Today’s modern fascist university

Pioneer cover

From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

The vision that Zimmerman paints of vibrant human colonies on the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, and beyond, indomitably fighting the harsh lifeless environment of space to build new societies, captures perfectly the emerging space race we see today.

He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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Two articles today illustrate once again the fascist totalitarian culture that now dominates many of today’s American colleges.

In both cases the university acted to oppress individuals who happened to express opinions dissenting from leftist/Muslim orthodoxy. In both cases the universities declined to respond when asked to comment. In both cases these stories are justifiable reasons for never sending your children to these schools.

I have recently been focusing on these university incidents because they are a good predictor of the future. Unless we take some meaningful and forceful action, these fascists will be running the country soon. Be prepared.


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  • Alex

    Mr. Zimmerman: Here is another example for a fascist university:

    McMaster U. MELTDOWN (with Subtitles) – SJW insanity vs Jordan Peterson’s monk-like calm

  • Cotour

    And what if the student who countered his professors assertion that Christ was not crucified in the conversation with “And Mohammed was a pediphile and Islam is just an ideology and not a true religion” and asked her which assertion is better documented and believed to be true?

    Christs crucifixtion seems to be just as documented and Mohammeds beliefs and practices through what are reported to be his own documented words and practices.

    Is it unheard of to question a professor while in class? I guess you can not question a professor in a university that is required to be politically correct, and especially if this professor is a woman, and extra especially if that woman is a Muslim.

    Education is no longer education, it has become indoctrination.

  • Cotour

    Maybe we are doomed? You could not make this up if you tried.

    The people who have managed to manifest this thinking process, the Liberal / leftist intelligentsia, and were able to sell it to these privileged and none privileged masses may be the biggest threat to the existence of humanity that has ever issued forth from mother earth in all of time. There is a fatalistic thread running through it that in the end will require us all to suicide.

    A part of me feels sorry for their gullibility and inability to properly reason their way out of this. And then I think, they are just Fk’n dumb. And I really do not use that word.

  • Alex

    Mr. Zimmerman: Your linked source gives even more interesting stuff, somehwat further linked, which shows manipulation of language in order to control thoughts.

    “Student has grade docked for using ‘mankind’ in English paper”

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