True the Vote has found 173 cases of voter fraud in Florida.

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What racists! True the Vote has found 173 cases of voter fraud in Florida.

These are examples where someone has registered and voted in two different states. According to modern Democratic Party dogma, trying to stop such behavior is clearly racist and an attempt to suppress the vote, which is probably why the IRS as well as other federal agencies aggressively harassed True the Vote for several years.



  • Pzatchok

    Oh there were FAR FAR more case like that.

    I personally know of three people who voted in two states for both local and federal elections. They just request absentee ballots from one state they are registered in and personally voted in the state they were presently living in.

    Every one a democrat.

  • If you actually know people who did this, you should report it. It is a crime.

    Being nice about this stuff, looking the other way, is no longer appropriate.

  • Pzatchok


    Absentee ballots should automatically be compared to their local and their mailing address voting records.
    Exactly why do you think the left has been pushing for everyone to use them?

  • wodun

    In Washington state the government does not have a mechanism to track deaths and emigration from the state. We rely totally on people being honest enough to report when someone has died or moved. If people are not honest, they can vote for dead people or people who have moved out of state.

    Mail in ballots are incredibly convenient but they are also easily subject to fraud.

    A couple cycles back a Republican won the governorship and the results stood for two recounts but Democrats demanded a third recount that included ballot boxes found in the trunk of a poll worker’s car. Those votes were only counted once and were just enough to put the Democrat over the top.

  • joe

    I myself am very skepticle of the electronic voting machines and do not think that voter fraud was the only cause of the re-election of the current President.

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