Trump administration continues to clean house at EPA

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The Trump administration this week announced that it will not renew the appointment of 38 scientists to a key EPA science panel.

All board members whose three-year appointments expire in August will not get renewals, Robert Kavlock, acting head of EPA’s Office of Research and Development, said in the email, which was obtained by E&E News.

Because of the need to reconstitute the board, EPA is also canceling all subcommittee meetings planned for late summer and fall, Kavlock said. “We are hopeful that an updated BOSC Executive Committee and the five subcommittees can resume their work in 2018 and continue providing ORD with thoughtful recommendations and comments,” he wrote in urging departing members to reapply.

As the article notes, some Democratic pigs are squealing over this, but the Trump administration is only following the law. And considering how political and anti-business the EPA has become in recent years, a full review of all committee members seems entirely appropriate and reasonable.



  • Cotour

    Ah, the string continues to dangle.

    Hillary Clinton still has a top security classification?

    Why is this still so?

    Without the ability to have a security classification she will be unable to run for president again. If anyone has demonstrated that they are a high security risk to the United States it would be Hillary Clinton and every one of the individuals that have surrounded her in her campaign.

    The reconciliation between the two sets of laws created by James Comey for Hillary Clinton must take place for all of our sakes. (Hillary has been laying low as compared to before the James Comey testimony)

    Oh, its coming.

  • Commodude

    Removing a security clearance takes positive action. If a clearance exists, and no action is taken, it eventually expires. It doesn’t mean the clearance holder can actually use the clearance, as access to classified information requires both the clearance and the need to know.

    A clearance isn’t required to run for President, that would be an unconstitutional limitation.

  • Cotour

    Thanks for the clarification.

    But if a person was actively stripped of a security clearance by the State Department, as all involved with the Hillary 2016 presidential election team should have been because Hillary herself insisted they participate in it, then that would be fundamental bar to become president. (No intent? Her intent was to usurp the secure government email system in order to control HER information. No intent? And that system had no security and was more than likely hacked 100% guaranteed)

    If you are demonstrably not trusted with secure information before you run for president that might not be a legal barrier but it would be something that the public would seriously consider in their vetting process.

  • wayne

    Commodude– in-general, how long is a security clearance in effect?

    The espionage act that pertains to HRC, does not require “intent.” (Phony news & make-believe lawyers to the contrary.)
    If the classified-stuff isn’t where it is physically supposed to be, whoever is involved in moving it around, is guilty by definition.
    –There is no way to simply email any of this classified information. It had to be physically taken off a secure government terminal, transferred to another device, and then sent to Hillary’s server in her guest home in NY.

    Oh– that Schniederman guy in NY state, is your Attorney General. His office is responsible for enforcing NY Laws on charities & non-profit’s, (which includes the Clinton Crime Foundation and money-laundering apparatus therein.)

    I’m sure he’s on the Case! (not!)

    (Comey, btw, needs to go to jail for leaking documents. For which he has already publicly confessed.)

    HRC could be indicted at any time, she remains at-risk, but I seriously doubt it will ever happen. (like’, never ever)

    President Trump however, can not be “indicted” for any thing he may or may not have done. Not while he is serving as President.
    (DOJ policy and Constitutionally solid. Mark Levin has discussed this at length recently. Highly recommend checking it out. )

    Pivoting historically:

    Does anyone remember when Sandy Burgler stole original documents out of the archive?
    (Listen to his phony apology)
    Sandy Burger’s Archives Theft

    I’m not sure of a whole lot of stuff, but one thing I am 105% positive– If You or I stole anything from the National Archive, we’d be in a Federal prison right now. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.
    And I’m also positive, if I was running a charity based in NY, and didn’t file my paperwork, I’d be in a State prison right now.

  • Cotour

    Yes, I should have put the word intent within quotation marks, “Intent”. (Comey can not see what her intent was was, pure politically aligned bovine effluent)

    A total scam and political word magic played by Comey in the instance of real collusion between Comey, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton.

    Oh, its coming.

    On another subject: I listened to Trumps speech in Iowa the other night, it was really a great one, a pure unashamed, unabashed no apology very pro American speech. Quite a contrast to the eight years of Obama pointing out how terrible and oppressive America is. How refreshing it truly was. And he was having a great time giving it.

    AND on another related note, I was listening to Levin the other night and he plainly stated that he does not agree with every one of Trumps positions but he stated that actually liked him very much. Sounds like he has developed a great respect for him. What do you think of that? :) Who would have thunk? Surprised the heck out of me.

  • wayne

    Levin was never a Trump-hater, or a never-Trumper. He definitely applauds Trump when he does good stuff.

    And yes, it is refreshing to have a President who doesn’t hate the Country and who doesn’t lecture us all to death.

    (Priebus, Ryan, and Mitch however—crony-rino-statists, all. (in need of rendition to a 3rd world country for enhanced treatment), We’ll get a taste of their complicity today with the phony healthcare crap-o-la.)

  • Cotour

    I gave Trump 6 months to one years to get his bearings in Washington, it seems to be going as per projected. These cronies will have to more or less go along (more more than less) as the wins continue to pile up and the political atmosphere changes in a more pro trump direction. No absolute statements here.

    This is a long term game. In the long term IMO Trump prevails, its his Karma.

  • Commodude

    depends on the clearance level. Secret clearances are 10 years, TS are shorter, I forget the time line, but to maintain clearance and access requires annual paperwork updates.

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