Trump administration to end climate panel

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The Trump administration has decided to not renew a pro-global warming climate panel set to expire this week.

The panel is part of the National Climate Assessment, a group aimed at helping officials and policy makers integrate the US Government’s climate change analysis into their long-term planning. A mandate for the 15-member Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment is set to expire on Sunday, and will not be renewed.

The press will paint this panel as an objective collection of climate scientists put together to provide the president with good advice on the climate. In truth, it is a part of the propaganda machine for the global warming part of the climate science community, designed to push their conclusions while excluding any skeptical input.

Once again it appears that while Trump might be wishy-washy on many issues, on climate he is serious about dismantling the corruption that has worked its way into that field while eliminating the over-regulation that this corruption has imposed on American society.



  • JWing

    When this fraud is finally exposed and falls apart by it’s own weight, my only thought is what is the next scam that presumably they are already preparing to push their anti-capitalist, pro cultural Marxist addenda.

  • Edward

    For long-term planning purposes, has the National Climate Assessment group decided which climate is the correct one to have? Today’s climate or Gore’s 2006 climate? The Kyoto Agreement’s 1992 climate or Time Magazine’s (coming ice age) 1974 climate (I had a teacher who told us about the coming ice age in 1968)? How about the 1930s Dust Bowl climate or the mid 19th century pre-Hockey-Stick warming period climate?

    Maybe the correct climate should be the Little Ice Age climate, so that London can resume its River Thames Frost Fairs. Or maybe the climate of before the Little Ice Age, when England was able to grow wine grapes.

    My choice, though, would be a glacial-period type of climate, which seems from the ice-core records to be long lasting, therefore the most common global climate during the past few million years. This interglacial period is only a periodic anomaly from the normal colder temperatures.

  • wodun

    My choice, though, would be a glacial-period type of climate, which seems from the ice-core records to be long lasting, therefore the most common global climate during the past few million years.

    It would be so horrible though. Humans didn’t exactly thrive during glaciation. This makes the current alarmism so dismaying. We live in a climate optimum and warmer temperatures could very well be even more optimum but the alternative of glaciation would be pretty bad.

  • Joe From Houston

    Since most of the whistle blowers in-the-know know the jig is up, their whistling is causing the tide of exposed corruption to once again, as history repeats, slowly recede from shore, reorganize, rename, and re-emerge as a new and improved propaganda machine. Looking at it from a top level perspective that controls the influential power over the masses, it makes perfect sense to continue this cycle throughout history.

    Kind of like what an established talcum powder product company is likely to do in the face of multi-million dollar lawsuits that claims it causes ovarian cancer.

  • Edward

    wodun wrote: “It would be so horrible though. Humans didn’t exactly thrive during glaciation.

    But, isn’t glaciation the most natural condition of the Earth’s climate? Isn’t the current interglacial warm period just an anomaly that is just as bad as the current anthropogenic global warming climate change catastrophe thingy?

    The climate is optimal for whom? Surely not the polar bears; Al Gore tells us that they are drowning. Surely not for lap dogs; one of the alarmist videos told us that London’s dogs will drown if the seas rise any farther.

    Once the poles are again completely covered in two miles of ice, there will never again be a drowned polar bear or drowned English lap dog. Isn’t the saving of nature and our pets worth a little loss of prosperity for our posterity?

    I mean, it isn’t as though nature can adapt to changing conditions, such as when the Earth has the occasional anomolic (if I may make up an adjective) interglacial warm period. After all, during this current one, polar bears drowned and Woolly Mammoths went extinct when the ice caps receded and the oceans rose; no adaptation seen from those two poor species.

    It isn’t as though the Earth’s temperature is still rising due to the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA), even though, just before the LIA, the Earth’s temperature was even higher than it is now.

    Just imagine how many species went extinct due to the cooling during the LIA and how many are going extinct because it is warming again. Can the Earth ever recover and heal after such a hiccough in its climate?

    The Earth has a fever, and Al Gore thinks we have to get that feverish temperature down. I say that we bring it down to the normal Earth temperature, the glacial period temperature. The sooner the better, and forget about the species (plural) that thrived during the fever. They were probably the disease, anyway.

    This should make Al Gore very happy. Especially if he and Leonardo DiCaprio get to continue flying in their private jets and live in their ample, well lit mansions while the rest of us freeze in our winter coats.

  • Rene Borbon


  • Max

    Uncle Sam needs you!
    To pay more taxes, to do your part. Congress cannot pass a bill to demand that the earth stop warming without your money! Don’t you want to be able to tell your children that you sold their future to save the world?

    (beware of people with good intentions, hell is not far behind…)
    Trump is serious, therefore I have hope.

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