospital’s policy. This nurse had been fired by another Wisconsin hospital with the same COVID shot mandates, but was then rehired on a temporary basis, likely at a higher salary, by that same hospital because it had serious staffing shortages (I wonder why) and needed nurses desperately. Children’s Wisconsin has been doing the same thing.

The problem here really has less to do with the Wuhan panic and more to do with who is really in charge at these hospitals, which is certainly not the doctors and nurses, as it should be. Instead, policy is set by administrators and managers who have relatively little medical knowledge, and have no real business setting such employment health policy. In fact, these administrators have clearly proven their incompetence by the COVID policies they mandated in the past two years. If doctors truly cared about their patients, they would revolt, and wrest control of their practices away from these fools.

Sadly, such revolts have been relatively rare. Instead, too many doctors have gone along with the stupidity, and as a consequence have made themselves look like fools as well.

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  • Col Beausabre

    “but was then rehired on a temporary basis, likely at a higher salary,”

    Which YOU will pay for. It’s virtually guaranteed that the hospitals will go crying to the state, which will salve their wounds by dumping cash from their share of the $1.5T slush fund that is falsely labeled “Infrastructure”. Your taxes at work in the Peoples Republic of Amerika

  • jay minasi

    no registration: good. censorship: bad. you will never know what people really think but i guess you dont want to know.

  • Jay Minasi: So, should I gather from this comment that you don’t know how to write anything without spewing obscenities or insults?

  • Tom

    Jay Minasi

    You obviously found some of the good stuff!!! Now, go away.

  • BLSinSC

    I guess the hospital system can say they don’t “employ” a non-“vaccinated” nurse if they are working for a temp agency! The IDIOCY of the last two years is BIBLICAL in magnitude! But at least it served a purpose – no more mean tweets! Oh yeah, no more $1.75 gas either!!

  • Dantes

    One of the purposes of Obamacare was to eliminate private practice physicians in favor of employed physicians. The reaason? It’s easier to control the CEO’s of the roughly 5000 hospitals, rather than 1 million self employed doctors. In addition, this eliminates the duty of care a doctor has to a patient.

    A hospital CEO has no duty of care. He or she only has a fiduciary duty. When a doctor is employed by a hospital, this also eliminates the duty of care a doctor has to a patient, because the doctor is paid by the hospital, and their job is at risk if they deviate from the CEO’s wishes.

    The other factor is the Electronic Medical Record system, which was first and foremost designed to allow hospitals to capture more billing charges, and secondly, allow the government to garner in health care data. Now, the EMR is being used to dictate ‘population based’ diagnostic and therapeutic care protocols which maximize reimbursement to the hospital and minimize expenses. As a result, you are now at the mercy of an AI protocol. Physicians are strongly encouraged…to keep their jobs…to follow the dictates of the protocol. Which is fine…as long as your disease has decided to follow the rules. If not, well, getting it right most of the time is good enough for the system.

  • Pat Johnson

    I am so grateful for the nurses and Drs who did not get the jab. We will need them when the ones that did get ill or worse.

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