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Trump and the Republican establishment team up

The House Republican majority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) today said that their partnership with Trump will allow them to ignore the conservative Freedom Caucus.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy signaled that Republican brass doesn’t plan to kowtow to the conservatives anymore. Ryan’s No. 2 predicted that it’ll finally be the other way around. The group will be forced to fall in line. During a forum hosted by The Washington Post, McCarthy forecasted a less influential Freedom Caucus, a bolder GOP leadership team, and a more unified GOP conference. Altogether, the California Republican explained, “you’re going to see us sticking together more.” That’d be a significant change from the last two years.

…Famous for making deals, Trump won’t worry about reaching across the aisle to compromise with Democrats. For the pragmatic president-elect, bipartisanship is a bonus, not a liability. The threat of losing 35 members of the Freedom Caucus won’t fill Trump’s White House with fear. Depending on the significance of the legislation, Trump won’t have much trouble getting his agenda through the House. Democrats have already signaled that they’re ready to work with the new administration. They won’t hesitate to jump onboard a trillion-dollar infrastructure package or a protectionist trade deal.

I am not surprised. I do feel bad for all those conservatives who went with Trump instead of Cruz because they imagined him first as an “outsider” instead of the moderate Democrat that he is.

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  • Cotour

    I think both the Democrats AND the Republican leadership will be equally frustrated and played by Trump. Trumps MO is to set up an expectation / create leverage in his adversary and then manipulate them and execute his intuitive plan to achieve his goal. (We have to help shape his goals. This goal guidance IMO is what Mark Levin is attempting to establish through his commenting on his radio show starting from before the election and has continued to today. I think the Trump team is specifically monitoring him for exactly that feed back and guidance)

    Neither of his political opponents can be confident in their own judgments here IMO. I think we will all agree that what we are about to witness in Washington in the coming months and years is going to be more than entertaining, it may well be very consequential in a fundamental American way.

    Lets be optimistic that Trump is able to stay focused and is able to rise above it all as he stirs the cauldrun .

    And once again I point out that what ever happens (What ever happens) Hillary Clinton will not be the next president of the United States Of America. And THAT is the paramount fact to appreciate here.

  • Cotour

    An example of Trump attempting to counter and control and stealing the Dems control of the media and the narrative:

    The media and talking heads are, “outraged” that he say something like that! Where is his evidence of illegal voting?!

    There is none, it has already been established that the Democrat party investigated it and they found nothing. Just like Jill from the Green Party can question out of the blue that there “might” have been hacking, Trump throws out this illegal alien voting theory and that he would have won the popular vote if they hadn’t illegally voted. Its plain what he is doing but the media continues on the questioning of where he got his information from.

    They are either truly stupid or conveniently stupid as they wrestle in a death match for the narrative that inhabits the public’s mind. They have met their match.

  • wodun

    This isn’t surprising. Trump isn’t a conservative standard bearer and has already shown an interest in big government programs. Considering how close his positions were to the establishment during the campaign and how quick they were to get on board after, you have to wonder if the infighting during the campaign was staged in order to make Trump appear more as an outsider.

  • Chris R

    Ted Cruz likely would have lost to Hillary Clinton. But really, thanks goodness we didn’t get Marxist Bernie Sanders. Thank you Hillary for sabotaging his campaign and winning Trump the election.

  • Laurie

    Remember, these are McCarthy’s words, not established fact – at least not yet. I do expect the RINOs to continue tearing the nation apart.

  • wayne

    Cotour– humorous video.
    You might enjoy this as well….

    Alex Jones Crashes The Young Turks! PART 2
    (Louder with Crowder Parody)

    Ryan & McCarthy hate the Conservative wing, and this is nothing new for either of them. (& John Boehner came out of the woodwork as well, from his multi-million $ Lobbying job– he can’t wait to get his fingers on $1 trillion of “infra-structure spending.”) (and why is it– they call this “spending?” They ARE going to borrow ALL this money, all of it and more.)

    McCarthy has a 35% Liberty Score:

  • Cotour


    Pelosi prevails in keeping her position:

    This is the continued death spiral of the Democrat party, they needed to put her out to pasture and they were unable or unwilling to. Big mistake IMO. If you have ever listened to her you understand that she unfit to lead a girl scout troop, never mind her party.

    They need new blood that does not support the destruction of America and the Constitution, and that new blood may turn out to be in the form of a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, Keith Ellison to head the DNC.

    A death spiral that will be long lasting.

  • Cotour

    And I continue:

    When the FBI serves up to the Trump Attorney General this information that is stored on Weiners computer

    and if they choose to properly follow its content, as I believe they will, then all hell with be unleashed. Everyone get your fire proof underwear ready, your going to need them.

    This is the reason that Comey continued to serve up Hillary as the election neared. He IMO could not allow her to become empowered knowing what he knew. So Comey has served an important service here and he will like Snowden be both a villain and a hero.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “We have to help shape his goals.

    What have you done, so far, to help shape his goals? Why do you think that his goals have not already been set in stone by himself and are available for shaping/reshaping? What specific goals do you think need to be shaped and what shape do you envision?

    This guy has already walked back the only campaign promise that he had held fast to, so how are you going to get him to keep this one and only fast campaign promise to get him to seek an independent prosecutor for Clinton’s bad behavior? After all, this bad behavior is the sole reason that you kept harping that the rest of us should vote for Trump in the first place, and now Trump’s talk tells us that she is going to walk free while the poor sailor, whom Trump used as an example of the double standard for the politically connected, remains in prison for an act that was much milder than any one of Clinton’s 15 or more crimes.

    When Trump announced that he intends to let Clinton walk free, he already knew about the Abadin computer fiasco, but he is perfectly willing to let corruption go unpunished. This is hardly surprising, coming from someone who admitted to using corruption to get his way. It must be nice to be politically connected so that you can be corrupt with impunity.

    Chris R wrote: “Ted Cruz likely would have lost to Hillary Clinton.

    Hell, my cat could have won against Hillary Clinton, and he has been dead for years. That Trump was so close to losing shows what a terrible candidate he was. Project Veritas showed how the Democrats intended to throw the election, which is why those idiots on Young Turks were so shocked that Clinton couldn’t win after all those phony votes, yet Clinton still couldn’t muster up the votes to win. What a terrible lying, corrupt, criminal, voter fraud candidate she was.

    Even Democrats who voted for Clinton thought that she was a liar and terrible candidate. Several that I know hated that there wasn’t a better alternate candidate (read: “Republican”) that they could have voted for. Instead the Republican party put up a loser like Trump. Any other Republican nominee would have won in a Reagan vs. Carter landslide. Even that loser Jeb Bush was better than liberal Democrat Trump. Few Democrats wanted Clinton as president, but most even more adamantly didn’t want Trump as president.

    Why did the Democrats have so much ammunition against him? Because as a liberal Democrat, he thought that he was immune from attack due to the kinds of sexist, racist, homophobic talk that all the other liberal Democrats are immune from. And he would have been right, too, had he not chosen to identify as Republican. Up until that time, he had been given the same pass as all the other liberal Democrats. It must be nice to be so politically connected that you can do or say anything with impunity.

    Cotour wrote: “This is the reason that Comey continued to serve up Hillary as the election neared. He IMO could not allow her to become empowered knowing what he knew. So Comey has served an important service here and he will like Snowden be both a villain and a hero.

    Now that Comey has served his purpose, Trump has announced that he is willing to ignore all the crimes that Clinton has committed out of her greed for money and power and will let her get away scot-free. But then again, how could he be so mean as to make her feel bad, after she was kind enough to go to his daughter’s wedding. A minor inconvenience for her back then is paying off now, by keeping her out of prison for the rest of her life. It must be nice to be so politically connected that you can commit felonies with impunity.

    No corruption or quid pro quo to be seen here. These are not the felons you are looking for. Move along; move along.

    Whatever happens (Whatever happens) the liberal Democrat, Donald Trump, will be the next President of the United States of America. And THAT is the paramount fact to worry about, here.

  • ken anthony

    Take a deep breath until Jan 20th.

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