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Today’s new member of the blacklist: conservative radio host Robert Pratt

Without warning the marketing heads of the corporation that manages the radio stations that air the conservative Pratt on Texas radio show for the past fifteen years announced today they were cancelling the program, despite its profitable status and high ratings.

Robert Pratt’s comments on this decision:

Since I began the program, in April of 2006 taking the time slot of the syndicated Michael Reagan show, Pratt on Texas has more than paid the show’s way increasing TM’s take during the time slot significantly. It was setup that way with Clear Channel in 2006; if successful it was to be a complete win-win proposition and if not it would fold.

And thanks to each of you, I had it confirmed Friday night, that ratings for Pratt on Texas are as great as ever. We have consistently been not just the top talk or news program in our base KFYO market in “afternoon drive,” we have generally been the top, second, or third spot with our intended adult demographic, in all radio formats, in each ratings book for 14 years – almost unheard of. But those things are not valued in Cancel Culture because the goal is to have fewer hear differences of opinion, not more.

Despite what one TM employee has intimated this weekend to a former TM employ, there has been no contractual or other dispute between TM and Perstruo Texas, Inc. (Perstruo Texas, Inc. is the entity that owns and contracted with TM to provide Pratt on Texas and of which I am an employee and officer.)

So no, there is no money losing, no sagging ratings, nor business disputes (other than the cancellation executed Friday night of course.)

Understand that Cancel Culture doesn’t care about money. Cancel Culture is about advancing a political agenda and operates outside of the idea of making money and being successful financially. The goal is to marginalize, at minimum, and to de-platform and destroy the ability of opposing viewpoints from reaching an audience.

Post election certification, Cancel Culture has rapidly grown beyond its roots in social media to include all forms of media and political thought sharing. It will flourish without mass opposition.

I have no doubt this is the reason behind this decision as well, based on numerous discussions I’ve had with other conservative media people. They are scared, they have ample evidence that the fascist left is coming for them, and they don’t know what to do about it.

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  • Dave H

    I remember talking to you about this exact sort of thing long ago, during the Clinton regime. We talked about it again when Obama was elected. It took quite a while, but here we are, and it’s really happening. Here in rural Pennsylvania it’s still safe to speak freely, but there’s a bit of trepidation in the air.

  • Alex G

    Open season on conservative thought continues

  • John

    Let’s hear them try to claim Pratt on Texas is somehow linked to violence. They don’t even feel the need to do that anymore, it’s just cancel any dissenting opinion.

    If I’m still around, I’ll laugh when this tyranny turns on the useful idiots of the left. They’ll regret it one day. They’ll say, “But I was on your side”, and it won’t matter. They’ll try to vote a tyrant out in the primary, and it won’t matter. They’ll look around, “Why won’t anyone do anything?”, and all that will remain is the government they deserve.

  • Chris Whiting

    Being from West Texas, I have been a listener of Robert Pratt and Pratt on Texas since the show started.

    It is stunning and appalling that, here in the most conservative area of Texas, the Cancel Culture was able to influence the station management. On top of that, to cancel their most lucrative show really does prove what their core values are. They hate America, the Constitution, and anyone who respects them.

    If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere in the U.S.

  • Gary M.

    I am stunned. The present state of America today is truly alarming to everyman who is capable of reflection. I need to formulate a plan of action.

  • wayne

    Thomas Durant’s speech
    “Hell on Wheels” Se5 Ep14

  • Max

    Local radio stations are under attack, advertisers or forced to leave or their websites will be pulled down. Twitter bands 70,000 people for wrong thinK. (once you’re labeled, you have no recourse)

    What’s next? Personal communications;
    “Individuals who violate the measures are subject to fines, seizure of the equipment as well as criminal prosecution, the FCC said”.
    “Personal Radio Services include Citizens Band radios, Family Radio Service walkie-talkies and General Mobile Radio Service, which the FCC says also are prohibited from using those radios in connection with any activity which is against Federal, State or local law.”

    What is against the law? To a liberal it’s like pornography, you know it when you see it.
    They will know it when they hear it.

    Just to be clear, your “phone” is a radio. Assume it’s always listening to what you say.
    If they play back the recording of everything you said in the last few years in its presence, will they find anything incriminating by their standards?
    They don’t have enough manpower to go after everyone, this is where AI comes in. Keywords are red flagged, I even heard someone substituting “vacation” for “immunization” just so he would not get his site kicked off YouTube.

    Keep your eyes down, your voice soft and polite, no quick movements, obey all orders.
    It helps to remember, 2+2 = 5.
    For instance they’re about to roll out an electric car mandate (General Motors is buying the cars from China) at the same time they’re shutting off oil, turning off power plants so there will be no electricity in the grid. Genius.
    Expect a tax bill for your carbon footprint soon.

  • Foxbat

    While all this is quite frightening, what i see is a massive overplay that will result in a blue whiteout in 2022.

  • wayne

    check out the Townsquare Media website to see which radio stations they own in your State.

  • wayne

    Dave Smith and Michael Malice
    ….on The Red Pill
    -excerpted from Part of the Problem 12-27-20

    “Everything you perceive to be reality is [expletive-deleted], and it’s [expletive deleted] designed to enslave you.”

  • Sayomara

    Should be stated and often isn’t that one of the greatest tools of censorship is advertisers. They don’t want there brand to get hurt by being on conservative radio. Google isn’t a internet search company its an ad company. The stupid amount of money that is spent on advertising in this country is insane and frankly its not surprising that everything from the phara ads on the national news, car dealerships controlling the local news or China and the NBA. Ads are what pay the bills and when they go away does does the media business. The only way out is the kind of Value for Value model that Bob has here. If you see value give him what you think its worth.

    True freedom comes when you stop advertising for others.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    Just don’t cooperate. Instead hand wringing yourself. Make them do the hand wringing.

  • Chris

    Block and counter:

    There are 74 million Trump voters. They (we) need to wield their power, not cower or wait – hanging on in quiet desperation.
    Cancel your Facebook, Twitter ..etc. account – don’t let them have your name as a client. I think the stock analysts may notice.
    Call your state and loc reps – tell them you have their back AND you have things you want them to do. Your support is contingent on getting things done.
    Off the top of my head:
    Election reform – its still the purview of the states.
    Free speech will not be curtailed – you want legislation supporting the First and Second Amendment as well as the rest of the Constitution. The states formed this country and can bring it back together again

    Call your federal reps. There too tell them you have their backs IFF they fight. If they don’t hear from you, they don’t know your mind.

    Make it clear to those who curtail free speech and other rights, or will not support and stand up to those who want to curtail them that you don’t approve and your support and money can go elsewhere.

  • Chris

    Block and counter:

    Another thought. From Max — keywords. Don’t avoid them, flood them.
    Use the keywords in every communication, email, etc.
    Bomb the SOBs with them. Make sure they know your firepower and high caliber understanding of the situation. Insurrection is not always violent.

  • Remember when Democrats were all concerned about ‘radicalizing Muslims’? They sure don’t seem too concerned about radicalizing Americans.

  • Gary

    Read “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and you will see the pattern of suppression , mass control of media, banning of the opposition, while dehumanizing people based on views and race/ethnicity. The pattern is clear and no, I’m not including death camps, but there are calls to jail the opposition and strip some of their ability to be employed.

  • gmmay70

    The Right still thinks boycotts work. As the statement above shows, they don’t care about money.

    If you want to have the same effect as the Left, go after advertisers, clients, and businesses that provide direct support. Social media is a force multiplier for them.

    Got a law firm that’s sticking to its guns and representing people the Left doesn’t like? They find out who their clients are and target them, not really the firm itself.

    Got a radio host guilty of wrongthink? Go after their advertisers with coordinated social media “mobs” which consist largely of bots and fake accounts

    Got a company that produces something, but doesn’t toe the party line? Release the hounds on their suppliers.

    That’s how the movement Left works, and the Right ignores it at everyone’s peril.

  • Michael Mangold

    Part of me is glad to see the power of private enterprise surpassing the power of government, which still cannot restrict speech in this manner. The lesson is to not be so dependent on Silicon Valley or any other political antagonist. The market will resolve this.

  • janyuary

    ggmay70 —

    The right has adopted a position of defense only for quite some time. They speak it, allowing the left to wield the words “liberal” and “progressive” to represent an ideology that ensures regression to slavery, heavier chains of government control over all aspects of life. The right speaks the language of defense and defeat from day one, regarding itself as “conservative” and forever yearning for a return to the past, in a reality where the only thing we can do in space is drift, stay still, or move forward (“backward” is forward in the opposite direction), and where the only direction we can go in time, where we cannot even stand still, is forward.

    Ironically, the right wonders why the left controls the narrative. When they figure it out and start speaking the language of offense, when they make the left have to defend their use of the wrong words, things will move right.

    In the final diagnosis, morality is destiny.

  • Janyuary: I think you, as well as many others who oppose today’s fascism, spend too much time criticizing “the right.” Whatever weaknesses the right has exhibited in this battle, it pales in comparison with the evils that are now being imposed by the left.

    I think it would be more productive focusing on the latter more.

  • janyuary

    Robert, in my view:

    1. Criticizing the left is shooting fish in a barrel and about as useful.

    2. I am speaking what the right needs to do to win this thing, the things it needs to be thinking about.

    Criticizing??? Hardly. Trying to help illuminate places that are yet dark to many who fail to see, is another thing entirely and I strive to take that approach. It is frustrating, however, to see so many kneejerk-dismiss it and continue with Einsteiin’s definition of insanity. I wish people would resist the temptation to be offended, the world would be speedier toward liberty.

  • janyuary

    One other thing, Robert, this is so different now than this same discussion has been for the past five four election cycles on conservative/Republican political forums, and when I was still doing the Einstein thing in every respect. THIS time it truly is a hinge point to a new era, a whole new era, zero resemblance to the last century.

    We must NOW use this to go on offense, and it has to start with language. The right, the voice for self ownership and limited government, the Constitution and Declaration, that concept indeed, is the very essence of progressive government, and we MUST BRING IT WITH US into the whole different world of 21st Century. We MUST go on offense and it starts with how we speak.

    Criticism is … ?.

  • Angela and Monty Lewis

    We are so very sad you were targeted! We miss listening to you. We looked to your insight on candidates and recommendations.

    Maybe we’ll come to appreciate Hasty. I could yell with you when you were stating facts abc’s expressing truths!

    All I can say is thanks for great years of showing truth to those who would listen!

  • Edward

    You keep encouraging us to stop criticizing the left, then you tell us what the right does wrong, but you have yet to offer actions to take in order to correct the problems that the left has foisted upon us.

    To find a solution, we have to identify the problem. The left is the problem. Government (and more government) is the problem. The Republican Party has moved to the left, so it is also the problem.

  • wayne

    -ref: “….essence of progressive government,..”
    I’m not down with ‘progressive government,’ the essence of which is the marriage of Big Business and Big Government, against the people.

    Murray Rothbard on the Origins of the Progressive Movement

  • Bob

    Reading your previous posts on this topic, it looks like one of the stations that blacklisted Mr. Pratt was KFYO in Lubbock. Is that correct? What are the other stations? Perhaps your readers could contact the advertisers on the stations to let them know their displeasure on the firing?

  • Robert Pratt

    Bob, it was Townsquare Media based in New York which owns many stations nationwide that canceled my time brokerage agreement, effectively destroying the network I’d built. They owned all my affiliates. KFYO in Lubbock was my flagship, producing affiliate, their Abilene and Wichita Falls management likely had nothing to do with it. But all is hard to say given they’ve refused to give any reason for the decision to break my time brokerage agreement by removing me from the air (they canceled it per the terms but broke it by not allowing me to be on the air for the term that runs after the notice of cancellation.

    Appropriate contact information is here: and

  • Cotour

    Mr. Pratt,

    Do you believe you were fairly and legally terminated due to a change in corporate direction as per any contracts? Or due to political bias and an illegal termination?

    If you were to pursue any legal remedy because of a civil rights or a discrimination law suit I would be willing to contribute at least $100.00 to any fund that you might create to sue related to that bias or illegal termination action. (And I have never heard of you before)

    This is the only thing that these what I assume are Leftists and Democrat party aligned in the media operators IMO will understand. I will keep monitoring this site for your decisions on the matter.

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